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Gotta Fix My Ship!

A topic by fernandoa83 created Jun 22, 2017 Views: 361 Replies: 1
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Hi everybody, so a few days ago I upload on a beta version of a small video game i have been developing on my free time, it's called Gotta Fix My Ship!despite been a game super simple, it's taking me 5 months already just to get something showable.

Here are some GIF of the actual game play, take a look:

The funny part is (and this is my personal opinion) that the hardest part of creating a game is not the coding part, it's the actual game design; you have no idea how many times I have redesign the controllers, the mechanic, the goal, the enemies; how many different scenarios I have made that didn't make it to the "final" version.

It would be great if you check my game, you can find it here let me know any idea or advice o how to make it better, more fun to play, etc.

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So I have been working on the "feel" of the game, trying to make it more visual attractive; I added a couple of animations, one  for when the bullet explodes and one for when the bullet leaves the gun.

In addition to the basic enemy that I already have (something similar to a rhino) I included a flying one and in a few days I will be adding another flying monster that chases the player.

I am still having a hard time on the game design, trying to build a fun game play, on that people really want to spend time with. if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment here, you can check the game at


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