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yes exactly

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People are just going to cheat since nothing is stopping you from already working on the game (before the official start), because the theme is already known anyway

Especially when there is the $250 incentive to cheat for money

great job milk man! incredible gameplay/pacing for a 1 hour game ngl

it's really clever, i like it a lot! the little animations and sfx's when you move around and interact with the boxes are also a very nice touch. good job!

The game is already insanely good as it is though! especially for a jam game, that's crazy

very good and really well polished!

needs more levels though!

super auto pets is cool! :p

the discord link is dead tho

It may or may not glitch out a bit if you have any latency (the server is in Moskow)

But I guess it's pretty funny regardless!


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So I'm a fan of JS-style `this` keyword and in GM I would make a macro that would map to `self`

It's a purely visual thing, no big deal, but I would still like if GMLive didn't conflict with it :(

It's not that hard for me to manually rename all occurrences of `this` to `_this` in GMLive files using Ctrl+F, but it's tedious if you have to do it every GMLive update

So yeah, would be cool if the transpiler turned it into l_this or something. It's in no way a thing of priority, but it's a nice little addition :p

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 I 100%'d Celeste and Celeste classic, and I can say this game is ridiculously difficult.

Pretty great, I mean it would be far worse if it was too easy, but sometimes the difficulty spikes that high, that you would spend like 5 minutes on the same fucking checkpoint.

They may or may not have cut a couple levels that would reduce the difficulty spike, which means you dive right into fcking action. In literally the first room of the second area you have to throw a snowball on spikes and then jump on it while it's rolling to progress further

Sometimes it feels like Item Abuse 3 level bullshit with the item juggling and everything, but then you do it and it feels incredible.

In general I think the game is rather fair and totally doable by a human. Really pushes the limits of what's possible in platformers

i beat it

Looks very nice!

I don't think it's quality enough to charge money for it.

You'll need to make more games, iterate, learn, improve at graphics + code + game design and only then it might actually be worth to sell your stuff to other people. Ask yourself if you would pay for this game with your own money.

This game won't make money anyway, because:

  1. you "marketed" to 10 y.o. children in comments, who don't have any money anyway
  2. most people wouldn't play this for free, let alone pay for this

1$ is too much

I know Apollo is Windows/Linux/Mac only, but is there any way to run Lua snippets on Android?

I'm currently trying to run my card game on mobile (I'm not too serious about it, but it would be very cool)

So, is there a way to port Apollo to Android? Or do I have to write an entire new extension in Java from scratch?

I heard  C++ code can be run on Android, so maybe you can somehow recompile the code to mobile-compatible binaries instead of .dll? Apparently there're ways to run Lua on Android (for example the LuaJ library for Java), so in theory it could be possible.

Basically all I'm asking is: "is it not too time consuming for you to do it, or in case it is, where can I start researching on the subject to potentially write an extension similar to Apollo, but for Android?"

Thanks in advance

Thanks, seems like it's fixed in x64 runtime!

It works almost fine, except that I can't pass structs into lua_global_set(), it just makes it undefined for some reason (it's pretty vital for my game)

Hi, YAL! So I bought the Apollo extension some time ago and now tried to come back to it, as the version for 2.3 came out.

Unfortunately, the DLL won't load. Here's the message I'm getting:

Is this a problem on my end and how can I fix it?

Don't forget, these threads are also read by people who don't own GMLive and this is why you email the samples directly to Yellow

OH NO You better cut out GMLive!

That also happened to me!

didn't report because this one is rather hard to reproduce on a fresh project

(hehe) nice job man!

nvm, i forgot this [post] was a thing :d

the email should now be there, I forgot to actually send the link, my bad

@YellowAfterLife, I sent the project on email

And here's the code for foo():

function foo() constructor {
    // uncommenting leads to runtime error
    //live_name = "foo"
    //if live_call()
    //    return live_result
    a = "qq"
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It's weird, but apparently GMLive doesn't like constructors.

it doesn't allow to update:

[live][15.08.2020 12:33:28] Error in foo:
[live][15.08.2020 12:33:28] foo[L1,c16]: Expected a statement, got ident

And it causes some weirdness when trying to use keyword `new`:


[live][15.08.2020 12:39:27] Runtime error: [error] `instance#100000(oNotMain)` (oNotMain) does not have a variable `bar`
 called from oNotMain:KeyPress_32[L8,c20]


[live][15.08.2020 12:37:00] Runtime error: [error] Unable to find instance for object index 101032
 called from vm:field_on_field_set (line 13253)
 called from game:anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_402424_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive (line 11433) -                     var l_ar1 = vm_v2_gml_thread_v2_handlers[l_act.__enumIndex__](l__gthis, l_act);
 called from game:anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_122919_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive (line 2901) -             l_th.i_exec();
 called from game:live_call (line 10368) -                 var l_th = l_pg.i_call_v(l_scriptName, l_vals, false);
 called from game:oNotMain_KeyPress_32 (line 3) - if live_call()
 called from oNotMain:KeyPress_32[L20,c5]
Pause event has been registered for this frame

The first one it crashes on Line 8. Here's the code:

7| bar = new foo()
8| show_debug_message(bar.a)

The second one may be related to my specific Array() class though

Not sure why, but apparently GMLive really doesn't like methods/functions, defined inside objects.

I had some cursed unreproducible issues on my production projects, then I hopped onto an empty project and faced some weird things there.
Sending the project. I may or may not have spent way too much time on it

Yep, 1.0.27 magically fixed it. In 1.0.26 I had trouble even reproducing the sample snippet on an empty project

Really cool and beautiful but balance is a bit off

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Okay, sorry, maybe I'm missing something.

I'll try it again and send a sample project if the issue is still there

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I'm using live snippets

The context:

Card game.

I'm loading all the cards from JSON files. Each card has a bunch of characteristics, including "effect" (which is a string of GML code, containing what the card actually does)

Then, the oCardLoader, when loading a card, assigns it a live snippet, containing the effect string.


is called inside oCardLoader


is called inside the card struct

With this setup, I'm having these errors. Pretty sure it's not too specific to the project (although I may be wrong)

wow that was really cool

Seious feedback here! (I know it's a jam game, but)

-It often feels unfair. I'll explain in the next points

-Block seems inconsistent. I expect to be completely invincible during block, but for some reason it often allows arrows and sword hits to penetrate

-Spike traps are bullshit. You shouldn't've included them. The first time you meet one is in the end of a level, so when you fucking die you have to redo the whole thing

-Platforming is ass:
1) you lose height when jumping right next to a wall, thanks to Unity's physics system

2) Level design is weird and inconsistent (sometimes you barely make the jump while other times you overshoot and die)

3) The unnesessary buildings within reach are distracting. I died a bunch of times on the first level, trying to jump to an almost reachable block, thinking there was an easter egg somewhere

-Why adding weapon throw in the first place if they're only really used in one level? Really could've explored this idea further. (I ended up endlessly throwing my sword like a fucking Kratos and destroying enemies from distance. Though sometimes the sword just randomly flies off the map softlocking me)

-You should've added at least some checkpoints (for example on pickups). It feels really frustrating when you die and have to RE:RUN the whole level

And most of the time you die from some buggy bullshit, which can be very frustrating

I really believe you should've focused on quality over quantity. I completed the whole game, but 95% of players will just die a bunch of times on some stupid thing, quit the game and leave a bad review

Anyways, I should say despite all the bad things listed above, overall the game is not that bad and even fun sometimes.

Music is good, stone textures/normal maps look pretty nice and I imagine if you find a broken strat to each level it can become pretty fun. The rewind thing is also cool, killin backtracking!


So, Dani, at the end, all I want to say is...

K a r l s o n 3 D  r e l e a s e  w h e n ? ? ?

IT's R E W I N D T I M E!

oh man, the video's coming!

dont overscope. if you think your idea is small enough - make it twice smaller

i've participated in a dozen of jams and so far I never got the scope right

So I found 2 more bugs (in the interpreter part of the extention rather than the live part)

1) show_message()

and some other stuff doesn't automatically convert real to string (original GM function does)

2) inst.value = other_value

doesn't work

luckily, as a user you can find workarouns (use variable_instance_set() and string() functions), but this still might be a bit annoying and hard to debug (it just silently crashes/doesn't execute code after a complile error)

Here's the example string: