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I am a fresh graduate in music technology with not least than 2 years experience in composing game audio and music. My music style is influenced by JRPG, but still can write something band sound, orchestral and EDM like music.

You may find my previous work by clicking below linking.

I could work with payment or just simply cooperate. If you have any inquiry just send me a email via, or leave a comment here directly. 

About 1 years ago I started writing an academic essay about a relationship of video game sound and players culture. For this reason I developed a video game with my younger brother as an experiment tool, published here and let everyone to play. The dissertation is already completed and being graded. Those research result I hope I could share to someone who interested in game sound design, or even game developer as some kind of reference or further studies. 

Click the link below to find more

I have played your game at ACGHK2018 today. Its funny and graphic is quite Euro- style.

The video game sound experiment is already released at the link below:
Everyone feel free to play this game and participant in this experiment =)

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I am now doing an experiment about game audio for an academic research. I need many people playing this game and collect their feedback as more as possible.  Please fill in a survey after played. Enjoy! (Login google account before filling)

This is a Role-playing style action game. You would play a role to save your kingdom.  But the true is...


Playing platformPC browser 
Arrow key move the character
SpacebarReset camera position
Scroll bar on rightChange attack style

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I am working on a cross-cultural academic research study on game music. Now seeking a few composers join with this project. If you :

have 3-10 years experience

have been compose with RPG/survival game

Age between 20-30

and you are interested in it, please contact me via my email. Or just leave a comment below. More detail would tell you after we start a contact.