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The keyboard controls are a little strange how they always start at the bottom.  I would expect them to start at the top, at least when I hit UP while nothing is highlighted.

Also, the mumbling sounds a little glitchy.  It pops in and out, it's barely functional, but I'm glad it's there; it's better than nothing.

A promising little sequence this is.  It could use a little bit more polish and content, but I like what I see so far.

Cool.  It's a shame a game this small (for now) runs so poorly, but I didn't know the scope of the project.  Apparently Haxe has HTML5 support, among other platforms.  Have you considered it?

So it's just that first cutscene for now?

Also, Unity is slow.  RenPy is faster, if that can work for you.  Haxe is cool too.

Where's the "Play" button?  All I see is a "No" and a "Yes" button on the Google Analytics message.

Apparently there's an elevator?  How do I go anywhere besides my house, the street right outside, and the shop next door?  I found my invisible front door, but there's no invisible door on the west side of the street, and the east side is a dead end where I can bend her over some boxes.

WASD movement too please--great for one-handed play if you know what I mean...  It's closer to the Z button.  Switching my hand from the arrows to the z button is unnecessarily cumbersome.  If everything can be performed with four buttons, why not position them closer together?

Also, to take a hint from Lars Doucet, "If there is only one possible, unambiguous, non-regrettable action, the action button should just do that one thing." Not bring up a menu with a single option.  The Z button in this case is the action button.  I found this rather tedious.


I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A DOOR until I read the comments!

This game doesn't maintain its aspect ratio.  I can't play in fullscreen on my 16x9 monitor without the game stretching.  Black bars are better than stretching in my opinion.

Could you consider implementing WASD to move as well?

Also, for an RPGMaker game, why does it run so slow?

Can you make this more obvious in the next build of the game?  Maybe give the counter and animated exclamation point or something to draw the eye when nobody is around?

How do I get started?  I'm in the store, I interacted with just about everything, I can't close the shop (implied by interacting with the south door), and nothing here advances time.  Nobody is in the shop but me.  Am I missing a control?