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OK cool, I msged you on Masto.

I understand you're busy, but just trying to get the exhibition and the 7-year anniversary some good press :)

Just wanting to follow up w/ the hosts, would love to know more info about the exhibition if possible.

Have the games already been selected for the exhibition? I'm wanting to write a feature on the exhibition, but there is no public participating artist list (besides the gifs featured in that article).

Hello, I have a question about the exhibition component celebrating Bitsy's 7 year anniversary, but can't find a direct email for the project. When will the exhibition be live? Is there  a selection of works that the organizers/curators are considering? Will that collection be on the museum website after the Jam?

Thanks very much!

Yeah, I totally know what you mean. Super frustrating about the Mojave crackdown. The usual command line work-around doesn't do it for me. The app icon is completely greyed out with a white-circle ø on top, so I don't think it's compatible with the OS version I have.

Bummer, but I totally understand. I'll try to get my hands on a PC and see if I can check it out at a later date.

Thanks for the reply!

wanted to check out, mac build not supported 10.15+

any chance for an update? no worries if not,  just wanted to ask :)

Thanks so much for playing! 

I'll look into turning on/off the the patience function for version. I had it in a build initially on Steam and had a number of returns because of folks blazing through the game without reading and "not getting it." So I've been stuck with trying to find an elegant solution tbh.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much!

Originally this game was actually made entirely online using a combination of JS and custom code from a now defunct organization called NewHive.

But this version was made in Unity.



So sorry it took forever... honestly I've just been super distracted by other work and projects. I hope you get a chance to check it out and enjoy. If you experience any bugs on the linux version please lmk.

Hey mehrdadsh! actually uploaded a nice YouTube clip of the first 10 minutes or so. 

Check it out:

Updated! For some reason I thought paypal let you pay with a card as well!

Hey thiscris and nitrofurano. I'm going to try to create a Linux build today. Sorry for the delay, got really backed up with other projects and work.


No MacOS?

Hey Draco! Thanks for all the bug reports, I appreciate your thoroughness! When I get a second to reopen the project files, I'll try to address these. 

The prompts on the incline are based on the choices you choose when you walk home the first day, so it might've been you didn't choose any of the texts options that generated more narrative prompts.

Others have reported the issue about the workstation "just ahead" issue since the character isn't facing that direction, so I understand if that's confusing.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks Matt!

The Trolley by Nicholas O'Brien

Thanks so much! Really glad you got a chance to play. I'm going to be publishing some big-ish updates soon so I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

Awesome! I found your contact on your website so I'll send you a message in the next couple of days for testing :)

Thanks for the feedback @nitrofurano! 

I've released my other games on Linux, but haven't had a chance to test The Last Survey on a Linux distro yet. Since the game is still in development I haven't got around to it... but if you're interested in volunteering to test it and letting me know how it runs, that'd be great! 

Otherwise, I'll be sure to let you know when I release a build for Linux. Thanks again!

I'd definitely love to get you early access, take a look at the campaign and let me know what you think! Looking forward to talking more son and thanks so much for your support!

Hey Cyberwolf!

I wanted to let you know about another upcoming game I have coming out later this year and let you know about how to get early access to the project.

If you liked exploring the story of this past project, I think you'll also really love what I'm working on!

Take a look here and thanks again for taking the time to explore my work and leave me feedback!

Hey Mikey! I wanted to let you know of another project I'm working on and hope you might be interested in getting early access to that game! It's a "spiritual sibling" in a lot of ways to this project so I think it might be right up your alley!

You can find out more about it here.

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Congrats! Saw this news, but glad to see you posting about it here. Can't wait to see more of your work.

I'm making a series of drawings and the frames keep skipping left and right when I move my mouse/tablet pen to the edge of frame. This also happens when I'm zoomed in on the drawing. Moving the mouse/pen to the left goes to the previous frame and makes it difficult to continue drawing where I left off.

Also, because I'm drawing multiple frames of animation using the tool, I don't really need to see 3+ frames back. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but it'd be interesting to see only the previous frame (or to have some kind of control how the onion skin shows).

Loving the tool thus far and can't wait to continue using it!

Thanks :)

Just wondering :)

Looking forward to playing

Thanks so much Cyberwolf and glad you enjoyed the story! I appreciate your feedback a ton and agree that implementing something like a "hint" that you can click on the right to advance might be good to add. That navigation expectation is a hold-over from an older platform that this was more obvious/immediate. Thanks again for playing and glad you enjoyed the ending :)

Thanks so much for this play-through! Loved your reaction at the end :)

Awesome play through! Thanks so much for posting :)

Hey all:

I'm deciding to join this jam to make something productive/constructive as a form of resistance. I've been feeling like my own work hasn't done enough to address resistance, and I'm hoping this jam creates some kind of starting point for other future projects.

Ideas are still bubbling, but I'm into talking with others about joining and/or throwing around ideas.

Thanks and #resist