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I've enjoyed the game a lot. It was sweet and funny, a tad too short for my taste but still quite enjoyable and with a certain amount of depth. Zero's my favorite love interest, he's pretty strict and a big meanie but also extremely caring. I may or may not have teared up a little bit in the latter part of his 'route' too...

While I'm at it I'll report to you a  couple of possible errors that I found when I was playing Damion's 'route':

1) I'm guessing Fay meant to say: "But I could not even imagine my life without you in it." If not, I think this is very rude of you, young lady. To say such a thing to little sweet Damion!

2) I think Damion is supposed to be talking here and the sprite isn't illuminated, plus the Damion name tag is missing.

This is pretty much it! Thanks for reading my comment.

Hello! Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Thank you very much for the bug reports too! You were absolutely right about them. We'll fix them up for the next update.

Always happy to help! Thank you for creating this really sweet game <3