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No worries! I was half posting this just to make sure it wasn't announced on twitter and I missed it (or something like that)

Does anyone know when we can expect to hear from the judge’s?

Shoutout to batmah5871, Bapej, Xisisi, tias01, luminous58, and a couple more...

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I checked this game out because it was the most rated (of the games I hadn't checked out yet), and I hadn't seen the developers commenting in anyone else's submissions. I quickly realized why this is the case. There are tons of shell accounts in the comments praising this game with very basic compliments or just not even true statements. As for my impression of the game itself: completely boring and lengthy intro, no adherence to the theme, and not very satisfying gameplay. I am not sure what engine this is on, so there may be a lot of work put into this, but considering the dubious acts you are committing in the comments, it was put in for nothing.

Awesome project! Love the commitment to the theme, while bringing a completely unique and flabbergasting experience! (I had some issues with the text that appears when interacting not leaving the screen and having to restart it every time this happens)

Interesting experience to say the least. I'd love to see a game made by you that is longer (outside of this game jam) and maybe even randomly generated

Surprisingly entertaining, more of an interactive visual producer than a game, but I enjoyed the avant garde angle of it!

I thought this game was going to be a low effort game based on the screenshots, but I think the aesthetic and gameplay were actually really good! I think this is a great addition to the game jam overall, good work!

Very unique premise for a game, I would love to see this fleshed out a little more. I don't think it quite fit the theme, but it's a good game none-the-less!

Really fun, really fast paced and hectic, and very satisfying to try and get a higher score every time I finish a run!

Followed the graphics and sound design are fun and follow the theme of jam really well and an interesting jumping off point for a game. I enjoyed it and recommend it to others!

I'd like to know too, as my game suffers from quite a few bugs and I would benefit from fixing them.

I'm honored you took the time to look at my game; the key piece you were missing is in the bottom left you can add tenants, and from there you can begin to play the game. I feel like considering everything your rating was beyond gratious, thank you!

This game is honestly so addicting! Feels like a love letter to nuclear throne fanes. Really hope you win first place!

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Thank you for the kind feedback! I’ll check out End of Melodysm asap