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Interesting idea, I like it. Although I was confused the first try and thought I was supposed to avoid the grey boxes as well. xD

Thanks a lot!
I enjoyed seeing someone pet all the kitties :D 

I love that ending. This is what real life should be like :3

This is what I'd call catfishing :D

I am not a good friend. 

Oh no! Ghosts! 

This made me laugh way too hard :D  Impressive work!

Thank you  so much :3 

Aww, thanks! I'm glad you liked it :3

See, that's what happens if kitty doesn't get its daily portion of healthy cuddles! Well, hopefully tomorrow...

No, you're not ^^ 
I just assumed - I will put a tutorial/explanation somewhere in my next update :)

Thanks :)
I thought so, too, but you never know. I guess I should put a Tutorial at the beginning -makes note-

Yea, I just learned about those and was a bit too excited maybe. When I finish this game, I will have to moderate the special effects :D 

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It's a twine game, click on the bold printed text and you get the next line.

If that's not working, what browser are you using? It works for me and a friend but I think we are both on Chrome.

I only got a demo done due to sickness and I gotta go work in 6 hours, soooo... going to sleep.

I probably finish the demo sometime, since I have the endings planned out already :D Hope you still have fun with the intro!

For some reason I had a vibe what was going to happen :D
Nice twist, solid writing.


Now that I have played around with RPGMaker a bit for a fangame to Star Trek Voyager (which is at 75% atm), we (means the artist and me) decided to start a project with our own characters.

So far we've only got some sketches and I'm starting to set up the interface... RPGMaker does make things complicated. After this game I may look at Construct.

It's going to be an adventure with some puzzles and a lot of weird dialogue. I'm actually more of a writer but I try not to be too linear since that always bugs me in games of this kind.

Hope to post some more interesting stuff soon!