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blake stone / fenced forest

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oh very cool! looking forward to that!

Hi, thanks! I haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but there is one at this link on Twitch!

oh, this absolutely makes my day! i'm so glad to hear people are enjoying it!

only heard about this the other day, thought sure it'd be too late to join. thank you for doing this.

Oof. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I completely failed to notice it wasn't included. I'll be making an update ASAP.

use this thread to post links to education work that has already been done, and resources you find useful.

the links will be compiled at the end of the jam.

if the work is your own, feel free to submit it to the jam as well as linking it here!

use this thread to stake your claim on topics that you intend to write about, or already have covered elsewhere.

use this thread to post topics you'd like to see covered by others.


which contributor decides titles? i typically choose those very early in the design process as a guidepost for the project. would i be allowed to do that as first contributor? (of course i assume the next contributors can change it how they see fit)

thank you!

oh no that's not ideal! <3

thank you so much! you're right about the permanent stressor thing, that's a good idea :D

thank you! i really appreciate being told what works and why, that's incredibly helpful!


thank you! :)

thank you!!

hey thanks!!


ghfdskvgjhasdf THANK YOU

yes, i'll be posting plain text versions of all documents. thanks!

BREAKING NEWS!! Jam community · Created a new topic hmm.

so i think it's pretty odd that you plagiarized the last three lines of your jam rules from rules that i wrote, and you didn't even bother to edit them to match your own, even though just above that you edited and credited something else.

not a great look. it seems like if you're capable of writing whole games, you'd be capable of writing three lines yourself?

thank you for this response. <3

this makes me deeply happy, thank you :D

this is the first, i plan on doing more! i'll link the next one here when this one is done.

maybe some day in the far future when i figure out how to code anything other than twine, absolutely. thanks!

thank you! ♡ i hope so too!

thanks for the positive feedback! glad you enjoyed it :)

this is an incredible piece of writing.

i'll go first. i'm blake, a 29-year-old queer nerd living in seattle. i'm on twitter @fencedforest.

what might make a fruitful theme for solo games?
drop your ideas here. respond to others' ideas to second them.