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Thank you so much!!! Glad you enjoy the game so far :D 

Royal Order actually comes with an in-game Music Room that fully unlocks once you've reached one of the good endings! You can find all tracks with their name and composer there~

Hello, and thank you. Glad you like the game!

Currently, we don't have specific plans for these additions due to budget limitations.

However, we're conducting polls with our Patreon supporters to determine which types of additional content they would like to sponsor~

Thank you!

Roughly 70 or 80 depending on your mode :'D

We highly recommend to narrow your affinities down to the two types required for your route~ It makes the MC's life quite a bit easier.

Hello! Apologies for the late reply, but the section for the Missions are on page 9 and 10 of the latest guide. We have also updated the mini-guide to contain it!

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed the game

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you! And all of those stickers are actually available in our Discord channel~

Thank you so much! 

This may come a little late but yes, although a fresh run would always ensure nothing unexpected happens, the old saves should have carried over!

Thank you so much! We will continue trying our best!

Thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment to let us know! We're super happy you enjoyed the game~

Thank you! We're super happy you enjoyed it!

Hello and thank you, we're glad you enjoy the game!

In response to your inquiry, at this time, we do not have definite plans to include additional art assets. While we would certainly love to, it's outside of our budget.
However, this is something we will reconsider in the future, especially depending on how our sales perform and if we are able to secure additional funding through channels such as Patreon!

No worries! 

It is a little bit hidden! Since the guide is too long, we had to add it as a .pdf file.

In your Steam library, right-click Royal Order, choose Manage, then Browse Local Files. You should find the guide in that folder! We hope that helps.

Hello, and thank you for your patience! 

We are working diligently to finalize the lore book by the end of this week. While we encountered more material than expected, we have completed the majority of it. Thank you for your understanding as we work towards completing this project.

Ah, many apologies but no. DirectX Runtime is a graphic tool that the game needs to display everything smoothly. So, unfortunately you can't play the game without it.

These are their Bad Ending CGs! :D

Hello! If you pre-ordered the game on Itchio, you should have received the mini-guide on the email that is attached to your Itchio account around a week ago. (It might have landed in your spam folder though.)

If you haven't received it, please send an email to customer.niftyvisuals(at) from that email address and we will get back to you!

As for the art book, it is not released yet, but if you have pre-ordered it, you will get a key for it over email once it is as well :D

Hello, if you purchased the full version, you will have to download the according version for it. But if not, then you can just play after extraction :D

Hello! Yes, the lore book will become available on Steam as well as soon as it is completed :D


While that whole purchase was for Emrys's amusement to tease the MC, the reason behind this is rooted in the setting of our narrative.
In medieval times, heels were often worn by royalty and nobility for practical reasons and as a display of status, regardless of gender. While our story exists within a Medieval Fantasy realm, we've incorporated such historical details to maintain authenticity.

Regarding Lady Daevaris, we'll investigate to ensure all branches are functioning properly. However, it's important to note that our narrative doesn't privilege one version of Aarya's gender over the other. We've made efforts to include branches where their respective heights play a significant role.

In our narratives, we actually don't use the concept of 'canon LIs'. Each romantic interest is crafted to complement specific aspects of our lore and world. It's ultimately up to our players to decide which romantic path they prefer.

Thank you so much!

The book will be released in about 1.5 - 2 weeks from now. We're currently focusing on finishing some patches for the current game build, and bringing out the in-depth guide first. But we're getting there!

As for afterstories, the team will reconvene after everything for the initial release is basically completed and see what would work best. If we have plans though, we will definitely announce it for all of you.

Once again, thank you for your support!

Hello! The lore book is up for pre-order again. Thank you so much for your interest.

Alright, that shouldn't be the case then. We'll investigate it as a bug. Thank you for the report!

Hello, if you are on story difficulty and still have a death check for that high, you're most likely still playing on 1.0.

We've adjusted the difficulty in our latest patch. It's recommended to switch to that one!

You're right, it is a bug on Challenge Mode. We'll fix that in the next patch. Thanks!

That suspicion check actually checks your suspicion stat (visible under the character's name in the Grimoire). Your suspicion has to be under a certain value (15 for adventure mode, I believe) to pass it.

The suspicion stat is something you raise sometimes with certain choices if it doesn't fit your public behaviour when someone in the High Council is present. (For example, choosing a bloodthirsty answer while your character is overly considerate and charismatic).

That said, the suspicion check in that week doesn't need to be passed. It will decrease your faction approvals a bit, but you can easily get those back with tea parties or later checks.

Hello and thank you so much for your kind words! And for excellently guessing about Lucius 

For now, we are not sure about additional CG patches. The team is still busy with some additional content for the game (mini missions, faction missions; which are both kind of like optional little side stories with the LIs and the faction leaders). But after that, we will reorganise and review the requests we've gotten and see where to go from there.

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words!!! We are really happy you enjoyed his route!

As for your question, yes, we will put another batch of the Kickstarter physical rewards on sale at a later date. (The team is currently still a bit busy with some elements of the release itself.)

Thank you for the report! We will check this.

Glad you enjoyed it!!! And thank you so much for playing


The saga of the Aarya triplet has begun~ :'D Thank you so much! We're super glad you enjoyed his route!

Hello, since the guide isn't released yet, it's only up for pre-order right now! We've restocked the pre-order limit. Thank you!

Hello, since the guide isn't released yet, it's only up for pre-order right now! We've restocked the pre-order limit. Thank you!

Hello, if you pre-ordered the game, it's not this guide you're getting, but an extra mini-guide that should been sent to your email that's connected to your Itchio account! 

Please check your spam folder just in case, and if you haven't received it, please write us an email to customer.niftyvisuals(at) from the email you preordered from. Thank you!

Slight spoilers below.


To reach Emrys's good endings, do not choose the Revenge option in Week 16, do not get rid of the Alchemist in Week 30, do not choose the War option in Week 48, do not run away in Week 53, and never kill anyone during your heists.

Noted, this one will be fixed with an upcoming patch, thanks!

Noted and fixed. Thanks!