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Ok awesome thanks so much for the links!

How are the images created with this tool licensed. Are you allowing anyone to use images generated with this tool in a commercial product that will be sold for profit?

Or do you have more specific license requirements for the images generate with this tool.

Hands down hardest platformer I've ever played. Couldn't get past the bear on the top level. Pretty fun. Kept my attention for a bit. feels a bit unforgiving.

I got a new computer recently and ever since I have been getting  various errors saying itch Io is unsafe whenever I attempt to play any web games or download the itch client or download any games. It is complaining about some kind of security certification most of the time. Bit defender blocks it first, If I turn that off Firefox blocks web games, chrome it basically can't find them and so does explorer. If I try to download something from itch with bit defender disabled I get a big red screen from Verizon saying that it's unsafe I can't get past. But it's not the ISP because I can access itch on other machines connected to this network. I can't figure out what could be going on here.

Any ideas would be super helpful! Thanks in advance.

Just beat every dungeon in the game and all the bosses. This was a blast the whole time. It's incredible that this was made for a game jam! Great Work.  If you're reading this download it and play. Great with 2 people or more.