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Gabriel, ¿Cómo estás?

El Update quedó en el olvido a esta altura. Quizás se pueda retomar algún día :). Te tengo que enviar una URL que tienes que visitar para aceptar. Me puedes escribir por Discord sin problema, no recuerdo si estabas en el server o no.


Glad you enjoyed it :D Thanks for playing!

Little bit difficult but really enjoyable. Maybe a longer pause between upgrades update would be nice i’ve missed some of them clicking too fast. Good work!

Nice game. It’s a little unbalanced and I’d appreciate more visual feedback, maybe some kind of unit info when you click it so you know what they do. Graphics are nice too. Great job :) Really enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed this! the sounds are amazing haha. Great job!

Glad you enjoyed it :D Thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks for playing! :) The art is an 8 color palette for extra limitations for myself. And yes, you can hide your blue house behind a yellow house but only for a while, when the monster is close to the house hits it every time. The secret, planes & tanks.

The polish of this game is extremely satisfying. Art and sound effects are nice. Really enjoyed playing it. Great job! :D

Thanks for playing :D Glad you enjoyed it!

I’ve also limited myself to 8 colors (Matriax8c Palette) so I didn’t have much to choose from :P I’d love to see kaiju fanart some day haha. Thanks again for playing :)

Thanks for the kind comment! I liked not showing the kaiju hp too, maybe I can animate the damage in some way. The planes are +5 points stronger than the tanks, but they don’t stay still so they don’t get hitted so often. Thanks a lot for the support :)

Thanks for playing! I did the best I can with my artistic skills haha. Glad you enjoyed the experience! :D

Congrats, I loved everything! Really sent me back to the past with that kind of player movement. Art & music are awesome. Excellent game! Great job :)

Really enjoyed this experience. I never thought that snake could be played like that. Graphics and sounds are nice :) Good game! Nice job!

I don’t think I get how to play this. I keep clicking everywhere moving pixels to the side and win some levels. I like RTS but this one was a little bit hard for me, maybe some kind of tutorial would be nice.

Great work! :D

Cool game with some nice boss mechanics and lots of ways to play it. Really creative. Good job!

Really nice game :) I loved the graphics, music/sounds and the resource management part. The jetpack was so useful, I really wanted to keep exploring the caves.

Great game!

Really nice and polished game, I enjoyed every moment. Would love to see some more levels and bosses. Keep up the good work! :)

Really neat concept! I liked the game, little bit frustrating at times but still a really nice and polish idea. Really liked the mechanics of each character.

Would love to see more about this project :D Good job!

Thanks for playing! :D

Nice little game. I liked the simplistic art and overall polish. Little bit difficult but expected for a jam. Nice job! :)

Really great video :) I’m glad you made it haha, see other people play it’s always insightful. I’ll be expanding this for sure.

Thanks for playing! :D

Nice to hear you get it :) It’s a little bit difficult at first, I’m working on a tutorial. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! :) Nice feedback, I’ll be fixing that!

Nice graphics & sounds. Really lacking of more interactive elements but really nice experience overall. Good job!

Game looks great but controls were a little bit stiff and the camera was a little bit fast when changing directions, still, a nice little game with lots of variety. You can dash mostly every monster or hazard in the game

Music and backgrounds are nice :) Nice job!

Thanks for playing! Yep, that’s pretty much it! You have to check your houses and be aware of your money, that’s the strategic element :) Thanks again!

Really nice and polished game! I couldn’t make it too far cause at first, didn’t understand much of what was happening. Music and sounds are great :) Great job!

Let me see your games too so I can rate it :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

ha ha! I really enjoyed your comment, glad you defeat the beast :D Yep! Tutorial is needed, I’ll be working on that, ASAP. Thanks for playing and for feedback! :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you like all the elements :)

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you like it and you managed to figure out how to do everything. Yes, the kaiju has a lot of health, 2000 points to be exactly. Tanks do 10 damage and Planes 15. Keep trying haha.

Expert tip: Repair all the yellow houses on the map once (Click + Right click). Build yellow houses in front of the blue house to avoid some damage. Build a red building and when you have the tank, put two and wait for the plane. Keep building yellow houses to make more money, but don’t abuse them.

Thanks again! :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you like it! A tutorial will come soon :)

Thank you very much! I really appreciate this kind of feedback. There was a lot of doubts about all my decisions during the jam lol so there’s some things that never got fully explained.

Yellow buildings are there as shield mostly, but they generate money over time (4k every X seconds). The red buildings allows you to use the tank & the plane, and has more health to use as cover.

Tanks & Planes are similar, but planes do more damage (5 more damage) and they are difficult to hit.

You can only repair Yellow buildings, you click on them and they will show you the cost of reparation and a hammer icon (Sorry for that icon xD), you haver to right click to repair. The repair costs rise every fix.

Thanks again for playing it :D

Glad to hear you like it! The ui was really difficult to tackle, also how to communicate everything. Thanks for playing!

Yep, I wanted to keep the secret about the health, sorry about that. Also thanks for feedback, maybe needs a little tutorial. Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing! Haha nice to hear you managed to defeat the beast, there are surprisingly a lot of ways to do it. Glad you enjoyed it! :D