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Hello!! Thank you very much for playing and the lovely comment! :D

Yes! Although Alexis has the same character no matter the gender, we also find that appearance changes the vibe! :D If one day, we get enough extra funds to voice the characters; they will end up having different voices too!

Extra VA, more content and more-love-interests are things we would really love to bring as DLC someday!

We will do our best, so our game can give you emotional support during Q1 2020! Good luck with your final year!

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Thank you very much for playing!! :D (More love for Aurelius!) 

We're super happy you enjoyed the demo!

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This child will be ready for adulthood and go out into the world in a few months's time XD

Thank you so much!!! Happy you like Nazir so much <3 We'll keep doing our best >w<b

Hello! Thank you very much for playing the demo and the review! 

We will try to check again regarding the 3rd and 6th bad ending to see if they're working alright! >w< And thank you as well for the feedback for the grimoire! (Finding the right char position can be hard ; v ; )

Yes! For all possible endings of the demo, you can use this guide!

Hello! We'r super happy to see a fresh face >w</ Hope you'll have fun with the demo!

Also, writing is the traditional story writing. 
Scripting is putting the writing into the game engine and add character images, backgrounds, music etc. to it :D

Thank you very much for the feedback! :D We're glad you enjoyed the premise so far and we'll try our best to polish it more!

Due to the amount of changes that might occur, the saves might not be compatible so far >w<"

We will soon update the demo into a version where the saves will be carried over!

Thank you! (And sorry for the slightly late reply.)

The full release will be shipped for $20! >w<

No problem at all! Thank you very much for the review! :D

Yes, the symbol is something we'll change later on. As for the wording, we'll make sure to send your feedback to our editors! Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoy the game so far.

Thank you very much for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the demo.

Ah, the writing tense in the narration is something we tried to fix but alas, there are probably still spots that we have overlooked. We will try our best to polish it more for the end product! :D

Thank you for playing! :D

The full version is going to be paid / premium.

Thank you! :D

It depends on how you see it! The demo still covers the same timespan as before with some additional scenes. But as you can end the demo with either one of the princes (character development!) and get to spend time with them a bit more in the middle, it could count XD!

Glad you enjoyed it!

And that was actually accidental and an oversight on our part. We will change the design of the Dark element again for the full version! >w<' 

Thank you for playing! We will add your videos to our official Let's Play list :D

Most of the time, your choices will branch off the story a bit differently, give you other stats and go back to the main story branch! 

And yes, there are multiple endings! You can finish this demo in 10 different ways: 4 survival endings and 6 death endings!

Thank you so much! We're happy you enjoyed the demo :D

Some of our backgrounds are from royalty free resources! So we believe they probably bought from the same creator as well, there's no problem. Thank you so much for keeping an eye out though!

Thank you for checking and sorry for the wait! :D Enjoy~

Lol now you can actually die in 6 unique ways! :D Go go grab those chibi illustrations and bonus points!

Thank you so much <3 Happy you enjoyed it! :D

We're definitely trying our best to keep it up and give you guys regular updates along of our development journey >w<b Thank you so much for the continuous support :D!

It's something we considered bringing from the start, and we're glad so many people were requesting it as well >w<b We like our MCs... customizable (from looks to pronouns)! :D

Ahhh thank you so much! Our team is super happy ; v ;b

While the full game will still need a while -sweats- we have an Extended Demo scheduled at the end of this month! Even though it only has a tiny bit more story content, there are many other things that have been polished, such as colored CGs! >w<b


Thank you for the suggestion! Yes, it's actually a bug in the current demo. The page indicator will be in the upcoming Extended Demo! (SoonTM) 

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so happy to have reeled you in xD!

-coughs- Quite a few of us are lamenting over the guard captain, but alas, it was his fate...

We understand that the first time playing might have been a bit confusing / overwhelming with all the different systems we offer! Although that can also be partly blamed on us not providing any tutorials >w<" The upcoming Extended Demo (that will have a bit more content and polishing) will fix this! We're super happy you found your way through and had fun doing so! :D

Thank you! :D

Thank you <3

Your sweet Aurelius is on his way in full colors! >w<

Very excited to push this out to the world! :D

Thank you! :D

Glad you like! We thought very very long about whether or not to color our CGs but decided to after all! XD

The full game is scheduled to be at beginning of the next year :)

Hi! The full game is going to be premium / paid :)

We're aiming for the end of this year or beginning of the next year the latest! >w< -working hard-

Thank you so much for the continuous support! :D We're doing our best to bring you the full release! >w<b

Hi! Thank you very much for playing and the feedback! We're glad you like the setting and gameplay :D (And the soldiers of the intro! They shall forever be remembered.) Hopefully the full background stories of the princes will be enjoyable for you too! :D

We'll continue working hard to bring you guys the full game >w<b

Thank you! :D

Thank you! :D Glad you enjoyed.


Yes, luckily the Kickstarter issues have been solved before 2018 ended >w<b So right now, development is in full speed! :D And we're still right on schedule!

We're actually looking to open a Discord server soon! Either still this month or in February :D There will definitely be an announcement for it!

Thank you so much for the support, as always :D