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That's really awesome to read, thanks so much for playing and giving your feedback, that means a lot to me! :DDD

I was really worried about the progression, and how the player will knowledge the next steps, and your feedback will help me to have a north on which features I will prioritize.

New levels will be available soon, I'll post them in the Devlog. And thanks very much for your time, I really appreciate.

We will make some translation to english language, so anyone can read our story :DDD

Loved it, there's a thing about upgrades that keeps me going and keeps me going...

And the weapon upgrades were in the perfect place to contain the waves that will come next. Fun, Fast, Great Soundtrack and loved the Endless wave, great touch.

Also, good that used Godot, great engine, great game, wishing luck and success!

Heya, that's a great game! That reminds me of the idle games like cookie clicker. And to be honest, while there was upgrades, I really enjoyed it.

Suggest to put WASD in the commands as well for newcomers, but besides that, 11/10, would play it again when more upgrades were available

hahaha thanks for playing :D
Yeah it's really hard, but I'm glad you had fun with our little jam project :DD

Wishing good luck for you as well :) thanks for the review!!

Thanks for Playing my simulation game :DDD

Yeah like, there is a strategy to create a pattern to achieve the goal, but it's really hard anyway.
Thanks for the review :)

Heya, Thanks for playing my little jam game! :D
Yeah the game rules changing is a thing, thanks for the review :)

Thanks for playing my game, hope you enjoyed this little game I made :DDD

Hey! Thanks for playing my game, and you found the Hello command, that's amazing!! And other secrets, yeah, but another 1 or 2. Just that. Nothing like fireworks.

Yeah, it needs sound, I was thinking of that after submitting the game. Besides the theme of the game, the clicking is tedious, everybody agrees.


Thanks for playing it, that means a lot to me, really :D

WOOW! That's a great ideia, making some forloop to get allot of things, and more, and more... Oh god, this game...

Maybe I'll come back to this game to improve it. Maybe (I made alone, maybe next time I call some friends to do it bigger and better).

Thanks for everything :D


Haha yeah, a clicker is a thing that consume our lives, but in text, write every single Click is kinda nerve wracking and Tedious. I understand.

Feel like a game desgin problem, just givin the right thing at the right time will make this game a LOT better.

Oh, and thanks for Playing my game, that means a lot to me :D

There's a little more, but I understand that not everything is clear, and I feel that it need to be fixed.

But hey, Thanks for playing my game, that's incredible to me :D

It is Awesome. Seriously, a Finger it's all you need to end a dungeon. Good idea, pacfist (no guns) and a kid. Awesome!!!!


Great game, Tower defense with multiple turrets in places that can help and hurt you. Magnific.

Also, nice art, tho

Thanks for playing :D

Yeah, I wished to added more options too, something to make the game more accessible.  Maybe in future I'll improve it


Really loved it, i love pinballs, but this is incredible

Favorite Powerup : Flying Ball

Oh, and one more thing, really missed the "shake the table", but I know it's not that important for the gamejam. 

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Thanks!! :D
You can't play because of the Operating System ?

Oh God! what an incredible little game, I'm in love with it. when I first saw it, my mind exploded, my reaction was "that was clever".
It is simple but very effective. Even if I'm suspect because I love puzzles and that's a really good one, nice level design! 

Thanks for playing my little game :D

Yeah, the charging had ended very buggy. But it was not about the Objects, but the timer init is not restarting after dash, then it increments, but not restart the timer. We decided to stop how the game is when it reached 48hours, (like : Hey! it's time, hands up!).

Maybe in the future we will go back to this little project, fix the bugs and add some new features!

Dude! great game you've made, you put some reeeally effort in this one