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Loved it. Cant wait for the full version!

No worries, enjoy the deserved break! No major issues really, which is impressive... I probably just had bad luck with the save lost on refresh.

I liked the electric trail, reminded me of metroid's screw attack hah

Update deleted my save data T_T (seeing "last updated 2 hours ago" and my save gone was tragic after having started it yesterday) Im glad i started it again though, it was worth it. 

Enjoyable exploration, puzzles and bossfights. Some mechanics can feel clunky at times, but are unique and can feel satisfying.

Awesome level design. At some points i wasnt sure if i was sequence breaking or doing the intended way (its a good thing)

Finished with 92% (completion?)... didnt use any upgrade points for some reason

As for feedback:

- logs font can be hard to read (too bold? maybe its my resolution, but sometimes i cant tell "a" from "e")

- wish there was a way to disable the blade so you could bounce on enemies without killing (but that might be just me trying to sequence break more)

The best execution of the "you are the level" concept i've seen in the jam yet. Good mix of puzzle and skill (even if hectic at points as others said).

Not sure if you intend to continue it (or polish) post jam but I could give some ideas on improving controls if you are interested.

Really nice touch with the "thank you for playing" screen!

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Enjoyable! Did you make the music too? Very good

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Great presentation and game feel, has lots of potential!

But what if i want to get captured by blue team? These red guys are terrible!

(nice work! really fun and polished game)

Sometimes a stronger you isn't better... Nice execution of the concept!

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Great visuals and concept! Makes me curious about how it would play in a more open space, perhaps where you could use intruder's noises to find them as they move around... Very nice jam entry!

Platforming could be frustrating/punishing at times, due to tight jumps. Its fine since it seems the idea is to be a bit challenging, by adding coyote time and more lenient hitboxes (on the tentacles) it would feel much better I think (just suggesting in case you want to update with polish :D)

Great art style and awesome music! The final level with all the mechanics combined was fun.

Incredible level design. Full of eureka moments that make you feel like a cheater (the best kind). Very fun, amazing job!

haha thanks, fellow bowling game i see!

such a good idea...

It's there now! Didn't have the itch urls at the time

my dog went crazy when the game started

controls controls. good job, very original and charming game!

Fellow two char platformer! Nice execution, the mechanics were introduced in smart ways.

Awesome idea, very fun, lots of potential! The linear escape-room feel works well, but might be interesting to have non-linear order of contracts, and/or optional ones that make the game more challenging or nonsensical.

crazy fun, lots of potential here

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A few typos and clunky at places, nothing that playtesting and time wont solve! Really enjoyed that experience, it felt personal, full of little touches

very enjoyable, would love to see a few more levels and a bit of polish. Reminds me of the game "The company of myself", which is awesome.

One of the best mechanic-wise, would love to see it polished!

very satisfying!

Kinda easy after connecting a heal node, but feels very fun!


lol, this was ridiculous but i was laughing so much, it was fun.

telling stories through the documents which you can influence indirectly... interesting concept! 

Very nicely executed, fun game!

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creative concept, using arrow keys instead of mouse would make it more playable, but its very nice!

Short but sweet. The presentation is amazing!

Very fun! I like how the prices go up but not for the paths to make players branch out and connect more!

Fun game!

Needs polish, but I like the concept. Its like a coop bullet hell!