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Hi! Thank you so much for enjoying this sytem! That’s definitely an error and I should fix it but I no longer have the original docs 😂

But I’ll definitely get that fixed up when I do the next edition. Thanks for the reminder :)

(And I have a couple of games using the system in the works!)

an update has appeared*!* just not a big one ^^;

This is amazing! Thank you so much for making this tool ♡♡♡

It’s still being worked on! I lost a bit of progress when I changed PCs and lost the most recent build but it thankfully wasn’t a major scene 😅

I’ll hopefully have a new version available by June

Awesome! And congrats on the showcase!

Psst you might want to send a KS backer update and provide keys for backers so we don’t have to pay a second time 😉

So! I really like the idea of slate but i’m having issues where, when I try to re-position the slate window, whatever i have open gets bigger and bigger (i’ve tried with resize to fit on and off). i can’t figure out a way to make the slate window SMALLER and it gets to the point where whatever file i have open becomes a window larger than my screen and i have to quit slate to be able to do anything.

SCREAMING I’m so very excited to check this out. And all their friends getting to transform too!

Question - will there also be a switch port for 2?

FYI: if you choose female police officer as your initial job, at the end it throws an error and suddenly MC is an inspiring wrestler which is ????

other than that though, very fun game with lots of twists and turns!

No problem! I only noticed because I was very confused by the recursive link lol

I absolutely love the layout and concept and very excited to maybe play next weekend

(Psst, for somereason the text on this itch listing is for Write Skyscrapers - you might want to edit it to be thr description for Like Skyscrapers!)

lol valid. if you do make an update but don’t want to add new permissions, might i suggest the option to change the color?

this is very cute, i love it!

i know the icon is changeable, but what about the banner section?

Glad to know it’s on the docket to get updated! I’m glad I tested it (and other games) out before I leave next week lol. Great incentive for me to check out some of your other games now too though lol

Enjoying the game but as a heads up Android version still only shows 2 of the answers and they’re always wrong 🥲 Was hoping to play on a trip because it’s very cute and I love the look of it but it’s very frustrating whenever I actually know the answer but the option isn’t there for me to click.

Hi! Thank you so much for the comments and feedback!

If Utopia has space I would be honored (once I get this updated lol). Even if it isn’t I’m really excited to check out those essays.

I’m glad you enjoyed the premise! When doing research for this jam I stumbled across the concept of repair cafes and was irrevocably charmed so I’m glad you enjoyed the premise!

Balanced stats was my aim so im glad they feel like that (I wholly disagree with the idea of dump stats lol)

I was do sure I had fixed a lot of the “symbols not showing up” problems but that’s probably what I get for writing half the game on my phone 😅

The game is actually a roll over mechanic! So you want your dice to be more than or equal to stat × card. I will definitely tidy that up next edit to make that clearer.

I feel like at the time there was a particular reason why I wanted face cards be 11 but at the moment I do not recall lol. I will definitely take your suggestion into account when I edit. I also really like some of your ideas/fixes for the role table! I will definitely see what things I can consolidate and update when I do edits. (I can say that father and mother were split up because of the associated tarot cards but I definitely like the idea of parent instead if only because families come in very different varieties)

Thank you again for hosting this jam it was really awesome!

So far the game is really fun! Very, very hard though with trackpad >3< Thank you so much for having skin tone options - it’s always really nice to see. (I know that development is likely on hold or totally finished but a “casual+/infinite heart” mode or cheat would be uh very cool lol)

Thank you!

(1 edit)

Not quite sure where you are in the world but they are fairly well known in parts of Europe. I know some major cities had pop up repair cafes pre pandemic every so often. You can always start your own once things improve

edit; probably should have checked your profile first but according to repair cafe site there’s two in Brazil!

got it to work! Eventually.

On my android I went to Settings > searched "vibrat" > clicked "Sounds and vibration" (because i couldn't find it) > "Vibration Intensity" > make sure the "Notifications" bar is active

It was weird cause I get notification vibrations for all sorts of apps on my phone but none of them make it vibrate in app :|

Thank you so much for the fix!

Still no go on my phone :(

just making sure I'm doing it right, I should be pressing the heart button and it should vibrate right?

Hey, if you find any typos or errors of any kind, please post about them in this topic so it's easy to find! Thanks

my phone vibrates just fine for other notifications/apps! Just not this one.

Samsung S9

ah sorry if I wasn't clear!

So "On sale from your follows and collections" shows me EVERYTHING on sale even if it's already associated to my account. I want to be able to say "show me things on sale from CERTAIN collections" or "show me things from my collections that isn't already linked to my account". I have a lot of games from itchio and everything is sorted in collections. I want to only know if an item is on sale if it's in a specific "wishlist" collection. 

I dont want to hide games I own from searches, but if I'm looking on I really wish there's a way to filter out games linked to my account already. I own them, why would I want to buy them again? Filtering out games I already have would remove about 10 from the main page and that would give me a chance to check out 10 unknown games on sale for me.

would love for there to be a way to only get "hey an item you have in your library / collection is on sale" on items on chosen collections or for items not linked to your account.

like, if this is an item that i have bought, it seems counter intuitive for to tell me it's on sale - i know this already. but because i use collections for sorting types of items i have in my library... i get notifications anytime any of them go on sale. which happens a lot. to the point where i skimmed messages and missed items i actually want to buy because the emails i got were about games i have purchased already.

same with the "top games on sale" option from the main page - there's no way to sort out items that i've bought and linked to my account which is 

hi, question! i purchased this through The Superstring Halloween Price Slash! and it only came in as the "lite" version of the book, not full. was the full only available during the sale or...?

thanks for looking into it! 

android 10 on Samsung!

Hi! So I downloaded and installed but I'm getting no vibrations out of it :(

there's a few threads about this but due to the size of the bundle, it is not automatically added to your library. 

detailed explanation @

that or even a "this item is in your library already" label on the bundle download page. like i'd legit don't mind going through each page to check for new items if there was a way to differentiate at a glance and without having to open a tab for each

Just a QOL suggestion - it would be great if you go to a game's page, it shows what collections you've already added it to without you having to click "Add to Collection". Possibly in the same general area you see if you've purchased it?