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Submitted by GGBTEK
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
User Experience: Enjoyability.#34.0004.000
Tastiness: Technical quality.#33.8953.895
Swag Factor: Aesthetics and adherence to the theme.#53.9473.947

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Additional Consideration
Actually, we are a robotics team and we entered this competition because we needed money to make a drone.
That's why we made a drone game and we really want to win.
Have fun playing.

Multiplayer Award Consideration
no multiplayer

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I checked this game out because it was the most rated (of the games I hadn't checked out yet), and I hadn't seen the developers commenting in anyone else's submissions. I quickly realized why this is the case. There are tons of shell accounts in the comments praising this game with very basic compliments or just not even true statements. As for my impression of the game itself: completely boring and lengthy intro, no adherence to the theme, and not very satisfying gameplay. I am not sure what engine this is on, so there may be a lot of work put into this, but considering the dubious acts you are committing in the comments, it was put in for nothing.


Shoutout to batmah5871, Bapej, Xisisi, tias01, luminous58, and a couple more...


And I don't even know who some of the people you count are


I sent the game to a few friends to play and they commented too. I didn't have any bad intentions and I don't think this is prohibited either, but I can remove those comments if you want.

Thanks for your comments about the game. We will take this into account. Normally, the game would have a long story and a few more chapters, but it might have been a bit complicated because we didn't have enough time despite our hard work. Our aim was that a drone with some missions would give a SENSORY OVERLOAD error when exposed to too much data due to an insufficient processor. and the player had to complete the mission without getting errors using the sensors.

We worked hard for this competition. please don't get us wrong.


Good luck


Thank you.




I like this game. But there are things missing. If you make a few more levels and test the game more, it will be a well finished game but i think it's good enough for a game jam.


Thank you. There are a few more levels that we have already planned or even drawn, but we did not have enough time. We will continue to improve when we have time.


Great but a little difficult


Thank you. We made the game hard on purpose


nice.It was like the missing cookie demo of the big game.


Thank you

(1 edit) (+1)

This game is really very compatible with the theme and  the mechanics feel really good.Dude, this game should definitely be developed after jam. I would like to see it finished.


Thank you. Keep following us when we finish the game we will throw it here again.


really nice game radiation winds the controls are awesome especially the story is very nice


thank you very much

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

I ended up in invisible walls few times, ones inside the wall and unlimited times crashing from losing control. Great job)
Lack of energy for drone functions - nice idea :)


Thanks. We wanted to make the game hard on purpose and yes there are still a few bugs


No worries, you made a nice game :)


That's really COOL!