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Oh, yeah, exactly that, though it`s weird to see then warping through the map, good thing it`s intentional

>I'm afraid I haven't seen this one. Could you provide an example?

The bazzar quest was the best example i could think of, this is somewhat random and doesn`t trigger expetions, so it`s hard to find out a common trigger, but it happens when you enter in the village, and i have the feeling it happens more when you enter through the south part of the map.

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Bugs and thoughts - 0.74b
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Hello, this time there wasn't much to talk about, which may be a good sign lol, but anyway, here is a list of a few things i noted on first gameplay.

1- The most obvious bug this time is that if you have a spear or any mid-range weapon on your main hand, you can't approach NPCs by 1 block, it's kind hard to explain with words, but just equip a spear and walk straight on someone and you should see it by yourself

2-This only happened once, but I got the heal wounds price even though i had just cured myself, and was full HP and without any disease

3- I think the Intrine Arm shouldn't be affected by your mutations since it's not a part of your body

4- Now just my opinion, but shouldn't some mutations, like claw, beck, horns, wings, dorsal fin(not sure if it's this name, but the shark like thing on the back), be able to be removed on the doctor?

5- I got a few extra legs but they weren't showing in the character, both on this body anatomy, and also on the inventory page

6- I know that when attacking, you use the weapon of the main hand and sometimes the other hands (let's call secondary hands) follow-up an attack based on dexterity. But shouldn't you use the secondary hand when you reach a situation that the main hand can't attack while the secondary can? E.g, when I had more than 2 arms, I though about using a close ranged weapon on the main hand and a mid-range on the secondary(like spear), so this way, when the enemy was 2 block ahead, I'd start attacking with the spear, and when it got close, I'd use the close-range weapon, but it doesn't work like that, the extra range from the spear was completely ignored.

7-I once found an Item called Butchery Guide, but nothing happened when I used It

8-Sometimes NPCs teleport through the map, It's hard to explain since I don't know what triggers it, but the worst situation where I saw that was in the quest where the bazaar is attacked by bandits and you need to kill them.

9-After using a surgery kit, it stays on your inventory as "0/1 uses", when you try to use again it disappears. But on this case, it should disappear after using it rather than keep it on the inventory.

10-This time what blocked my quest chain was that I was given a quest to Kill Izasna when I had already killed him, making it impossible to kill him again. I think the game should keep track of the main NPCs killed, and when quests like that are accepted, the game check that you already killed him and automatically completes it.

That's it for now.

Oh, also, I got really surprised when I found out that those human pods like things below the Ensis can be opened and there is a mob there, really, such a Wow.

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Bugs and thoughts - 0.74

This time I could only play for a few minutes, because there is a bug that don't let you move and differently from other times, throwing items don't work anymore. Here is the output_log link

Also there is a bug that triggers when you press Enter with the Abilities List open, but without any ability (e.g Fool at the very start of the game)

>That's the screenshot drawing error.

My bad, I thought this was the right way of showing exception. How do i do that then?

> honestly don't understand everyone's fixation with attacking villagers and other wandering NPCs

It's simply for farming money, villages are easy to spot swarm of "mobs", and since villages without merchant/doctor are currently useless and there is no demerit in killing them, they are a good way to loot and farm money.

>Sorry if I sound grumpy

No worries lol

1- It's on the screenshot i attached with the bug, just zoom it and you should be able to read the development console

16- Maybe it wasn't clear, but here is what i did. I, on the middle of the city,  used long range magic (cloud of flame) a single time on a random NPC, then i rest, by that, a few turn pass and the NPCs move, and when my stamina was full again, I attacked another NPC, repeating the process. Since the NPCs moved, I usually didn't attacked the same NPC twice, it was just any NPC in the range of the magic, this including soldiers as well. I probably did that around 50 times (now that i think about it, why the fuck did i wasted my time doing that? lol), and even after attacking them this much, none became hostile, not even the soldiers, who i think should have a better perception when being attacked than other NPCs. And besides, if i physically attacked an NPC, it would take around 2 hits for them becoming aggressive, so even if they weren't attacked more than once, after 50 times someone should have became hostile no matter how high my stealth stats were (which wasn't high)

This is also why i said that it's too hard to level up a skill, they are costly so you can't spam in combat, so 100 times is an absurd amount imo, I think you don't even use skills more than 100 times to beat the game as it is currently. Though it would make sense if the game were much bigger than it is currently, which may be the case since now you can complete the story around level 15, which is fairly low.

18- I think the near soldiers should turn hostile the moment they see you attacking another soldier (or any NPC)

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Bugs and thoughts - 0.73
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Hi there, just reporting the bugs of this version

1- Sometimes when fighting, u triggers this null reference exception, which freezes ur character and to unfreeze u need to either fire the ranged weapon or activate a skill

Also this read pixel error happened when i tried to print, i think it was shift + F11 or shift + print

2- I got this error only once, still, after butchering a corpse, it dropped both head and leg (u can see in the chat that i passed by them), but only the leg is on the ground.

3-Annoying grey tiles, where u need to step on them to see what they are, this happened on my 2nd gameplay and was also present on previous versions

4- I found an inaccessible house

5-For some reason, there was too many doctors spawned on this Xul Camp

6- Are the items on the ground supposed to despawn in this version? This didn't happened on the previous versions, but now it does sometimes after save and loading the game

7- More or less same as above, but it's for the villages that u explored, when u first explore the village, on the "Things Here" (like the image on item 5) there it is permanently marked what u found there, like merchant or doctor, but this time after saving and loading the game, sometimes the village "shows as unexplored" because the merchant or doctor isn't marked

8- Not sure if it's a bug, but when i first got the butcher skill, it used to drop at least 1 limb, mostly more, per corpse, but later for some reason it rarely dropped a single limb, it was usually nothing.

9- Is the butcher knife a rare item? because i only found it on my first (out of 3) gameplay, this also applies for other new things, like the AI core, the crystal that teleports, the new hunter faction on hunted difficult.

10- Is the head limb supposed to be replaceable? if not, what should i do with them after butchering? I tried to replace it on doctor and my game file was deleted, I think i died but at least there should have been some kind of message like "You died".

11- Not a bug, but skills should be easier to level, I tested and a skill at lv 1 get 1% of XP everytime i use it, am I really supposed to use it 100 times to increase a single level? it's probably easier to level by using another book if it works like that.

12- Not sure if a bug,  maybe it's intended, but I think the vampires are a pain to deal on ruins, because the odds of getting bitten and get the disease is quite high, and they also have a lot of HP so you can't quickly kill them before they bite you.

13- When u are at a explored dungeon with doors (like on the ensis underground), u have the option of quickly go up/down by pressing "+" or "-" and confirming, but on that, it seems that the character tries to open some doors that aren't on the way to the stairs (it doesn't affect the gameplay, still just reporting).

14- I still think there should be easier way to see if it's day or night, so you would know if the merchants would have updated their goods.

15-The items on the chests are kind too plain, I'm still getting items like sandals even after being very advanced, also there could be some rare chest with rare items

16- Villagers don't get hostile after receiving long ranged magic

17-Villagers "lose" their hostility if u go to other map and come back

18- Other NPCs don't get hostile if u attack those Soldier like NPCs on villages, only the attacked soldier will be hostile.

That's all for now, thanks

Just adding up, I got this same 3rd bug where u couldn't talk to anyone, however, since I could still do the quests, I decided to keep moving forward, then I reached the quest from the ship engineer of ensis, where you have to go to 1 floor below and kill that purple humanoid experiment to get the corrupted heart, however, after killing him i spotted that the floor below that one, that were on the previous version locked with a chained red cube like thing, was open, so i tried to go below which failed and triggered an array out of bounds expection, so i gave up and tried to climb up the stair to deliver the quest, but this also triggered the same exception, I found myself locked there and tried to load the game again, which didn't work and triggered the same error and also keep loading forever

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I know you can use a 2-handed weapon on a single hand by not having a free hand (aka just having another weapon equipped on that hand), but it's clearly stated on the chat when you try to do what that the weapon will have an accuracy and speed penalty.

Though you can just ignore the accuracy penalty if you have accuracy bonus.

In all gameplay I do, the first thing i try to get is any ranged weapon with scooped attribute, which gives you +3 accuracy  that's pretty much enough to almost never miss a physical attack no matter what's your weapon proficiency. 

In my current gameplay I have a Halbert (2 handed weapon) and a Riot Shield equipped, with no extra arms, and I don't feel any accuracy penalty thanks to the scooped weapon I have equipped  

Greetings dude, 

I have found a error after trying to attach the intrine arm 

Also somethings regarding mid range physical weapons, like Spear, Halberd, Staff, etc

These weapons have the ability to attack foes 2 squares away, but if there is something like an item on the ground, or blood, or wires, between  the player and the enemy, the player rather than attacking, he moves forward

Also, on the previous versions of the game, you could press Ctrl + any direction to force an attack,  regardless of having an enemy on the direction. This is something that isn't on this version and I really miss it because now you can't attack NPCs 2 squares away from them.

One last thing, but I remember that on the previous versions of the game, the first quest Lomis give you when you talked with him was to destroy a statue using a pickaxe that he dropped on the ground, this time the pickaxe was directly put in my inventory, but the quest was completely skipped, almost like it was deleted, if that were the case, I guess it doesn't make sense to give the pickaxe.

That's all for now, the game greatly improved on last year, I hope it keep going like that, thanks for your work on this great game.

>Do you remember the conditions of the duplication? It might have reset the "visited" status of that map cell. I've been trying to track that one down for a while. I'm not sure if it is an issue with saving and loading, or long periods between re-entering a location. 

I'm pretty sure it happened after i saved and loaded, but it probably doesn't happen everytime you do that, so sorry, the conditions aren't very clear.

>The mutation thing is strange. I checked the code, and your radiation level should always decrease after getting a mutation. Did you drink any mutagen?

It could be that, but i'm not very sure

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Hi m8, it's been a while, I actually started playing a few hours after you released this latest version, but i delayed this post due to IRL reasons. Anyway here is the bugs that i found.

1- Leprosy

I once got leprosy disease by eating an infected body, which got me a very odd effect.

I couldn't move properly, i could move only about a few steps and after that, my character stopped moving. To move again i needed to use some magic or throw something, which enabled my movement for a few steps again, also note that this is inside a map, because i could move freely in the world map.

I managed to solve it by cure the disease on the doctor

2 - duplication of cities content

after saving and loading the game again, i got some cities with duplicate content, like furniture overlapping and excess of NPCs.

3- radiation not reseting

for some reason i keep getting many mutations in a row, i believe it's because the radiation didn't reset like it should after u get a new mutation, but this event only happened once, so i'm not sure if it's a bug.

also, take a look at the Accuracy stats, is it normal to be this high? as far i remember, i never got it higher than 10, so i thought this value very odd, but it could be that u changed the in-game formulas, so it may not be a bug.

4 - can't clear quests because of wrong tracking.

i couldn't clear some quests because they keep getting the wrong tracking in the world map, this is an example where i'm besides Saira whom i should talk to, but the world map show that i should talk to someone else.

another example, i'm pretty sure the kin are the red religion , whose hideout was at left, but the tracking was at the blue religion's hideout.

5- neant queen bug

i once killed the neant queen for the quest but when i killed her, the quest didn't completed, so i couldn't clear the quest because she didn't spawned again.

6 - blank icons again

this time was when i tried to apply the Xol modifier to an equipment.

Hi there mate, I'm back again with my usual report about this new version. This was far the best and most stable version I played, since I only found 1 major bug,  Thanks as always for keeping the game alive.

Anyway, I'll start with this major bug and then proceed with other smaller stuff.

1 - The cannibal dude quest

This is the quest that is triggered when you start eating human corpses

The first thing i want to note is that the quest says you need to have 5 corpses, but for the "!" mark appear and you clear the quest you need 6 corpses

Then I tried to drop 1 corpse on the ground to see if the "!" would disappear, but i didn't, so it seems that you can complete it with 5 corpses, but you need at least 6 to show the "!" mark

This is where things get weird

I decided to test the axe you get from the quest, but then i couldn't kill anything, every time the mob gets with low HP, I start getting  NullReference Exception and can't kill it, you can keep attacking,  he also keep attacking you, but he doesn't die, the only way to kill it would be by going to another map and coming back, u will see that then the mob disappear. I also made many different tests, I tried to change the mob, I tried to change the weapon, I tried using magic, nothing worked.

It doesn't ends here, after doing the tests, I decided to return to the  cannibal NPC and I found out that "!" mark was still there (maybe it was when i cleared it for the 1st time and i didn't noticed), the fun thing is that he rewards you as if it was the 1st time clearing the quest, but the "!" keeps there, so u can keep doing as much as you like and get tons of exp and money (by selling the Axe reward)

After that I thought I had broken my save file, but then I had the idea of killing him, and by doing that, everything returned to normal and I could kill mobs again.

2 - Old bugs that weren't fixed

I spotted some bugs that I had already reported in previous versions, like the grey tiles on the world map, and the ambush without pirates (this one happens more in the late game, at the start it's normal as it should be)

3 - Random Quest Marks

I found the quest mark pointing to some random place on the world map, of course i tried to enter the map, but there wasn't anything

I also had problem with quests pointing to the wrong direction after exiting the game.

4- Looting from chest

Let me confirm, but the loot of the chests is based on how advanced the player is, be it by level, or by how many quests you cleared, or by stats, right? 

So, I once went a bit far and died(hard mode so the progress was lost), but to my surprise, the next character I made was finding a lot of good stuff for early game, I'm talking about items like leather pack or spine protector at the first chest right after starting the game, can this be a bug?

5 - Is this white square supposed to happen?

6- random Exceptions that don't affect the gameplay

7- Just a compliment, but I really liked the new UI for the menu and the new Items thumbnails

8- A few suggestions

- Throwing projectiles fixed on the ranged slot even after using all of them

One thing annoying about using throwing knifes is that you want to be careful to always leave 1 knife in the ranged slot, because otherwise the slot will be unequipped and you will need to equip the knifes again there

- Eat from the ground

Another annoying thing  is that you need to pick up the food and eat it from the inventory,  but when your inventory is full, you can't pick the food on the ground that you want to eat

- Make mobs avoid lava

I found out that the behavior of the mobs are always going in your direction, but if there is lava between you two, he will try to cross the lava and die there.

9 - I left this as the last one, but it's the most important thing I want to request

Can you please revise the way how projectile damage is calculated? Because they are extremely strong when throw by the enemy, specially if you are high leveled. It just doesn't makes sense how an enemy that does about 2 of melee damage does  more than 20  by throwing a knife,  it's very annoying how a weak enemy can be suddenly dangerous.

Also explosions as well

Is there a way to counter explosions throw to you? What should I have done to avoid dying by throwing explosives?

Well, that's it for now, thanks 

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So I advanced more and found more things to report.

1 - So the game 2 main cults that offer quests, I'm bad with names but it should be clear enough if i call them Blue and Red cults.

If you advance the quests of the red cult, it should be a time when they ask you to kill an character named Oromir, however, unlike the previous ver (0.64) this time there weren't any quest registered at journal, I haven't test to go to his castle though, to see if it's open.

Another important thing is that when you reach this "Fake Quest", you also can't advance the blue's quests, this because they turn aggressive and start attacking you as soon as you get closer.

So in other words, I lost track of the main quests and can't go back to it again.

2 - So it seems that i keep getting the wrong trait of the 3 traits that i chose when you level up. The last time was when I chose using mouse, so I suspect this was the problem.

3 - More like a question, but sometimes, usually when you kill an important character, you get a message in purple that the world is somehow more obscure,  does this has any special meaning? I didn't felt that the monsters were stronger or that the drops were better.

4 - When you use living weapons, sometimes the damage roll doesn't gets better when you level up the weapon, I wonder if this is on purpose or it's a bug.

5 - I once keep deleting and starting my game to find a good combination of limbs of the "Experiment", but from what i tested, the char never have 2 or more arms, unless he has the Extra arm trait, can this be a bug or it was just coincidence from my few tests?

6 - I managed to get a Leg with Strength(5)

This was done using the surgery kit (the item, not doing it directly with a doctor) in the extra arm you get from the quest that asks for 4 limbs. I thought I could change the bonus from that extra arm with a better limb, so I used the surgery kit on that arm, but when you do that, you lose that arm but the limb is consumed on the next body part, which was a leg.

7 - Not a bug or any problem, just wanted to say that i think it is freaking amazing that you can freeze a water path using Ice beam magic.

8 - Is there some kind of end dungeon with really strong monsters? I'm kind lost on what to do when I can't proceed with the main quests, if at least there some kind of content meant for high level character...

9 - So after playing this new version, It seems that the merchant can now refresh what he sells, unlike the previous version iirc, and that seems to be done daily. however, it's kind of hard to keep track of the time in the game, since you are mostly in dungeons where the daylight doesn't matter, so i wonder if there is any way to know the time, like a watch or a clock.

I'll be back if i find more things, thanks m8.

Hello Again, i'm back again.

First your question.

>For the bandit ambush, are you using the mouse or keyboard to make your selection? 

I don't remember how it was when i was as a "Fool", but in my 2nd gameplay, as an "Experiment", this happened again and i tried both, first on keyboard and then on mouse, but both failed.

I think i f*cked my first gameplay by killing an important NPC, It kinda suck how you can't advance the quests if you kill them, still, thanks to that i created a new start and here is my report.

1- My load was properly deleted after i died at hunter difficulty this time. Tested this many times with the "Experiment" character and it always worked like expected, so i'm not sure why i kept reviving before, it could be because i choose "Fool" as char, or because it was my mistake and i actually took an easy difficult and misunderstood that.

 2 - Something i noted was that now the characters don't have the prisoner inhibitor anymore, not sure if it was on purpose or if it's a bug so i'm reporting it.

3 - Problems with some skills

  • Gore skill trigger some Exception
  • Summon Stritter trigger another Exception
  • Heal skill does nothing, it doesn't consume MP, it doesn't heal, it also doesn't trigger any exception.

4 - The "Return" skill is missing at the bedroom at your house


5-These gray tiles are actually building, like a village or ruins, they usually turn like this after i enter and leave them, but not all buildings turn grey, so i'm not sure the cause.

6 - Random quest ! mark, i also checked to see if there were something there, but just water from the ocean.

That's it for now, Thanks m8

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Hi there, it took a lot but you finally released an update, I`m very happy to see that lol

Anyway, as i`m playing the game, I`ll be updating this post with new bugs i find.

1 - Keep reviving after dying in the  Last difficulty(which i forgot if it was named Hunted or Hard, but whatever lol)

Like the title say, I choose the last difficult,  but i keep reviving after i die, as if i was on the first 2 difficulties.

2 - Doors are being generated at the very diagonal

I know u can still access it by moving diagonally, still this is kind of dumb.

This also happened on an dungeon, that the hall where the stairs where only accessible by moving diagonally. 

3 - The limit of the floor of a dungeon sometimes don`t generate walls

4 - ``Summon Echo`` don`t work and triggers an exception

It is the exception showed on the image above.

5 - Furniture are being overlapped

6 - Ranged Weapons don`t work

I tested this for Hunter Rifle (not sure if that was the name of the weapon), Pistol and Short Bow

In all cases, "you had infinite ammunition", the gun could still fire even without ammo and there was no need to reload, however, the bullet didn`t dealt any damage, it just passed through the mob no matter how many bullets you fired.

7 - I was surrounded by bandits but there wasn`t any bandit in the map after i refused the deal (this always happen)

>So, will u accept the deal?


>Sure, let`s go guys, Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

That`s all for now, i`ll probably be back later with more bugs, Thanks for coming back!

Still on this topic about replacing limbs, I had problem in replacing limbs using the mouse, when i do it using the mouse, the game replaces a wrong limb, e.g when i replace a right hand, it replaces the left hand, i had keep retrying by quit without saving but the bug persisted, what i had done to overcome it was to use the keyboard arrows to move through rather than the mouse

One more, if you save and exit at a mutant village, your save file gets corrupted and you can't load it

I remembered of another small issue, It's just that sometimes on villages, a tree may spawn right at the front of a door, making it impossible to open the door and enter the house

-So, as I have been playing, I'd often find maps with too many mobs on it, be it monsters or even NPCs at villages, I was wondering if that could be a bug on the spawn rate, here are some screenshots i took of it.

-I started a game as a murderer, and got the Skill Charge as the first skill, I leveled it to level 2, but I also found an equipment with that same skill, and by equipping it, my original Charge was rewritten, it got back to level 1, and when I unequipped that equipment, I lost the skill

-So, I got the quest of killing Orion(the dude that betrayed and started living on a castle on the middle of the ocean), I talked with him and got the quest to kill the dude that was doing the ship at the underground facility. At this point I decided to do both, I first killed the dude that was doing your ship, and cleared the quest at Orion, then killed Orion and went to retrieve the quest to Loites(the gate guard of the cult), but at that point, even though he had the green "!" to clear the quest, he started attacking me and I couldn't clear the quest,  the kindred dude was also the same, I wonder if I just broke the main history by killing all important dudes?

-I'm taking too much damage from throwing knife, the weapon mainly used by red thiefs, my character is at lv 18, with 60Hp, this red thief melee attack usually does about 1dmg, however, when he throws the knife, it does about 40 of damage, I can't help but think there is something wrong.

-The Queen Spider is not spawning, I got the quest to kill her, and when I reached the last floor of the underground cave (BF 7), I couldn't find her, and there also wasn't any other stairs below.

-Does Relics have something at different at their last floor? I explored a Relic, only to found that at their last floor, there wasn't anything special, it was just like the previous floors, and i couldn't move further since there wasn't another stairs below, I was expecting some different floor, with maybe a boss or a different chest, something that gave the "This is the last floor" vibe, I wonder if the last floor is like that, nothing special at all, or it was a bug that for some reason the stairs for the next floor haven't spawned.

-Also about Relics, as i previously said on my last bug report for v0.63, the relics change everytime you exit, this time, because of that, when I loaded the game, I was stuck at the wall and I couldn't move, luckly I had a shining gen so I could escape from the dungeon. (now that i think about it, I could just have saved and exit, then load again and hope that there wasn't a wall at my position)

-You can't "rest" for your party. The rest button only allows you to rest while your HP/MP isn't full, but when you are at a party, it should also allow to rest when their HP/MP isn't full and yours HP/MP is full, which doesn't happen, and so there are no easy way to restore their HP.

-There should have a "Save without Quitting" option. I see that you added the "Quit without Save" option, which I made great use of it, but there should also have a "Save without Quitting" option, i mean, "Save and Exit" + "Load Game" when you want to just save is a quite roundabout, and besides, you lose the "light" of the maps that you already explored

-You can't replace limps of the new "Technophile" class, you also can't replace the default armor(iirc it was called Metal plate, and gave 2 of armor) of the chassis, legs, or arms, which then I thought it was just like the Prisoner inhibitor where u had to amputee and replace their limps to remove the equipment, but I couldn't replace them

That is it I guess, thanks as always, it was very enjoyable.

(2 edits)

So, I played the 0.64 version and advanced in the game, but it reached a point that the game is too slow, it takes about 1, to 2, seconds to move a single step, everything else is fine though, I can smoothly hover over the items, or see the rain in the background, but I can't properly walk. I have no idea what could be the problem, only that the other problem below could have something with it.

Besides that, the game crashes and close itself when I press C to open the characters page. I tried doing that while monitoring the RAM memory, and it seems that when I press C, the memory starts rising (it was 34% before) until it reaches 95% and the game closes itself.

  I suspect it's related to the fact that for some reason, the mutations that I got at the start (i started as "The experiment"), were infinitely "copy/pasted" at the traits list, I'm not sure at which point it happened, but it hadn't happened at the start of the game, and at some point I got a huge list of fake extra limbs that couldn't be true. Also if that matters, I had drunk the mutagen(or whatever it's its name) potion and my radiation was on extreme for a while.

I also thought that maybe it could be useful to show the output_log.txt and the error.log of the last crash
here are the links for output and error respectively :

There is also another minor bug that i found, but i don't want to make another thread for it so I will write it here

I found an Living rusty something(i forgot the last name), which is a weapon that increases the level and increases it's damage as the level increases.

When that weapon reaches lv 2, it needs more than a 100% to level to lv3, I'm not sure the exact value, but I have seen it surpass 110% of exp

Also, when you save and exit, and then load the game again,  the bonus of the weapon lv disappear, it return to it's standard value (2d2, it was 2d4 + 2 at lv 3 iirc)

Thank you as always, this game is really improving

>If you can show me an example of the same location being different between sessions, I'd like to know

That was on ruins dungeons iirc

So I will try to list some bugs I found while playing the 0.63 version, sorry if the description sounds ambiguous, I'm doing it after playing so I can't give full details.

1 - Monsters inside the walls
       It's usually those plants that don't move, sometimes they are stuck at the wall and it's not possible to kill them
2 - NPC trying to kill those monster stuck at the walls
       When you have someone following you, they seem to have a behavior to try to kill any monster on the map, and when there are monster stuck at the wall, naturally they try to kill them but fail in reaching them, this causes the game to have some very extreme lag and absurdity slowness, it was awful to move to the stairs, but that solved it.

3 -  Dungeon/map being replaced after being explored.
       Sometimes a dungeon/map that I already explored is "deleted" and a new one is created. I guess this happens because I exited the game, but I'm not sure.
4 - Explored dungeons and maps showing as unexplored
      Sometimes a dungeon/map show as unexplored (like all black around the area that you haven't walked through) despite I had already explored them. This is most likely related to the 3rd bug when the dungeon is replaced, rather than being an old dungeon that "got dark" again, however, I guess some dungeons, like the power-plant, don't change, so they only get "dark" again.
5 - Items stuck at the wall
      This happens when a dungeon/map are replaced, which causes the items that you left on the previous dungeon being stuck at the wall.

6- Cannibal quest dude 
     I'm not exactly sure how I spawned him, but I think if you eat a human flesh or kill a person at a city (and eat its flesh?) he will spawn with a quest asking you to collect 5 items for his fellow cannibal friends.
      6.1 - First off, the Cannibal quest dude don't have chat lines, if you try to talk with him, it will trigger exception at the development console
      6.2 - When you try to clear the quest and go to the world map, there is, just like most quests, a yellow triangle guiding you to the quest destination, however, it leads you to the bottom left part of the map which when you reach there, the "!" is outside of the map and you can't reach there

7 - Igloo like structure at taiga not spawn
      When walking through the map, I found an Igloo like structure at the taiga snowy biome, but getting on the map triggered an exception and the Igloo didn't spawn, what I got in its place was the last place I was, which was a forest that was totally out of place on the taiga biome

8 - Exceptions at cities with chests
     Sometimes when walking on a city(on the world map), I enter in a structure that seems to be a big mansion at the top and 4 houses, 2 at the left and 2 at the right in the middle-bottom of the map. All of them have chest inside them, and just entering this map trigger some kind of exception, which doesn't seem to affect the gameplay though.

9 - Exception in my new house
      I found a structure that seemed to be my new house, there, just like the 8th bug, just by entering in the map you trigger some exceptions which don't affect the gameplay.

10 - Demigod
         I found a purple enemy called Demigod, just by entering on the map which he was triggered a lot of exceptions, when I tried to fight him, more exceptions were triggered, but unlike the before exceptions, now I couldn't move , but I guess I could still attack him, which I did and got killed. After that, I respawned at the new house, but I still couldn't do anything, not move, use a skill, item, anything at all. I decided to save and exit the game, but I couldn't load the saved file because it got corrupted due to this bug
(this was also what made me write the suggestion "Way to prevent the save data being lost due to any bug")

I haven't touched the game ever since, If you want some kind of game file that I have, tell me it and where to find it, also,  thank you and good job, the game was still very enjoying despite it being full of bugs. 

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So I played again the game with the 0.63 version, and it really improved greatly since last time (0.53 or 0.55 IIRC), however, one thing that still bother me since the 0.53 version is the save file getting corrupted due to some bug while playing, making it impossible to retrieve your saved profile, and forcing you do start a new.  So I would like to suggest that there was some way to prevent such thing from happening while the game is still in development.

I thought of creating an autosave function with double(or more) slots. I know the autosave function was already suggested, but I don't know if it was implemented (on 0.53 it wasn't), still the idea that I'm proposing would need 2 or more autosave slots,  the 1st for the current place the player is, and the 2nd for the place he was previously. That way if the place the player triggers a bug and corrupt the data of the 1st slot, there will be a 2nd point to return.

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Hello, i am having exactly the same problem as skatche, so i also thought about suggesting an auto save function to prevent data loss from this kind of error, having to start a new game because of this is really awful

In my case the game froze and stopped answering, so i had to kill the process. It happened twice, the first was after i accepted a quest from an villager to escort him to cathedral, but while i was moving, i was attacked by bandids, they asked me for some item and i refused, after that the game froze immediatly. The second was while i was in the first dungeon, i attacked a monster and the game froze. In both times, the bgm was still on, but the game frozen.

Not sure if it matter, but i was on Windows 7 using 32 bit version, also the character was Deserter