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Short but sweet. Took me about a half hour, and the puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty for this sort of game

This was SO cute! I like that even though the game is short you have to play through several times to uncover everything. 

What a fantastically atmospheric game

It gave me a blue screen of death when I tried to open the file... Is there any other information I can give that would involve not opening it?

The app is still only showing an "open page" button rather than the typical download one

Pity because this is a really innovative idea!

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Looks like it doesn't work for my Windows 10 computer- It completely crashed it when I tried to open it, and wouldn't let me download from the app, only the website.

A very cute little mystery! Love the art style and the characters!

Oh are there supposed to messages after the first few screens? I didn't get any either.

Could be! I haven't used this specific controller that often

I love how this kind of riffed on the Legend of Zelda games, if Link was only allowed to use hearts instead of rupees.

So cute! I definitely cried when it got to the bit by the memorial. For some reason I wasn't able to dig properly with the xbox controller and had to use the keyboard, but that may have been me! A very satisfying game even though it was pretty short.

Thanks for making this! It's very cute

Very short but very cute game! Love how it touched on depression without making it too.. distressing? Not sure how to word that but good job.

I'd love a list of what all the traits mean. It also might be interesting to have certain traits be incompatible or make it harder for a relationship to form.  
The kings and the pawns are  similar in their strengths, there should be a way of balancing that. I think pawns should be weaker but with with the ability to become stronger. For instance, making the movement as in normal chess, but if they reach the other side they can gain one random trait.
A very interesting game for sure!

It's a little obnoxious but you could try using virtualbox or something similar? I had a chromebook before and that's the biggest problem with them.