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I saw this on a Tumblr bracket about cottage-core lesbians (which isn't over yet but it's tied right now and... it's WHO thinks Princess Bubblegum is cottage-core???) and I'm excited to play this demo!

I'm a bit confused- I know I'm supposed to get a paper from the portal but I (apparently) can't finish the portal until I get my garlic bread, and when I go inside the portal it spits me out again after a few minutes.

It doesn't seem to be loading? I waited 2 minutes after pressing p and it was black with the static noise the whole time. I'm on the windows downloaded version

Good concept but I wasn't even able to get it down more than halfway and many of the actions were difficult to find. Like the hacking one only showing up up for very brief windows.

Despite the puzzles being fairly simple I still managed to be surprised! I was kind of annoyed by the second tree branch on the tree house steps since I had to swerve around it but it wasn't that bad. I also loved the ending, very neat use of the concept. My only other issue is I wish some of the puzzles, like the mushroom and the snowglobe were solvable without the hint. I really like the way the mushroom puzzle turned out though!

"I barely come here yet I still feel like my opinion is important enough to have a personal response". What entitlement. I hope you DO find that out <3

Very cute, though I was somewhat frustrated by the feeling that I was just randomly clicking places to get results. Loved the immersion into the daily life in Shenzhen!

Restarting fixed the issue and save data seemed to be fine.

Very cute game! Unfortunately at one point it froze, saying there was a runtime error with an "interger overflow" issue. It also gave the website but I couldn't take a screenshot.

Very cute and I can tell there's going to be really interesting gameplay mechanics and worldbuilding as it goes on

I think the uninstaller is still broken because I had the same issue (it also kept showing the app in the hidden icons tray even though it was deleted) but this was super helpful! It was causing weird issues when I started up my computer.

Same and I just uninstalled it so it's an ongoing issue. It keeps saying to report the bug to Sam...

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I wanted to write more but to add on: The Florida sun was so warm and lovely and when it got too hot we dived under the water. The waves had this rocking motion that was sp soothing. The crabs kept eating everything in our buckets so we had to be careful to throw them out! I'm happy this game brought back such a lovely time in my life. Thank you.

I loved this, and I think it's interesting that most of the loops lead to new information or something new to do.

Interesting concept though I definitely got stuck after getting the crystal. The shop only seems to open in the final phase, but it seems like there should be something else I need in that room?

No problem!

And now it went from the NASCAR Eagle back to Bram saying "Thanks Karah" and then skipped to chapter 4, to the alien pyramid?

I'm playing on android and it looks like it didn't size correctly or something? The speech is off-center in the bubbles and the bottom third is covered in a weird dark bar that makes the text hard to read.

No problem, at least it was amusing! I'll probably try playing through again once it's fixed since I couldn't get through the full thing easily. It's a really beautiful game and I look forward to seeing it kickstarted successfully!

Reminds a bit of Amazon Trail

I loved the graphics and concept but I had a lot of trouble getting the climbing controls right. Mostly I kept slipping off branches and having trouble getting back on and I couldn't get on or off vines I was climbing. There was also this moment early on:

If you end up updating it I'd love a way to tell who is in what clique and what the different week effects mean. Also things like having crushes? Does it make them more effective or what?

Nevermind, I used the app to install instead and it worked fine!

I'm getting an error that the pathway is too long when trying to extract? I have windows 10

I feel sorry for Jonny. Poor kid...

Actually, I entered the lower left door and the game froze after I got hit by the red laser beam

Just tried this on Firefox and it seems to be working fine! Very interesting concept

I love this concept! The commands were all pretty intuitive. Is there more than one ending?

It happens! My sister played on PC and she said it ran fine FYI

I tried it on android and it's a very interesting concept! I love the art and the unique playstyle. Unfortunately it ran pretty slow on my phone. I have a moto G7 with the latest version of android

Short but sweet. Took me about a half hour, and the puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty for this sort of game

This was SO cute! I like that even though the game is short you have to play through several times to uncover everything. 

What a fantastically atmospheric game

It gave me a blue screen of death when I tried to open the file... Is there any other information I can give that would involve not opening it?

The app is still only showing an "open page" button rather than the typical download one

Pity because this is a really innovative idea!

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Looks like it doesn't work for my Windows 10 computer- It completely crashed it when I tried to open it, and wouldn't let me download from the app, only the website.

A very cute little mystery! Love the art style and the characters!

Oh are there supposed to messages after the first few screens? I didn't get any either.

Could be! I haven't used this specific controller that often

I love how this kind of riffed on the Legend of Zelda games, if Link was only allowed to use hearts instead of rupees.

So cute! I definitely cried when it got to the bit by the memorial. For some reason I wasn't able to dig properly with the xbox controller and had to use the keyboard, but that may have been me! A very satisfying game even though it was pretty short.