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Lock Frame & Reduced Onion Skin

A topic by Nicholas O'Brien created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 1
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I'm making a series of drawings and the frames keep skipping left and right when I move my mouse/tablet pen to the edge of frame. This also happens when I'm zoomed in on the drawing. Moving the mouse/pen to the left goes to the previous frame and makes it difficult to continue drawing where I left off.

Also, because I'm drawing multiple frames of animation using the tool, I don't really need to see 3+ frames back. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but it'd be interesting to see only the previous frame (or to have some kind of control how the onion skin shows).

Loving the tool thus far and can't wait to continue using it!

Thanks :)

Thanks for the suggestion and the bug report!