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There have been recent sightings of something wandering around at night near the library. The eyewitnesses have only been able to make out one feature of the creature each. Perhaps due to the creature only coming out at night and it being harder to see in the dark (I am a very good detective). I'm collecting all of the testimonies to figure out what it is. Anyone willing to come forward please describe your encounters with the beast to me.

I walk down the tunnel towards the rune room. The walls are slick with slime, some of it old slime other parts fresh. I wade through the writhing mass of psychedelic tunnel tasters who have licked too much and can no longer stand. I see the etchings and hear their unworldly hum. The hum drowns out the moans and cries of the rune junkies around me. I find a notebook at the base of the wall: Justin's notes. The hum intensifies. The book contains detailed drawings of all the runes. I turn the book upside down, a cipher so obvious none before me thought to try. There in plain language it says simply "WARNING DO NOT LICK THE WALLS".

While wearing floor destroying ice skates I walk from wall to wall painting a healthy layer of compost into the baseboards.

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I propose we build a brand new old flooded house. With state of the art mouldy floorboards, pristine fallen off doors, contemporary peeling wallpaper and all the other fixings a modern soggy old house should have. I'll begin by flooding the picturesque flower field to prepare the work site. Happy building.