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Thank you! :D The game is planned to be released at the end of this year, and the price will be 28 USD.

Thank you so much for your kind comment! :D Glad you enjoyed the demo~

Hello. The full game will be premium for the price of 28 USD.

Hello. If everything goes well, the Android version of the demo will be released in Feb 2023. Otherwise a bit after that.

The full version of the game will be released on all platforms at the same time at the end of 2023.

Thank you! You as well :D

Thank you for the report! Tapping the screen a few times probably doesn't let you continue? 

This bug should definitely be through the joiplay app, because it works fine on desktop devices. So sadly, we don't have a solution for this.
However, we have plans to release the demo on Android in the near future. So if this doesn't get fixed on Joiplay's side, you will still be able to play the game then!

Thank you! After assigning a class to each of the MC's time block, can you not start the week? (The start button should be on the bottom right.) Otherwise, could you let us know where exactly the game gets stuck?

Thank you so much for playing! We're super happy to hear you enjoyed the prequel as well :D

And, as Royal Alchemist is an indirect prequel, there will be a number of plot points that you will be able to connect if you've played it. Although Royal Order is supposed to be playable standalone, there certainly are events that are intertwined. That said, Royal Alchemist's main cast is not planned to appear directly in Royal Order. (But you may spot a lot of references to them.)

Thank you so much! :D

Hello and thank you for your support!

The lore book will still be available after the game comes out. But everyone who pre-orders it will get access to the supporter-exclusive (Kickstarter-exclusive) version of it!

Although it will take about one more year, we will definitely release the full game uwu)9

Hello. You most likely should get the Windows version (since most standard in-builds are not the Win32 version). 

Hello, thank you for the pre-order and yes! You will receive an email about the supporter exclusive version on release.

Thank you very much for playing :D We enjoyed your first part of the playthrough very much. You portrayed the MC's personality (including singing!) perfectly!

Hello, does the skip not work at all, or does it skip a bit of text, and then stop again?

If it's the latter, then it's because you've unlocked a different branch of the story. While for some weeks, the general storyline stays the same, there are a lot of little branches depending on your previous choices and also your character's personality. So whenever you unlock a small branch, the skip will come to a halt.

The easiest way to check if your Skip function is working: you can set your Preferences to Skip All Text / Unread Text.
If it skips "properly" afterwards, then it's just as mentioned: before, you've unlocked unread branches of text so the skip also stopped there.

Hello, sadly, there is nothing we can do about Joyplay.

We are still looking into Android ports. But since the game will need some adjustments to work on Android, we will need some time to finish that. We will announce it once we are ready to publish it. Thank you for the patience!

Finally, if you pre-order or buy the game here on Itchio, it will give you access to a Steam key, as well as access to the Android build later on. (The Android build will be released for the same price.)

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Thank you so much! And that's something to find out in the future full release~

Thank you very much! Glad you liked the game :D

Glad you like death endings! We always hope to make the dying part more fun for our players :D

Hello! Thank you so much for reporting this, it's extremely helpful and we will add this to the download instructions. And glad you enjoyed the demo! :D

Glad you enjoyed! :D

Hello and thanks for the report. Are you using Windows or a different system?

Some of the BG art assets are from a royalty free store, yes.


While our team is looking into mobile ports at the moment, we don't have an exact schedule for that yet and will post a public announcement once we do. Thank you for your interest!

Glad you enjoyed the new demo!

Regarding your question, we will get back to you via mail. Thanks!

Hello, the full version will be a premium title for 28USD. And glad you like her!

Hello, the paid version has one additional romance route (Lawrence, the werewolf), plus additional CGs and chibi illustrations.

Hello, no worries at all and thank you for your support!

Itchio does offer a Steam key redemption if you prefer to play the game on Steam. We will post a guide on how that works on release!

However, if you prefer, we will also have a Steam-exclusive pre-order page upcoming soon!

Hello. There will be a artbook that also includes the game's lore.

The book will contain, aside of all art assets of the game, more detail on the world building, early designs, art WIPs/progresses as well as developer commentary and behind the scenes discussion.
Although only the supporter exclusive version for the ones who backed us on our Kickstarter campaign or pre-ordered the book here will get access to any deleted scenes / extra scenes that didn't make it into the game.

We hope that answers your question, thank you for your support.

Yes, all pre-orders will come with a small bonus on product release :D

Hello. The full game won't have a feature to support that, and we are not familiar with the progress of extracting either. So we can't help you in this matter, sorry.

Hello and no worries!

The price will stay the same after the end of pre-order. People who pre-order will, however, receive a small pack of additional wallpapers as our thanks for their early support!

Hello, if you've been playing the game using Joiplay, we've received the report that the current version is no longer compatible with Joiplay's latest update.

The only solution for that is to wait for Joiplay to release a new update that's compatible with newer Renpy games. Otherwise, you can also try to play the demo through the Steam Link app if you have a Steam account. The last option would be to play this on your PC.

We do have an Android port on our development list, but that's still some time away. Many apologies for the inconveniences.

We'll look into this and post an update when it is fixed. Thank you for the report!

Thank you so much! :D

While we've all gave our all on the prequel, we noted down everything we wanted to improve and considered the feedbacks we received too. We're glad that the adjustments in this title feels better to you uwu)9

Thank you so much! 

And no worries. The full release will be a premium title.

Hello, the game still ends at the same part. 

The additional content has been added to the weeks prior to week 10! These include new scenes with the 4(.5) new characters and additional artworks. The current demo contains everything that's meant to be within that timeframe unlike before.

Thank you so much <3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for your support! We'll be giving our all to bring out the full game soon uwu)9