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Hi there!
The game we are currently working on - TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) supports the custom music mode! You are allowed to upload any mp3 track to play it.
This is one of the most important features. Take a look!

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Hi, everybody! 

We are still working on the #TERRORHYTHM characters'  animation. Now the main character has a deadly katana! 
Shreds enemies quickly, easily and sharp! 
Check it up!

Game Site:

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Hi everybody! The development of our rhythm game TERRORHYTHM, fortunately, is still going on and is confidently approaching the early access. Today we want to introduce our mobs.


So: Posted Image


This is the basic mob. It takes one kick to kill him. It's supplied in bulk, sometimes appears in pairs with a similar one (in this case to they do not inflict damage on the player, they must be kicked using a blow with accumulated energy).


Posted Image


Posted Image


The next enemy subject is already fatter and more massive. The real "argument" for him - it's 2 blows, or one, but with accumulated energy.


Posted Image


Posted Image


The third representative of the conflict party. It differs from the first two in that it will need to spend 3 hits, or one + one with the accumulated energy. He is also defter than his predecessors: after every strike, he changes the side of his attack.


Posted Image


#terrorhythm, #trrt, #indiedev #gamedev, #Steam, #wipwednesday

Hi there! The development of the game continues!

Introducing the first gameplay video: 

 Speed - 175 BPM 


Arrows "right", "left" - hit 

Arrow "down" - expansion of the strike zone

 Arrow "up" - accumulation of force of impact *

 * A blow with accumulated power causes more damage (depending on how much power was accumulated). It is necessary to defeat two mobs, if they are within short distance from each other. A blow with accumulated power cannot be used against protected red colored mobs. In this case, the player loses his own HP one.

Best regards,
EvilCoGames Team

Some steps in animation on TERRORHYTHM project.

Soon there will be more broken enemies.

Hi, guys! 

Work on TERRORHYTHM is in full swing! Over the past week, we have managed to develop and add animation to the main character and the enemy. We also tweaked the location environment. Check out the difference between before and now.

That was the TERRORHYTHM game logo research by our artists! Which do you like best?

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Hi everybody!

We are currently working on our next game – TERRORHYTHM. Our idea is to create mix of two genres: beat’em up and rhythm game in the dark cyberpunk world. Stylish level and character design, spectacular FX and hardcore rhythm-based gameplay - this is our recipe for a good game.

The core gameplay is a classic beat’em up battle with numerous enemies attacking the main character from both sides. The success of the battle session depends on how you can catch the rhythm of the background’ musical track and kick the enemies to the beat. The duration of one game session determined by the duration of the musical track playing on the background. One of the most important features we are going to provide is the possibility to upload your own music in game and play to it.

Our team was inspired by such games as «One finger Death punch», «Crypt of the necrodancer», «KickBeat», «Guitar Hero» and «Audio Surf 2». But we are trying not only to make a mixture of existing mechanics but also to give some unique features like music-driven level difficulty and scene feedback. We also decided to make a comics to allow you to explore a silent dark city where the game plot takes place. We will post comics regularly on our community pages and blogs.

As the game development is in progress now, we are hungry for any feedback, advice and opinions. First project experience of working with the community was so fruitful, so we have no doubt left about power and benefit of feedback. Hope that with your help we will make TERRORHYTHM the best it can be. Current tasks we are working on right now includes custom music support, equalized scenes, light reaction the beat, major gameplay improvements and balancing, normal and hardcore game modes, more miss.

Best regards,
EvilCoGames Team
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The real EVIL is HERE


But all games are made with Unity3D engine, care and love!

Feel free to contact us:

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Looks great! Love pixel art and love this!!

Hi, like your atmospheric trailer! But the gameplay video like more ;)

Yeah! Nice idea guys, good luck! 

Hi ppl!

This is EvilCoGames team! (...actually we are not evil but friendly guys;))

Meet Star Story: The Horizon Escape - a text turn-based adventure RPG in which your choices actually matter. Colourful graphics and the old comic book spirit.

Join the journey of a funky space archaeologist who crashed on an unknown planet. What can go wrong? Everything! 

Talk, explore, fight, make decisions to find a way out!

'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' on

P. S. It is a paid game now... But! We are working on new rhythm fighting game and all your support will help us to finish it for you! Thanks