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maybe available in 10 years :)

it's Cahors a French city know for it's wine :) 

'Vin de Cahors'


So after test, 200mb of map crash the game ... 🤪

oh and here the log :

Shakedown Rally community · Created a new topic credits

Hello thanks for adding me to the credits but my pseudo isn't the same on screen and in the credit file :p

i hope a little more serious work here ! 

Anyway i have so mush good time with the new finland map

nice work !

a well made game, need more levels at same difficulty.

a very cool game ! thanks

oui j'avoue je viens juste d'y penser, mais a l'origine je souhaitais ne pas donner la possibilité d'y descendre vraiment :p

Tu trouvera le zip contenant les sources.


Here you can download and test my LDRS game ("Lunar Driving Rally Simu")

Oui, c'est prévu. Lorsque le jam est fini, je poste la source ;)

aucune idée c'est mon premier test, surement quelques heures...

i got the other side of the road whis granny ! yey ! nice fun game !

a cool game here ! just a little problem with the food, we can add more food before it touch the ground, so this speed up the game too fast.

who ? me ? nooo :D

i love this game a little too simple but effective :)

wow i love your game, i got the bad ending but it's fine :)

oups bad ending for me :D

cool game well done !

oh okay je ne connaissais pas ce nom :)

nice game, i wanted more interaction with the dog. now you need to make a game about this good boy ! ;D

nice game but where is my friend ?

a very nice and well done game ! good job !

nice game :)

i got the plushie, it's difficult for the player to discover the good person for the first transaction but after that is too simple because i already speak to the peoples.

good litle game :)

salut oui c'est bien moi ;) en fait le cadre de sélection c'est le 'actor', les 'amis' sont sur le BG.

la musique, yep fait dans l'outil interne de gb studio...

ps: c'est quoi "bonneteau" ?

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An other mod for shakedown ; the default car with rocket !

have fun !

Dowload the zip ! (just replace the files)

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Today i prensent you my very first mod for Shakedown, the Monster truck ! Download the ZIP !

Compatible with the build: 1068, version: 8

just extract and replace the files at the root folder of the game 'shakedown' 

- shakedown/config.ini

- shakedown/res/models/spec17.gltf

the file config.ini is important in this mod because it change the wheels size, suspensions, and the camera position ...

the spec17.gltf is the Mesh of the monster truck.

Have fun !

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Hi, here you can test the "WRC Convertible" ;) download the ZIP

Compatible with the build: 1068, version: 8

just extract at the root folder of the game 'shakedown'

You can also replace the original file by the one in the zip

- shakedown/config.ini

- shakedown/res/models/spec17.gltf

The config.ini in the root folder  make change of the screen resolution (1920*1080) and disable the fullscreen. This file is optional.

hello ! how are you ? no news ? hope you are fine ;)

Absolument magique, j'adore :) il est open source ?

ok where can i get the log ? i can't find any log file ? and othe problem i put a copy of the sr110's folder but same problem ! i realy don't understand ! (i changed the name of the folder + and the file names + in the cfg file to correspond) oh and i see the first version of 8 year ago on source forge :

hello i tried to do some try about adding my potato car like the old version, but now after put my OBJ in the LODcreator, when i launch the game engine, i can't see tree and houses ike something gone wrong and stop loading, i can play and hit the coliders but there is no meshes :/ maybe a problem with the config file ? (i just changed some name and added my otr file in place of the orange )

have you cut the reflexion on the water ? i got invisible water when i play.

another problem, i can fall off the map (under the map) if the car is on side and i quit the car, the player pass under the map need a detector when the player exit the car :D

so i get some nice FPS (when loading)

lol (i get a decent 60fps ingame)

yeah, i know this feeling, i'm amazed by guy like you who are building your own game engine :) i often wanted to know more how to do stuff ike that :D

don’t give up !

thanks ! hope 130FPS on this release :p

nice but in reverse the car turn in wrong direction :D

Hi, nice work, i found a little road problem, it's fun for mega jump but not so realistic :D

superb game (like always) but we need an export function of the list (like txt or alse) baybe with an image of the box in the shopping list :3 (because some image+text are funny)

an other idea is to make the box's size randomized too ?

anyway great job here !

27-186 ;)

hehe pas mal du tout !

salut, une petite aide sur les commandes ? je ne parviens pas a y jouer...