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Neat concept. At one point I was ahead by over 30 and lost the ability to move, but I could still shoot. I never got the ability to move back.

Is there an ending, does the AI eventually ragequit?


Thank you! and hmmm not sure why it stopped letting you move it's only supposed to do that for one round when he's cheating -will check into that -also he is supposed to rage quit after you beat him by more than 30 points -probably another bug -sorry -this was made in a hurry for a game jam

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ohhhh you can make him rage quit!

... time to go gamer mode

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uhhh... that's 31

He's supposed to just stop playing and his tank just sits still when he quits -so you can keep hitting him and the game loop will continue -just looked at his code and your post helped me find a bug in his behavior that I had missed due to my sloppy jam time crunch coding :s -just updated it -so he should always quit now -thanks and thanks for playing! :D


yep can say it works

lmfaooo xD