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introduce yourself / your game (totally optional!) Sticky

A topic by blake stone / fenced forest created May 11, 2019 Views: 197 Replies: 13
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i'll go first. i'm blake, a 29-year-old queer nerd living in seattle. i'm on twitter @fencedforest.

Hi, I'm Tyson and I do music and sound for games.  I have done the music for two completed games and am working on a third unannounced mobile game. I am not part of a team yet but would love to join one

heyyy my name is noa so what do you guys want to do


Hey there! I've never made a TRPG anything before, so this will be my first foray into that. If you want to learn more about me personally, feel free to check out my page. I don't create a lot on here but always looking for inspiration where I can so that may change.

My game is titled "Into the Woods..." and has the player venturing out into an increasingly dangerous forest that is constantly evolving in order to survive. Players must manage their health and food in order to survive a full year, and subsequently win the game. It's not a very complex game, taking place over 12 rounds of play utilizing a deck of standard playing cards. It's pretty simple, but features several charts for everything from events to equipment. There's even a full bestiary!

The game is meant to be played as a partial journal exercise with rounds only taking a few minutes to actually complete. Each game has a unique setup with a lot of variety in replays due to how everything all works together. Currently I've outlined the rules and am working on making all the necessary tables/charts. After that I will finalize the art assets to make the book pretty. Then of course, I'll playtest and release the product here.

For the duration of the Jam, the product will be completely free with a suggested donation. This may change after the Jam concludes, but I haven't decided that yet, largely will depend on how much additional work will need to be done for the project. I do plan to support the project after the Jam concludes, perhaps even making additional supplements (some of which I've already outlined) to expand the simple game. Again, undecided on this at this point.

The final product is estimated to include the following:

  • Contain about 50 pages
  • Have 5 full charts with a few subcharts each
  • A full bestiary with variations on several of the creatures.
  • Support basic character customization with four stats with several equipment and trait modifiers for abilities/bonuses
  • Simple D6 event and encounter resolution
  • Feature much variety for replaying the game
  • Room to expand should I desire to do so.

I hope you will look forward to the game!


The project is complete! You can check it out here.

Didn't quite hit all my estimations but that's partially because I used my space more efficiently than I anticipated. There still may be some kinks that need ironing out, but I hope you'll give it a go and let me know what you think! :)


wow, there's apparently a lot of pages :) it's a survival game with "daily-journal writing" ?

should it be possible to have a PDF version with a blank background please? it should be easier to read for me


It's a bit like that, play takes place month-to-month other than daily, but I'd say you have the general idea right. Anyway, It'll take me a few minutes but I'll put together a plain version for you (no background and I'll enhance the tables to be a bit easier to read). I'll post ya another message here when it is ready :)


Alright, that should do it. I hope you enjoy the game and would appreciate any feedback :)


thanks, i'll look at your game :)


I went and made character sheets for folks to make the game experience even better. You don't have to use 'em, but they exist if you don't want to make your own :)


Updated to Version 2.0! May not seem like a BIG change, but trust me, it is. The game feels a lot different now (for the better) and I've added content that was missing. Should be an even better experience :)


The second half of the 2.0 update is live, that moves us from 2.0 to 2.1. It added EVEN MORE content and fixes. Check it out here.

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

hi, I'm angela. I like short games (like: 1 page to read, 30 min to play) and epistolary games (Quill is my inspiration). I also like dinosaurs, questionning social issues and empathy oriented things.

apparently, you extended the game jam until the 9th so I may be able to participate. Not sure yet. Maybe some people want to make a game in group? (create in group, play in solo, eheh). anyway, even if I don't participate, I'll look at your submissions. I probably won't play to each but I'll leave my humble opinion. ☺ I always try to be constructive without talking meanly  

if I say: let's create together a small solo game, who follows me?

[edit] if i write a game by my side, it should be a game in the Quill style, but with a twist: the letter has a real receiver (me or yourself) and the goal is to  explain what makes you want to play your game... while you're in fact inventing the game you're talking (you're inventing based on images and dice rolls/tables + your inspiration and mood of the day). The goal shouldn't be to really create a playable game, but just express clearly an idea that is still evolving. And I already have a draft of this idea, but it's currently nor playable nor showable yet... still evolving also !  


Quill is a cool game! I really like writing based games, and letter games are no exception. I would be really interested to see that idea expanded on :)