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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

bugs and sugestion

A topic by grish99 created Dec 31, 2018 Views: 148 Replies: 5
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1-polearm cant atack 2 tiles away when there is something on the ground between you and enemy

2-mechanical arm that fly near you and is controled by thoughts (sorry cant remember the name) doesnt work, when I try to activate it the developer log pops out and says some kind of error

3-when you have mission that end as talk to x npc and youre hostile to this npc you can kill->respawn this x npc unlimited time and farm 

4-vampires dont bleed vampiric blood

5-after you become hostile to some npc this hostility goes to other characters (that i generated after) game restart fixed this (that was in previous version)

6?-polearms can kill any mele plant without any danger because plants cant atack you from 2 tiles aways

 sugestion-make the power plant dungeon shorter its boring after 5 time (and its not generating randomly there are 2-3 sets of layout)

ps: make the axes stronger i belive they have similar dmg to swords but lower speed 

and make weapon specific skills like sword-parry,polearm-trip etc

and add more merchants.

#2 is fixed for the next build.

Could you elaborate on #5? 

6 is intended. Polearms take up two hand slots, so there's a tradeoff. Man-Eating Plants aren't intended to be very difficult anyways. 

I'll be adding more variations of the Power Plant levels. I don't intend to make it shorter. 5 levels isn't too long in my eyes. 

Axes, for the most part, have the same speed as swords. Larger ones can perform sweeping attacks too. 

Weapon-specific skills are on my ToDo list. 

Merchants are intended to be somewhat rare, and rare enough to make stockpiling gear not as easy. 

#5 when i was playing for some reason ensis (maybe because i do kindred missions) become hostile and the guy from the start killed me so i do a next charackter technopile and the starting guy started hostile to me (i was thinking that technopile start as hostile for them) so later a make other charackter heretic and the starting guy again was hostile to me.

after some time and restarting the game everything become fine

Oh right, I'm aware of that bug. Should have been fixed last patch. Quitting the game clears the flag. Should be working as intended if you're running the most recent version, though. 

Using 2 2-handed weapons in both hands is bug or feature?

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I know you can use a 2-handed weapon on a single hand by not having a free hand (aka just having another weapon equipped on that hand), but it's clearly stated on the chat when you try to do what that the weapon will have an accuracy and speed penalty.

Though you can just ignore the accuracy penalty if you have accuracy bonus.

In all gameplay I do, the first thing i try to get is any ranged weapon with scooped attribute, which gives you +3 accuracy  that's pretty much enough to almost never miss a physical attack no matter what's your weapon proficiency. 

In my current gameplay I have a Halbert (2 handed weapon) and a Riot Shield equipped, with no extra arms, and I don't feel any accuracy penalty thanks to the scooped weapon I have equipped