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Hi there! I just bought the game on Steam, I started the game for the first time, wrote the name of the MC and clicked confirm but the game just freezes, no reason whatsoever. I've tried multiple times and it happens the same thing again and again. If you could help me out I'd be really grateful, I'm dying to play it.

Edit: It only seems to happen when the game is in window size, when in full screen it works just fine.


Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. We'll look into it for the next update patch. Thank you for playing Love Spell and supporting the game!

Any future bugs can also be reported to 

I'm having the same problem (freezes after clicking confirm on the name screen) in the Steam version and came here to see if there was a solution. Going to try playing in full screen now, since it was windowed before. Thank you for the response, and hope it's an easy fix.