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Copy till around 0:29, yo W.T.F. happens at 1:40??? Otherwise, boss except for some cheesy stuff. Distant. Ace.

sounds like ascention into the heavens!

ethereal spacing and slides movement folk town is like a love and war! (also the melody is similar to another dimension..)

wondrous pacing, some notes did not make sense but most of them did! The progression of the motifs was excellent.

jeez dont let your emotions stream through the music so freely, you need to concentrate more

cool sonic noises, good motifs and ideas, structure felt very whimsical like you were just changing moods when you felt like it, but each mood had good character.

same 4 chords over and over whole song, cool alternating sounds structure, mixing is nice.

beautiful! minor 1: chords at the beginning are kind of random, minor 2: violins that come in at the end are unsure of what mood they are creating, seems to switch bw light and evil. Otherwise really professionally & lovingly made, good melodies, motifs are exciting, chords, mixing, everything.

It's not very good.