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Wow, I can't believe I forgot and never noticed! I think I just fixed it?

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I think this could do better as a personal ranking/delta, showing how far up or down you've moved, which gives you clearer information about how your reach has changed while mitigating the issues of placement manipulation and mental competition people have outlined. I don't know if limiting it to the top 10k is a tech issue, but if not it would be plenty helpful to everyone as a delta.

Ah yeah this is an issue I've only recently found out about, which I thought I had fixed. I'm looking into it.

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pWindows' of undefined"

I should also note that somehow it did mostly work last night, except that my library wouldn't display any games. I suspected that was because I just bought the bundle that added 151 of them and it was overwhelmed.

This has happened at least once before, but when the app opens I only get the loading logo and the "your app is up to date" message, which then disappear and leave me with a blank grey screen. Restarting the app doesn't work, and trying to view my library or my creations from the taskbar icon doesn't work either.