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May I ask what are the perks for the Early Birds tier? Are they different from the The Game tier ones (price aside)? I can't see what the Early Birds pack includes 'cause it's been sold out in Indiegogo

 I'm really looking forward to playing Bermuda Triangle! 

Thanks for your time,

Everlasting Hope

PS. Reksa's smile still melts my heart...


It's the same as for "The Game", but it'll be significantly cheaper than purchasing the full game later.

Like, tekkonkinkreet said, with Early Bird, you can buy the game at a cheaper price! ^.^ 
The content is no different from The Game~

Thanks for dropping by and I hope we answered your question!


Pledged at long last! Thank you both for your help ;)

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I see you, Everlasting Hope! Lola, right? ;)
Thank you so much for the support <3

Yep! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into making your games, I'll be eagerly awaiting Bermuda Triangle's release. 

Merry Christmas ;)!