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Everlasting Hope

A member registered Mar 31, 2019

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My thoughts exactly, I don't see the point in censoring the content on as well.

Yep! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into making your games, I'll be eagerly awaiting Bermuda Triangle's release. 

Merry Christmas ;)!

Pledged at long last! Thank you both for your help ;)

Always happy to help! Thank you for creating this really sweet game <3

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I've enjoyed the game a lot. It was sweet and funny, a tad too short for my taste but still quite enjoyable and with a certain amount of depth. Zero's my favorite love interest, he's pretty strict and a big meanie but also extremely caring. I may or may not have teared up a little bit in the latter part of his 'route' too...

While I'm at it I'll report to you a  couple of possible errors that I found when I was playing Damion's 'route':

1) I'm guessing Fay meant to say: "But I could not even imagine my life without you in it." If not, I think this is very rude of you, young lady. To say such a thing to little sweet Damion!

2) I think Damion is supposed to be talking here and the sprite isn't illuminated, plus the Damion name tag is missing.

This is pretty much it! Thanks for reading my comment.

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May I ask what are the perks for the Early Birds tier? Are they different from the The Game tier ones (price aside)? I can't see what the Early Birds pack includes 'cause it's been sold out in Indiegogo

 I'm really looking forward to playing Bermuda Triangle! 

Thanks for your time,

Everlasting Hope

PS. Reksa's smile still melts my heart...

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Hi there! I just bought the game on Steam, I started the game for the first time, wrote the name of the MC and clicked confirm but the game just freezes, no reason whatsoever. I've tried multiple times and it happens the same thing again and again. If you could help me out I'd be really grateful, I'm dying to play it.

Edit: It only seems to happen when the game is in window size, when in full screen it works just fine.

Fixed it! The issue was with the Output file (I didn't name it correctly, so i couldn't run it).

You are my savior! Thanks a bunch! <3

Everything's in japanese for me.^^ If you do I'll be very grateful <3

I try to patch it but it's still in japanese (clearly, I'm doing it wrong somehow), so some help would be appreciated^^.

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I love this game! Acacia is just so unique, unlike the average protagonist. Damine and Edavine are both sweethearts, but Edavine is my personal favorite.

A lovely game <3.

It was such a fluffy experience! Hisato and Jin are such cuties and Akari is just the best, I had so much fun in so little time. Loved the voice acting as well <3

So close now!

The one I'm more interested in at the moment is Tai <3