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I saw a small typo, it's nbd but I thought I'd mention it. "There were stolen from the great Southern Empire in its heyday, centuries ago, by four daring pirates." from the first page on a new game, "There" should be "They"

So, I'm seeing an exploit: if one doesn't like where an alien spawns, they can just undo to before the spawn. Then when the turn is replayed, the alien spawns are randomly determined again. So the second time, aliens apear in different positions.

Loving this! One thing: the undo ability doesn't play well with queued up movement.  If you click on a space to move the mech several spaces at once, then try to undo a turn, the mech just resumes moving. Maybe undo should cancel movement.

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Well, now I'm curious, what's going on with the Anomoly Update?

I like the concept. Conceptually, you've kept it simple and elegant. However, the UI and controls feel awkward. And ships move slowly enough that a button to speed up time would've helped.

Fun! I'm always looking out for relaxing strategy games.

The downloadable .exe gives an error when I try to open it: "couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?"

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I enjoy this!

There doesn't seem to be a way to cancel conglomeration or wrecking ball if I change my mind and don't want to use it.

Also, using conglomeration on schools just gave me a single normal school (education 1) that required the same food as several schools.

This is fun! I'm looking forward to the patch adding the ability to save/load.

Is there (or will there be) any way to automatically send a material from a warehouse to a factory? I've tried pumps and ports, neither seems to work. It makes sense a pump (as it's currently working) wouldn't work since it only holds one element at a time, and it might grab an element the factory doesn't need. But I would think this would be the sort of thing a port would be good for.

Neat concept. At one point I was ahead by over 30 and lost the ability to move, but I could still shoot. I never got the ability to move back.

Is there an ending, does the AI eventually ragequit?

Thanks for the link.

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Neat game! Personally, it made me think a bit of Metroid II on the Gameboy (probably just due to the monochrome palette and references to temples and citadels), whereas the colors when you go luminous reminded me of VVVVVV. For a game this short, I felt the difficulty of the controls (like the slow sword swing forcing you to press the button a bit ahead of time) are a bit of a feature rather than a drawback. First, they add to the retro vibe. Second, they help to simulate the frustration with trying to achieve perfection. With practice, I was able to achieve the precision necessary. (Love how the companion guy's comments are a great illustration of self worth issues).

So, I've reached the circular ending, the Dark and Cold ending where you fight but fail to defeat your companion, and (after some practice) the Perfection ending. Is it possible to beat the companion, and does that lead to the fourth ending? I'm not sure I have the platforming chops and patience to keep trying myself, the dude is just so fast. If anyone has found a video of the other ending I'd love to see it.