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If you need a prompt for a hack of Honey HeistLasers & Feelings, or some other "you have two stats" game, James Chip just created a generator:

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Howitt has released it on Patreon (you don't have to be a patron to download it for free, but you do need to log in):

Everything that has a page in his Itch store is available for free on Patreon. Sometimes he forgets to upload the files here.

Looks neat! I'll check it out :)

Thanks – glad you liked it! I'll be sure to check out your submission :)

WSCAOS is a simple game that is a delight to play. It cuts through the glut of rules that most sci-fi TTRPGs claim you need and gets right to answering the question in its title. (The answer is: what you do in outer space is what's so cool about it!) And if you need more rules, the game is up-front about giving you enthusiastic permission to make them.

It is also eminently hackable as What Is So Cool About Jam demonstrates. Anyone with a cool idea can make a game about it.

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OK, but seriously: the fact that this jam is over and no one made "What's So Cool About Space Jam?" is a collective failure. That or a healthy fear of Warner Bros.'s legal department.

Maybe someone can pick it up and make something about blasketball for the blaseball jam. (That someone is not me.)

Everyone knows that the higher the die size, the more realistic it is ;)

Joking aside, it was actually necessary to get some of the probabilities that aren't made up even close to accurate.

Oops, missed this somehow! Probably you’ve seen already but I went with a race rather than a class option. I wanted a way for any character to have some witchy vibes, thinking of how diverse witchcraft is in titles like Little Witch Academia. To that end, the unique trait I designed allows for the Wisdom increase they get to be used to help any other ability check, save, or attack.

The approach I took to making a 5e witch was to make it an ancestry (= "race"), taking inspiration from mythology and works like A Discovery of Witches or The Golden Compass, where witches are a distinct, not-quite-human lineage. Like the background approach, it lets a character of any class have a bit of witchery.

Just thought I'd share this nice bit of music for hexing fools writing games! Any other witch jams you'd recommend?