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I was looking for some assets from you for a future jam game and found that you made a game that is basically what I wanted to to do lmao, down to the theme and all

A yes, def an intended feature for extra cool players only

My magnum opus, enjoy.

Hi! this is not my first rodeo but I usually work alone. Looking to change that. You can check my profile for previous games I've made for jams (more to come) but I can do pretty much any role in a game dev team.

Main skills (in order)

- Game Design

- Pixel Art

-3D low poly

- Programming (Unity, Godot, GDevelop)

- Sound Design (sfx)

- Narrative writing 

- Level Design

Also, experienced in Project Management.

If you're interested in joining up with me, send me a dm. You can find me as rattay (Rattay#6350) on Discord!


rattay (Rattay#6350)

 Trying to make my way into the games industry and need to build experience. For the last 4 years I've been working for a Data & Analytics company as a developer, (tech & team) leader and most recently as project manager.

 In my free time I've been growing my game dev skills as a generalist both with courses and experimenting.

  • Game Design Theory (42h course)
  • Unity, Godot, GDevelop.
  • C#, Python, GDScript
  • Blender, Asperite, Photoshop, Audacity
    • Low poly, pixel art, UI/UX, sfx sound design.
    • 3D models, UV Mapping, Textures, Rigging and Animation.
  • Software Testing

Can dedicate 1-4 hs daily. Timezone GMT-3 (Argentina).

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, I'm fairly new to jams, this is the third one I'm participating. I joined the jam about a week ago and in between getting too anxious waiting and being afraid not to have time later I started building bits for testing and ended uo making the whole thing.

 I know this would break pretty much the key rule of the time period for dev but wanted to still share the game here once it opens to submissions.

 The game was built throughout a total of 8 days.

 If this is Okay then great otherwise, cool too.

Good luck everyone!

Thank you so much for the feedback  :D

Yeah, had to switch hands by the end of development

This game was made for the Narrative Design Jam! second time taking part in a game jam and actually finishing. It's not as polished as I dreamt when the idea came to me but it gets the point across I hope.

Will do

Friend request sent

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Hi, I'm looking to take peoples request for small things like props, vehicles, characters, etc. So I can make myself a proper portfolio.

I can do:

 - 2D art (pixel art and regular drawings)

 - Low poly 3D (Characters, props, etc)

 - Non-organic 3D objects

 - Character rigging and animation

 - UV Mapping and texturing

I can't commit to full projects due to having little time but I can get more isolated projects done in a week or two depending on what it is.

This is my current portfolio of things I got mostly "done" before getting distracted with something else:

If of any use I can also help with:

 - Basic sound effects

 - Project managment

 - Time managment

 - Automation

Add me on discord: Rattay#6350

Sending $1 in exchange for a horse brush

 This is great fun as is, can't wait for the next peek, really want to try out some of the things I've been seeing on your Twitter.

For others:

If you're having  perfomance issues like I had, because the default settings are too high you can go into:

 "Physical Animation Test\Physical Animation Test\HalfSwordUE5\Saved\Config\Windows\GameUserSettings.ini"

To lower them manually.

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Interested to see what you're working with. I have dsiscord Rattay#6350

I've made a drive folder with the few things I've done in 2021 - 2022. Includes 2D art. models, textures, rigging and animation

Hello, I'm currently working in Data/Business Analysis and Studying as a Systems Analyst and although this sounds very adult and professional it's boring as hell. However, this has given me solid teamwork skills, version control, project management, and general coding knowledge.

I'm a hobby game dev with decent skills in 2D and 3D art and I know some Godot (2D and 3D). I'm looking to join a project that is already fairly solid but needs an extra hand. My objective is to build up a curriculum. 

I work remotely and part-time so I tend to have a decent amount of hours outside of exam weeks.