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salut, une petite aide sur les commandes ? je ne parviens pas a y jouer...

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oh, so maybe you have put this thing on your todo list ?

another question ; do how to change positions of the wheels ? i only see one wheel on the file with the car :(

and one planks but stuck on it :D

we need some tools to easy rotate and move objects like gismo and arrow like in blender.

i'm not fan of CTRL+ click to rotate objects :) and we can't rotate on Y and Z ?

"TADA !" i finnaly get one potato ingame :D

thanks :) i will take a look for sure :)

when we return to the editor, can you put a button to look at the car ? maybe this button exist but i can' find it :)

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hello thanks for making this ! it's wonderfuill !

i found a little UV problem with crossroads not a big problem :)

anyway, i seriously hope you give us the key to change or add somes props :) like the model of the car, some new textures, in fact, i hope wa can mod your game engine :) i'm here for that :)

best regards

so fun need to play with friends XD

en effet, je prend note :)

En effet, la demande était faire le plus simple possible, il y aura a priori plusieurs 'niveau' dans le jeu avec équivalences, simplifications...

no sorry i lost the source :(

super cool but very difficult :)

My best 

it's realy realy funny !

work fine for me too ;)realy it's a very cool and fun game ! i love it

hello, i can't play, i choose tutorial, and other scene ; the menu system works but i get blocked on first frame , i see the player and a yellow shere but no key move the player :/ i need to try with keyboard

yep maybe you have right, nice game anyway ;D

nice game but why not show the printer and other stuff on the desk i think i'm alone in this room :)

Added the HTML5 version :) have fun !

ok so desapointed... there is no IA test for example ? is so maybe you need to remove the exe form ? 

best regards.

hello it's stil playable or not ?

Ooookay ! it's realy more funny when you know the keys XD

thanks a lot for this !

can you tell me the comands ? XD nice idea but the monkey are realy stupid... or it's me :D

Très touchant j'ai adoré. Par contre pas compris a quoi sert la torche ^^

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Bonne idée mais on peut tomber de la map.