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Incroyable test de grande qualité, je vais maintenant aller peindre toutes mes cartes yu-gi-oh aux couleurs du drapeau lesbien.

So glad to hear that from you! It always feels really good to have an artist's beautiful art to work with while doing some visual design & layout! ;)

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I enjoyed reading it, of course! It's really like an interesting little video essay, and well-written. I wouldn't have typed this long-winded reply if I hadn't liked it! I really love the "collective, unspoken roleplaying" aspect of emergent phenomenons like these "fandoms for stuff that doesn't exist" - just so many people pretending and being in on a joke. Something about it resonates with me. It's like the whole "brass kingdom" thing as well! It feels immersive, in a way, like opening the door to an alternate reality, and getting to live slices of the daily life like it is in that other world. It's a feeling like a change of scenery, exploring something new yet familiar, in a similar way to immersive experiences like videogames can provide (cultist simulator, potioncraft, monster hunter come to mind), some LARPs, or long-form, continuous, collective roleplaying experiences (to a much stronger degree I think). It's like there's this critical mass of immersion for a joke to turn into this little pocket universe that you can actually live in, even if it's just pretend, if enough people are in on it, it's undistinguishable from reality. (Sorry now I'm just musing.)

Of course, you were right to focus on it! It is a very fascinating topic! I'm looking forwards to your follow-ups!

I really like the empowering message and the idea that collective creations actually affords more expression space to individual creators. I think, like you said, that the fact that it's a joke also lightens up the gravity of the creative act, makes it "just playing pretend", not only when accessing to the lore of the work but also when adding to it. It brings an element of play into the creative act, which helps make it more accessible - make people forget that they are "arting" even if they think they're just "memeing". 

But also, I'm not sure people are waiting for anyone to give them permission. Sure, there's a lot of focus on individuals with regards to creation; but also, creation is hard. You have to create a lot of small and simple things before you can step up to some more complex and ambitious stuff; and most people see the works they love and want to replicate them - and the discrepancy between their goal and what they're capable of (just yet) creates a daunting inertia that is very hard to overcome. Playful creation helps alleviate that, and gives a drive to make this myriad of simpler things, so that you almost sneak up on yourself: when you want to make more ambitious stuff instead of just playing around, you've played around so much that you are now able to achieve it, and you can keep playing around - which also makes it easier to undertake the more ambitious works.

Collaborative, artistic (unknowingly?) efforts are also rather common actually; Goncharov is very much our present in that sense. I think so much of the memes that are produced and iterated upon can qualify as a form of artistic expression and can help playfully develop a voice and skills; more directly, the Backrooms and the SCPs are sprawling examples of that as well (very similar to Goncharov in their folklore/community effort aspect and maybe more evidently creative). Game modding, fan fictions and romhacks also help a lot - but it's less collective than Goncharov and more directly artistic. 

But I think the fact that it's a form of art that is seen as lesser helps with the dedramatization, the idea that, "oh, I can't do something like that, but this, I can do. I'm just creating a mod." And that gives an intermediate step - you don't have to make something big from the ground up, but you're still able to create something very close to your inspirations.

So to me it's less about waiting for a permission (even though, of course, as you said, there is the feeling of illegitimacy that can add to the paralysis), and more about finding a way to get creating that doesn't feel overwhelming and that's accessible to your skillset, while dodging some of the frustration that comes from limiting your ambition and your scope at first. But that's just a (491 words) nitpick.

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Poetic, witty, and with that funny stab at knights and how they can't stop talking about their frigging sword and horse. Love it! (Aesthetically these are all my jam)

32 points in the extra messy edition! There's just that pesky bit of bacon in the middle that kinda ruins my perfect brunch. (But I'm craving waffles now...)

I love roll&writes! What a cute little one. Very simple domino-style puzzle, but the theme & the zine are super delightful! But, oh no, you made me want to make waffle-themed games as well!

Thanks for the treat!

(I, for one, love your food habits you gremlin <3 Let's all hop on the sad bastard train)

Thank you so much for the review <3

Yeah, I made it with EZM, I just slapped the game's logo onto some Klimmt and blasted it into next year through collage (texture pen my beloved)

I love how much personality you crammed into this minimalistic format. I love how analogue it all feels, all the little details, and the rhythmicality of the sounds and gameplay. This is such a nice game-toy, I really adore this. Thank you <3 What a nice way to celebrate a 10th anniversary!

vroum <3

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Could I ask you what exactly was difficult to figure out? It would help us immensely with making the game more accessible to know exactly what you did and didn't understand.

Did you read the rulebook? Also, this works similarly to a cross between interactive text-based fiction and a solo journalling TTRPG somewhat Powered by the Apocalypse. Are you already familiar with any of this?

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I work a lot, and when I'm in work mode, the first thing that falls off the executive functions train is being able to cook (or to clean the kitchen, or to buy groceries). And since I love cooking and have some (years into the process of being curbed) perfectionist tendencies, often the fallback option is just not eating and then wondering why I feel like shit. (It's because of not eating.) 

The humour of this book is incredible, the writing is excellent, and somehow it feels like home. I might use it for cooking but for now, it feels like companionship and being seen. It feels like it's legitimate to eat a slice of bread with some tabasco on it as my diner. Or sugar spread on a toast. Or Hummus on a Spoon. Thank you. 

I'll gladly wear the Sad Bastard coat on these exhausted evenings, because pay no mind to the name - it'll keep you warm when you feel cold.

I love love love love this! Great use of the limitation and the theme! Such a nice and cute game! Everything's great, from being able to write the names into the grimoire to the little component names. And the grimoire being a separate app with no automatization, it made it feel really immersive. Love this.

Nice toy <3 Toys aren't supposed to be useful! I enjoyed hearing the notes and rhythms emerging from the shapes. The physicality of the falling ball feels great. Kind of wish for more!

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The game wouldn't launch in the embedded mode. But I managed to play it with the desktop version, up to the Kate level! (4th one?) Sadly I couldn't complete it because the bottom of the love profile went off screen and there was no scrollbar.

Really nice little puzzler! It's fun trying to find the minimum number of cards to infer the likes and dislikes of the character! I enjoyed this puzzle! I found this a pretty fun experience, because optimizing the number of cards still feels nice! Sweet. Also, I still really like the artworks and the little character descriptions, they're cute.

Of course, I understand why you hid the likes & dislikes at first: because here it's not a particularly difficult game, and you wanted to make it harder. Also, here "liking" is very strong, because since all the properties on the right are either liked or disliked, and properties on liked cards cannot be disliked, all the properties on liked cards that are on the right are necessarily disliked. But even with not being particularly difficult, the game feel is much better as a puzzler. Nice job! I'll be happy to finish it if there's a way to scroll the properties someday :3

Thanks for your hard work! Also I fucking hate Albert, oh my god.

Lovely <3

Thank you so much, you are very kind, and I feel very touched by your words after playing your incredible game. I didn't have that much time to play and rate games for this jam because game design is keeping me extremely busy, but it was my tabletop offering for this year. I hope next year I'll make something even better.

It's got nothing to do with anything but I need to find a way to make it text in my game that my pilots are extremely gay. I'll put it on the rulebook's cover or something I think.

Oh! Oh my, I'm glad you ask this about the discard conditions, I didn't even realize there could be confusion about that!!!

So, the discard conditions, like the healing bonus when discard sword elements on the SerapHeal Engine 7SW, only works for cards discarded through activating that specific module. So you get that bonus when you activate the SerapHeal BY DISCARDING A SWORD CARD, and not by discarding a sword card to pay any module activation (even if it is another REAKTOR ACTION.) Although that seems rather interesting, but no. You pay one card from the reaktor to power up one module, but you can activate any number of modules any number of times when you ACT, as long as you have cards to discard to pay for them. The Universal Convertor, Reaktor-to-Armaments REVELATOR 40 by Silber Chordata does allow you to discard cards from anywhere to activate its effect, be it from your armaments, your reaktor or even your support systems (which is represented by cards in your hand), but that's still a Reaktor action, you can still only use it when you act, and the discard condition still only applies to cards used to power this specific module. I don't know if I managed to clear this up a bit?

ON HIT triggers have the exact same timing as WHEN YOU HIT. The reason they are worded differently is because WHEN YOU triggers proc whenever that action happens from any module. Weapons are a special kind of modules: ON HIT refers to WHEN YOU HIT from the activation of that specific module. Otherwise, you'd trigger every effects from every weapons every time you hit with one of them, if they all had WHEN YOU HIT triggers. It's not the most elegant design, but I really embraced the american boardgame design aesthetic with this one. Since I made a very euro-style game last week, I thought it was fine and a nice change of pace.

I might have nerfed the Chevalière d'Aphrodite a little much pre-emptively after the round of buff I gave it (but I also buffed the Vanguard a little); it used to have 20 HP but I healed about 15 in the game I played with it and I didn't want it to be too tanky, and since I had patched up what I felt were its main weaknesses/awkwardness... But I did nerf its access to radiance so I might have to boost its health back up a bit. (It's hard to do balancing without extensive playtest data...)

Thank you so much! I do feel like I have MANY design knobs to turn and a LOT of design space to explore, it's very exciting! I'll see what I can do for the pacing when iterating on the game further! Thank you again for all your very kind and useful comments and for making a TTS mod, you've been very nice and helpful!

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Fuckkkkkkkk so many lines hit so fucking hard, it's a bit rough around the edges in places but holy shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt this is so fucking good this is one of my favorite piece of interactive fiction/game I've played in recent memories like months? Since Disco Elysium I guess, this is incredible. It feels like some LARPs I've played, you absolutely killed it. So sad I didn't have time to play it during the voting period, it's 5s all around for me. Thank you for making this <3

Incredibly well made, very entertaining, visually gorgeous, love that whole aesthetic. Such a creative idea and so well executed. Thanks <3

I loved it! Twine Powered by the Apocalypse? Yes please! Very well written, captivating. Your worldbuilding felt very immersive (with minimal content looking or feeling like exposition), and I love what you painted with it! This ticks so many of my aesthetic boxes it's not even funny. The amount of content seems extremely high as well for this project. The end felt a bit rushed, so I guess the scope ran away from you a bit, but it doesn't matter, I really loved this. Thank you <3

Trop bien, très mon genre de bizarrerie électronique, j'ai kiffé <3

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Cute game! A very simple idea that's well executed upon. I like the dual purpose design of attacking and moving with the punch. 

A bit more responsiveness to the controls (like automatically changing the spin direction when hitting something while it spins, maybe with a bit more of a sense of momentum and some self-knockback, a faster top-speed when the spin accelerates, changing spin direction being a little more reactive, maybe being able to counter punches with your own punch...) could make the experience maybe even more enjoyable!

Nice touch having the controls for each players displayed in the sidebars :)

Great job!

Beautiful! I haven't had the time to play it much yet but I really want to give it more time!!! Love how it's written. The illustrations are really nice. Reminds me of a somewhat mechanically simpler Thousands Years Old Vampire, which is never a bad thing. Really tickles some fantasies of mine, wonderful work! It's mechanically simple but pretty elegant and smart in its design. Some suggestions are rather intriguing, like ticking progress boxes on parts and drawing them on post-it notes to assemble the final mech using them, I really like the physicality of that idea. The illustrations are really nice. I think I'd enjoy a layout that's been a little prettified, but that's quite ok given the short production time of the jam. As it is, it's simple and functional. Excellent job! 

Thank you so so so much for playing my game!!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!

On the parts you found confusing:

- You're right! I need a symbol index and reminder cards and to be more consistent with my symbol usage. (The arrow means "load into [] from []", but I need to either use it everywhere and explain it or spell it out fully there instead to be consistent.)

- When several triggers go off at the same time, first the active player (player whose turn it is) chooses the order in which they'll resolve their triggers; then the non-active player (player whose turn it is NOT) chooses the order for their own triggers, then the non-active player resolves all their triggers (in the chosen order), then the active player resolves their triggers in the chosen order. Conditions that are part of effects are checked at resolution, so the distance 0 from Chevalière d'Aphrodite's Rapière is checked at resolution. 

BUT the rapière's trigger should be WHEN YOU PILOT, it's an upgrade to the basic action, not to the whole movement mechanic for Chevalière d'Aphrodite (it would be too powerful otherwise I think, but I have no idea whether the two mechs are currently even remotely balanced after the latest batch of unplaytested changes lmao)

- Close would indeed trigger WHEN YOU MOVE keywords, because it makes you move. Pull makes the opponent move, so it would not trigger WHEN YOU MOVE triggers for the opponent because they wouldn't be the one doing the move action (because it's not the opponent doing the moving with pull, it's you moving the opponent.) I need a big FAQ and breakdowns for individual mech pieces to clarify all of that.

On the negative parts, I'll need to do more playtesting. You might be right about the pacing, but I didn't find problems with it while playtesting on my end so I'll need more data about that by testing it with more people and seeing how they play and how they feel after further plays, with and without the pilots. But I'll keep your feedback in mind, and I might tweak some stuff about it in the future. Did you play with a 4-card "market" next to the magic deck? It makes collecting cards harder if you miss that part of the rules, and I didn't make any global visual overview of the setup so it's easy to miss I think. Also, I personally like the tension of having to commit to attacks that you're not sure you'll be able to pull off, and needing to re-evaluate your strategy when the right cards don't come out and settle for a smaller attack. It's okay to make attacks without fully loading your armaments, and using the Bardiche Accelerator and the Revelator on the 97-BEASTKNIGHT accelerates that gameplay a bit and seems somewhat important to me? Maybe I need to give the BEASTKNIGHT a few more tools to feed their REAKTOR instead of trying to solve the pacing issues globally. (I feel like I've given a lot of loading tools to Chevalière d'Aphrodite already, I need to playtest that because the latest batch of changes is untested on my end.)

Once again, thank you so so so so much for playing!! I might release more mechs, pilots and additional game modes in the future, so I'd love to hear your (and your friend's) thoughts on them then!

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Have you read the rules?

There are indeed 60 cards, which are called magic cards (I think i need to change the name). You shuffle them together to form the magic deck. You'll use only this one deck for the entire game! There is no deckbuilding in this game ^^ 

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I was working on an update for this thing for like the remainder of the week, because there was only 1 mech, no pilots, and I had forgotten the rules for the condition things, and like a bunch of stuff was kinda scuffed! Thank god you told me or I'd never have noticed, I can't believe this

Oh my god i forgot to upload the fucking files jesus fucking christ lmao

raw, very pretty, poetic, stylish, with an alchemical storytelling/metaphor/aesthetic that I really like. Lovely selection of vintage. I love the unlabelled, almost ethereal ones. Wonderful <3

Common Anna Anthropy W, I absolutely love this tiny ludonarrative artifact and it just made me discover what looks to be a wonderful software that I can't wait to add to my toolbox just next to Electric Zine Maker. 

Calamity rules.

You're just so so good, everything you touch turns into weird eldritch cryptic gold whispering dark invitations, I love everything you do. This is insane, the gamefeel, the imagery, the layers you've added. I think my favorite thing is the onboarding, how you tutorialized everything, but also made that a simple and smooth part of the normal gameplay progression. You're so good. Thank you.

Very nice, very punk, very gay, very trans. Excellent.

Love it, some of the poetry is very beautiful. This resonates strongly. The words are well picked like flowers from a field.

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It feels like a fever dream, and I really enjoyed the embraced, intentional chaos of everything coming to life, squash and stretching everywhere and clipping through walls. Even clippy's there <3 Bonus points for the giant pencils! 10.000/unrated, fuck capitalism 

I love this so much! Reclaiming pronouns and gender identity as a space for self-expression, self-determination and poetry really pushes all my buttons. I had played the nanodex, and this is a wonderful take on it. Also, as an any promon trainer, I want all of these.

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I was transfixed and couldn't stop listening/watching. This felt like the video essay form of a gutpunch but in a lowtech, lowfi package that somehow adds to the total existential dread of the work. Fuck.

Love love love how you exploited that puzzle design space! Great level design, great tutorialisation, cute little narrative. I think it's my favorite game I've played so far in the jam! Excellent work, also love your artstyle ! That little moving tongue on the wolves gives them so much character, and it's so unsettling. And you did that solo!! You rock!

Beautiful. It's simple and clean and pure. And then you can send the postcard like a distillation of your story, let someone else piece it together like some artefact or fragment of history. I really love that the most.

It's really funny that this comes out right during mechjam IV, I thought it was your entry for a hot minute 😆 Now that would be some guest star!

Thanks for the treat ✨

Yassssssssss <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Oh my god this is so good. I love it, it's raw. You extracted beautiful poetry out of this filth by pressing it mercilessly and forcing what came out to stand naked in the light. Thank you.