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Hello, sorry to hear that. I’m surprised, that shouldn’t be happening, or at least I can’t think of a reason why a patch would make all that pause. I don’t know that I have a fix for you per say. If you send me your saves folder I could probably cheat the items away and send your save file back. That’s your choice. My email is if you want to go that route.

Regardless I’ll put it in my list of things to check. I’ve never heard of that happening before which is strange cause it surely would have come up before now.

Hmmm strange, I’ll look into it but last I checked it worked


Man, I sometimes forget I’ve been working on this game for so long, it all sort of just runs together at this point. If you haven’t played in 2 years there should be a fair number of new things for you.

To answer your question, well, I’m not 100% sure to be honest. So, to give you a little peek behind the curtain here is my guess. On itch you set 1 price in USD. So for itch it is set at $14.99 USD. When you put a game on Steam you also set a price in your local currency, so again I set it to $14.99 USD. However. Steam has a feature when you post a game where you set a price in your local currency and then it generates prices for all the other currency.

So truth be told I’m not really sure, I could go editing prices but it generally isn’t recommended according to Steam unless you have a grasp on that sort of thing. I can say with much assuredness that I am not an economist, not even close.

I did just google and the conversion for 14.99 USD is 20.59 CAD so I guess itch is more precise? I also double checked Steam, apparently they set their automatic pricing based on how other games at similar price points are set. So basically Steam has some extra algorithm stuff going on to modify the price where itch is probably just a flat conversion.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to go an economic adventure at 1:30 in the morning, but I certainly learned something. The pricing, despite the oddity, will probably remain the same as to be honest I trust Steam to price things in an appealing way to consumers more than itch. I suppose I’m selling the game cheaper in other currencies, but I trust there’s a reason. Steam is taking a cut of sales so I’d guess they got a team of people figuring out why setting the conversions in such a way is better than just a flat conversion.

As for the game itself, its all the same. When updates are put out I update Steam and Itch with the same copy so there isn’t a difference. I guess the only thing I can think of is that in the next patch I’ll enable cloud saving on Steam and Steam achievements are getting added. So the itch version will lack those for obvious reasons but otherwise it’ll be the same.

Thanks for the info and the save files you sent. I’ll leave the details to my email. Suffice to say the things you mentioned have been fixed for your save. I’ll have to look into actually tracking down the causes cause I can’t discern much from the save.

That stuff aside, you mentioned playing the game on Steam. Outside of giving you a free copy there isn’t much I can directly do. I’d rather not start a precedent for that sort of thing so I hope you understand.

All I can offer you is that Itch apparently does have a refund policy. If you wanted to refund it here and get it on Steam, well, be my guest, you wouldn’t hurt my feelings. As far as I can tell though outside of that option you are a little stuck.

Sorry, I probably should have been checking but yeah I don’t get updates if the reply button isn’t pressed.

That aside, uh, let’s see here. Brewing I’ll check, I don’t know the cause but it’s probably something simple to fix.

Side note for the fish issue in alchemy, that is fixed. I didn’t actually put out a version that patched the game because it was just a logic error. If you redownload that should fix it.

As for the other quest stuff that is going to be more complicated. Whatever you’ve hit on seems to be something unique as no one else seems to have encountered it. Did you start playing on patch 0.4.7?

As far as your quests are concerned that’s a real issue. Its hard to tell where something like that would go wrong. Given the additional actions you’ve taken since the bug it might be irreversibly scrambled at this point. If you send your ‘saves’ folder to me at I can look at the data and save and see if I can figure out what happened but I’ll be honest its something of a longshot.

By the sounds of it something is chewing through your quest log data. The quest ‘A Bigger Bag’ is in an array at position 0,0,0. The reason you keep seeing duplicates of it is likely because something is defaulting the values in your quest log to 0,0,0. I don’t know what that is honestly. My guess is the pinning system has something to do with it as that’s what changed but that system really doesn’t touch data in that way.

If you send your save data I can potentially just go in and alter the quest values to just rewire all the in progress quests back to zero but that may just cause more issues. Ultimately, I’d have to check I guess.

I’m assuming these issues only appeared after patching, is that right?

Also the door on your house is missing, when did that happen?

Hello, first question I guess. What version are you running currently? The most recent is The game tells you what version you are on There was a large change to the quest log in the past patch but as far as I know you are the first one to have issues post hotfix.

As far as quests go the patch shouldn’t have effected them. However it would have cleared your quest log because of how the game changed. These changes also made most quests far harder to obtain. The goal was that you wouldn’t be able to accept a quest without having the means to complete it.

Did you have quests in your log prior to the patch? Also did the “A Bigger Bag” quest just appear twice on its own, and had you already completed it before?

The characters mentioned on the wiki were datamined. If you go into the game files you can find their dialogue sprite work but they aren’t in the game yet.

As for the missing quests for the marinade pan etc did you already do them in this playthrough or no?

As for the black stout thing that is strange, but 100% a bug. Do you remember any item you clicked on to make that sort of thing happen?

They are both the same and will continue to be the same. The only difference I guess would be things like Steam achievements whenever those get added to the game.

Hello, while porting to android may be possible and technically free it would involve quite a bit of work to make the entire game function on android and then more work to continue supporting another platform. At the moment I have my hands full just developing for the game’s main platforms.

In the future I may consider an android release but I could probably only justify it if the game takes off in some way first.

Yep, its a capable enough engine, just seems like there are other engines that do the same things but better. I think back when I started Construct had a bit more presence or was at least more recognized as a competitor but it seems to have fallen off. Regardless, the game can be made in Construct, just a few bits that are more clunky than they should be.

The game is made in a program called Construct 3. I feel sort of bad saying this, but if you are looking for an engine to use I actually don’t recommend it. I think it works fine for smaller and probably more mobile focused games, but I feel that for larger projects with a PC focus like this it doesn’t hold up.

In any case I used Construct because it was what I knew when I started, but yeah I think there are better options out there. Apologies if that was more of an answer than you were looking for.

So, I’ll bite, in order to sate my own interest here. Are you saying this because you played the game and found it lacking or is it just because you think it is too expensive? If you have played the game I’d be curious to know what version you played and what you thought was missing.

Outside of that, I feel that 15 USD is pretty standard for many indie games. Given that people tell me that they get anywhere from 20 to 40 hours out of it in its current early access state I think the price is justified myself.

You need to find Remi. She runs a shop two days a week, I think Tuesday and Friday. The shop is run from the stall on the right side of the general store. If it is raining on those days she will run the store out of her house instead. The sign outside the general store should tell you the days and the hours but I think its something like 9 to 5.

To make an apiary you have to get the recipe. The recipe comes from Ben, who lives in the house on the west side of the large field. Once you have done his quest you can order one via the shipping chest.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble. I’ve gotten a wide variety of responses on fishing. Many people say its too hard, but I’ve also heard its too easy from others. I fall somewhere in the middle personally.

All that said, it is on my list of things to look at and consider. Based on how its varying in difficulty so widely the mini game might just get replaced. Before I go that route however I think I’m going to be trying some things with bait to alter how the game plays.

The advice I have heard passed around via discord is that somehow fishing in the ocean is easier for many people who start. Different bodies of water have different fish, which have different difficulties, so if you have trouble in once place try another. The fish that appear are also dependent on the time of day and the season.

Other than that the one thing I tell people, cause I’m always concerned about it, is despite the symbols being arrows you will still use the movement keys (probably WASD) to complete the mini game. Other than that it is in your best interest to be slower and more accurate in that game. When you incorrectly press a button it speeds up the rate at which the bar shrinks. Every time you press a button correctly it slows down. The game is meant to be a marathon not a sprint. You still have to go a little fast, but accuracy is more important. Hopefully that helps a bit, and if not, then it should be getting looked at sooner rather than later.

I’m glad you are enjoying it, and I’m sorry again that you lost your save. I’ve yet to hear of anyone who started a game, post save system changes, losing their save. Hopefully that remains true from here on out for you.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that. In version 0.2.4 the save engine was remade. The reason being for issues such as this. The old version of the save engine was something that was pre-built in Construct 3 (the engine used to make the game). However, for reasons unknown to me, this system had issues like what you described where people had their saves disappear for no particular reason.

When I made the new save engine there was a section of code made to pull old saves over it’s possible that there is a bug, but I’ve yet to hear anyone report one. So here is my guess. From what I’m understanding, if you open the game in version 0.2.1 you can see your save. If you open the game in 0.2.9 you cannot.

If that is the case then you may try this. I’m assuming you are on a windows machine, if not the file path may vary. You are looking for a folder called “VerdantVillage”. On Windows you can follow this path “C:\Users\USERNAME\VerdantVillage” where “USERNAME” is your username. That folder contains the new save data. Since you have yet to save your game on the new version it will probably be an empty folder, with maybe a config file.

You can delete this folder. Your old save is stored in a completely different place. With any luck doing this will force the game to go back through the save pulling process. Hopefully, it will show up. If it doesn’t I’m honestly not sure what to do, I’m sorry cause I know that’s a shoddy answer. This sort of issue was exactly why the save engine was remade, because the built in one seems incredibly volatile.

Hello, I’ve heard of this happening to a few other people as well. It seems to be a patching related issue as far as I know. How many in game days have passed since you patched your game? In the stories I’ve heard from other people it usually takes him about 5 days to show up again.

From what I’ve been able to glean there is something wrong where he thinks he is building something post patch, except since there is no building to construct he basically just disappears off the map. Once the non-existent building is finished he shows back up like normal.

Regardless, I plan to address this before the next patch. I’m currently pushing through controller support however so it may take a little while before a patch comes through. Probably sometime end of this week or next week. Hopefully, he shows back up for you on his own though.

The reason the game is free for now is just because I needed people to bug test it, and it was lacking in content (still is somewhat). There have been an insane number of bugs that have been fixed since I originally posted the game. There has also been lots of QoL stuff added that was suggested by players. I didn’t like the idea of making people pay for a product that was unfinished and also filled with bugs. I opted to make it free in exchange for hopefully fostering a small community and getting a lot of the problems taken care of early.

I decided recently that I think the game is close to ready for purchase. There are still a ton of things to add but bug wise the game should be reasonably stable at this point. It will be going early access on Steam sometime at the start of august. Price tag will be $14.99 in case you were curious.

Just checked into this, I have no idea why that’s happening. I’ll see what I can do to fix it though.

Thanks for the answer, and no worries about the long post, I’d rather have more information than less anyway. As for the bug you just mentioned I have fixed it, I might try to upload a hotfix today if I find time. Just so you are aware you will see that issue with dialogue at every store, also NPCs in the game will probably say things that don’t match the season at the moment.

Another question for you as I’m looking into these bugs at the moment. Do you know what version your friend was on when he hit that fishing rod bug? I just tested several quests with a full inventory and a few other edge cases and didn’t have any issues.

Thanks for reporting I’ll check into it.

I’ll check into it but I think that was intentional. If I recall I set that up so that trees didn’t blink back and forth when the player was chopping them down. The transparency is based on the player colliding with a section of the tree, when you swing your axe the player model grows and shrinks which caused some fluttering with the transparency. To prevent it I just made them go opaque. Still I’ll give it a look and see what’s up.

Thanks for giving me the version number, helps me keep track of when bugs are actually appearing. So, I’ll go in the order of your post here. The Linux bug I’m actually not sure what to say, which is not a strong start. I’ve seen one other person mention it, but I don’t have any real control over that stuff. The game is made in Construct 3 and I don’t have any real control over how it exports other than telling it to be a Linux export. The game works via a combination of NW.js and chromium. As I recall when looking up those errors they mention that installing chromium helps, but I’ve never tested. If you are interested to try here is a link,

The shovel problem I will look into, probably has to do with moving an object off the hotbar just not resetting the active ability of your player if you had that object selected when you removed it.

The thing with the chests I’ve been looking into, I can’t actually manage to replicate it myself. It seems to happen after placing multiple objects like chests, but I’ve yet to find the reason why. Looking into it regardless as it’s obviously a big issue.

The removal all button being busted has also been reported by someone else today. I’m not sure when it broke as it was working like 3 days ago, but I’ll check into it.

For the Narbell merchant, I’m actually curious what patch this happened on for you. Maybe it was also but I fixed this to my knowledge. I’ll check again to make sure it’s gone. The topics button is going to be something else eventually so I can’t really get rid of it sadly. A button for shops could potentially be done though I suppose, I’d have to figure out where to fit it.

I do know what virtual box is and I need to get on using it for testing purposes, as for the fishing rod quest I’m not sure, I’ll check into quests that give you items when your inventory is full. There is supposed to be a failsafe for that sort of thing, it might have broken when I redid the inventory system though.

Saving is on my list of things to change; I’m currently planning for it to be every time you sleep. I’m currently in bug fixing/QoL mode so it will probably be set up soon. As for cheat codes, there are cheat codes I just disable them whenever I export (except for that one time I forgot). If you actually do run into an issue where you lose a tool let me know and I can work something out. I’m hesitant to just enable cheats universally though. I’m hoping these inventory bugs won’t last, things were pretty stable before I redid the inventory system, which was needed. I’m hoping the rest of the kinks will be worked out soon. I might see if I can get a hotfix out for some of the more obvious issues this weekend so we’ll see.

I’m glad you are enjoying the game so far, and I’m sorry you’ve run into more than a few issues. Hopefully they’ll be taken care of sooner rather than later. Thanks again for reporting things, and explaining them clearly, always helps.

Thanks for reporting things, I’m holding off on reading this at the moment because I need to ask first before I look into anything. What version of the game are you on? It tells you a version in the top left hand corner of the title screen. There were a couple of rapid fire patches and a lot of bugs in the past few versions due to some massive underlying changes to certain systems. I’m guessing most of what is in here isn’t a bug anymore but I could be wrong. I’ll check into all of it and get back to you, just let me know what version you are in first, thanks.

Glad you are enjoying it so far (hiccups aside), sorry again for the confusion.

Okay I think I just figured it out, and I’m pretty sure it’s just a breakdown in communication. The “J” and “K” button were added a long time ago by request. The caveat at the time was that J and K would only work with generic interactions. The reason being making the entire UI for the game function on just a keyboard is a time consuming process that I haven’t gotten around to yet, ironically I was thinking about it today.

Once you get into any sort of UI you have to use the mouse at the moment. I’ll add something to the keybindings to explain that, it’s sort of something I forgot about as it was added so long ago so that’s on me. Hopefully some time before beta I’ll finish implementing keyboard only mode.

Just to be safe, what version of the game are you on? It tells you in the top left hand corner of the title screen. Also does this sort of thing happen if you use a mouse to interact?

Hmm, I have a friend who basically does the Mac testing so I’ll see if he can replicate it. Any idea what you were doing in the game when you pressed those keys and things froze?

No problem, just glad that it’s working.

The items not disappearing from your hotbar is a bug due to reworking basically all of the UI. It should be fixed in the next patch. For now if you just place something else in that slot it should overwrite it and be fine.

As for the barn and coop, are you checking under the upgrade section of the building UI? There is a tab on the right. Assuming, you are then I’ll check into it.

Well I’m currently working to remake the inventory system which is a big task. But assuming that I finish up with everything I’m currently doing, Friday, or some time this weekend.

I’ve seen one other person report this so far, earlier this week actually. As far as I can tell it amounts to an oddity in the patching system. There was a period of time where NPCs weren’t being patched efficiently. What it resulted in was a hole in the code. You may disprove this theory but I’m guessing you patched a save that was from sometime before 0.1.8?

The general bug is that his character didn’t ever get the proper variables set so he exists in a sort of half state, hence why he just sort of stands there and animates improperly. I’ll see if I can do some sort of pinpoint patch to fix him. I think something like that is possible. The only other alternative is to just start a fresh save.

Thanks for testing that. I’ve seen this bug in a variety of forms. It mostly comes from the player taking an action and then something going wrong and failing to close out the action properly. This puts the player in a state where the game thinks they are taking an action when they actually aren’t. Since the game believes they are doing something it locks them out of doing anything else.

Most likely closing and re-opening every once in a while won’t help you. The game is saved as a state. Meaning once you close and open it, everything down to the individual variables comes back exactly the same. It’s likely a particular action that you are doing that locks things up, what it would be though I have no idea. With any luck at some point someone, maybe even myself, will run into it and be able to report what they were doing so I can check the code.

No worries, I can understand you fine. As for the issue, I am currently ripping apart the inventory system so that prevents me from testing pretty much anything in the game. I’ve marked this down to check. However, a quick check over the code shows that there is no link from the loom to anything. More than likely what happened is you ran into the bug others have run into where you get locked up. I’ll still check the loom to be safe but most likely its just coincidence.

I don’t suppose you remember the last thing you did in game before it locked up?

Glad to hear you had a backup. What do you mean by working on the loom though? As far as I know there is no real working on the loom you just add cloth to it and let it run.

Hello, I guess my first question is, is this the first version of the game that you have tried to play? Or did previous versions work and now 0.2.5 isn’t working? Aside from that I’m not extremely versed with MacOS. I know that Mac doesn’t like to give the game permissions so you may want to check and make sure you OS isn’t blocking it.

Other than that the only thing I’ve seen is occasionally there is seems to be an issue with NWjs (the shell that the game uses) where it gets stuck and you have to force close it before you can try running it again. On Windows you would do this with task manager and close any application with “nwjs” in the title. I don’t know what the Mac equivalent to that is but you may try that. Or I suppose you could restart your computer since that would shut everything down.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve seen the omlete one before. I’ve never witnessed this in my own saves which is what’s confusing. It might be something to do with patching but I’m unsure because patching doesn’t touch the recipe array. I’ll check into it regardless.

Good to know, may be a hiccup with multiple structures being in place but I sort of doubt it. I’ll look into it and see what I find.

Hello, so as for the calendar thing. If you hover the symbol near the clock it tells you what day it is. I probably need to make that more clear somehow but that’s the only way to figure it out for now (aside from memorizing the symbols).

For the rancher’s trial quest, I haven’t heard anyone report that it doesn’t give rewards. Just to cover my bases I’m assuming you are clicking the upgrade tab on the right side of the building UI so that it actually lists upgrades and not buildings.

I’ll check on the silk worm farm, again not something I’ve witnessed but I’ll check it out. May actually have something to do with the recent UI changes assuming you are on V0.2.5.