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Platform: Linux (Debian 12) through the Itch launcher

You might choose to not support Linux, and if so, I understand.

The Itch Launcher successfully boots the Windows version, so making a few tweaks to get the windows version to work on Linux might not be too crazy, which is why I am suggesting and reporting this.

I boot the game, select "New Game", go through a few dialogs (nsfw, preg comments, intro, videos), there might be 5 seconds or so of music on a black screen for some of these settings which can be skipped, and then the game displays the "Now Loading..." screen and will not proceed.

I can't use the Itch client to install the game because the files are not hosted on Itch, they're hosted on Google Drive and Mega.  Do you have any interest in persuing support for the itch client by hosting the public versions directly on the site?

crash report:


Tell xey error code: TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined ddr!

I would give you a recent save due to my constant need to save, but that simply is not possible.  This error stops the game and requires relaunching and reloading from a save.  I have an old save, but i cannot attach it here afaik.  I got a collar from the forest, and i also then got a collar from the nursery, each time the game acted as though i got it for the first time.

Here is an excerpt of what i could copy from the window: (there is a 20480 character limit on comments)

Suddenly something closes around your neck with a loud CLICK! You jump back suddenly finding a thick collar strapped around your neck! The other bunny must have snuck behind you while signing! She looks at you with a half smile "Umm sorry about that, but.... we need to take you to processing now... See you soon" She says and points something at you. There is a dull pain from the collar and...............


(some of the log has been cut here to save characters)

With one final turn the screw pops loose! You don't have much time left before the show stops!

Vent out before someone gets suspicious!

You pry it open quietly and squeeze your big diapered butt into the vent! It is a REALLY tight squeeze but you somehow manage it! The vent leads past a few rooms most of which you don't recognize, eventually coming to one that is dangling ajar.... As if it had already broken it open to escape once.

Kick it open and run! Be cautious and careful

You pop out of the vent like someone escapeing a crime scene, you don't even look around to see where you are and head for the nearest door. Thankfully it leads into the main reception room. By some mercy the exit doors have those push handles! You force them open and escape into the night.... You keep running for a while before you are sure no one is following... yet.

Head home under the cover of night

With your suit you are at least mostly covered, it isn't like you haven't wandered around town in just your diaper suit before. Something about it this time makes you feel more embarrassed though. Especially with a daycare collar around your neck the entire time!

Home at last!



You finally reach your house and try to open the door.... When that fails you knock on it loudly to try and wake up the googirl, if she even is still there! There is no answer at first and it starts looking like breaking a window might be a good bet. However finally there is a click from the door!

It opens a crack and you see the googirl gasp as she sees you! And shuts the door? You are puzzled for a moment before it slams open and you get REVERSE GLOMPED! She hugs you up tight actually lifting you up in her gooey embrace!

Appologize Just enjoy the hug

You tell her you are sorry for being gone for so long and how much you missed her. She can't say it but you can tell she did too though she is also a bit annoyed with you for this. It actually takes some convincing for her to let go of you.

It takes hours to explain everything that happened to you at the daycare. It almost feels like a dream being home after being trapped there for so long. From Asria to the bunnies and all the babying. She actually starts blushing half way through the story... It might now be giving her ideas.

Try to remove the collar

Both you and the googirl take turns trying to deal with the collar but nothing either of you try seems to work. The darn thing is made of something as equally unbreakable as the diapers! The lock seems to have no keyhole at all either, that remote they had must be the only thing that can unlock it.

Give up for now and get some rest


Get some sleep


You are starting to fall asleep when you suddenly feel an extra weight on the bed. There isn't much you can do as the googirl snuggles up against you. She feels so nice, it's hard to consider arguing with her.

Snuggle into the googirl and fall asleep


You start to drift asleep as you reflect on the day. Only a few nagging thoughts making it harder....

Thoughts about how you can't even control your own bodily functionskeep you awake.

You really need to go buy some decent food tomorrow...

A twinge from between your legs reminds you how empty it feels down there. Having a vagina is such a strange feeling...

You think for a moment about how you ended up wearing a diaper big enough to cover most of your body... and how embarrassingly comfortable it is.

The googirl wraps an arm around you and makes a cute noise as she falls asleep.

Finally you drift off to sleep



You wake up to the loud noise of your alarm clock going off, but it only lasts a moment before stopping. The googirl snuggles closer to you in the bed, apparently having turned the alarm off herself. About half her body is surrounding you under the covers, feeling similar to floating in water. Until you try to move, at which point it feels more like being trapped in a block of gelatin.

She moves around a bit more and you realize part of her goo body is around inside your diaper! Everything inside it absorbed into her.

Wake her up

You wiggle around trying to get up but find her gooey body rather completely encasing you from the chest down. No matter how much you move the goo pulls you back like being suspended in a block of gelatin. Finally your wiggling is enough to wake her up. A kiss later and she slides away, freeing you.

Head downstairs wearing the large diaper

You might need to buy some picknic supplies...


Awkwardly you get downstairs, the googirl making breakfast as usual. You sit down, feeling a bit strange as the diaper lifts you just a bit higher than you are use to. She smiles simply enjoying watching you eat.

Eat breakfast


* NOM *

* NOM *

* NOM *

There isn't much food in the house to work with, but she has done her best. A single bowl of ramen leaves you feeling rather tired. You should really go shopping for food soon.

Head out for the daySpend some time at home

Dress normally and head out

Check your clothingCheck the mail

Try to remove the diaperAsk the googirl to check your diaper

Reopen ClosetFinish with the closet

Send a text to your caretakerSneak out!

Send a text to your caretakerSneak out!



You head to the 'specialty' diaper store on edge of the warehouse district. Inside is surprisingly industrial looking. No baby motif or that sort of thing. In fact you might even call it unfinished. There are many boxes with labels on them and a few signs here and there. They have only been open a month at most.

You also see Silver is shopping here again.

Approach Silver

Talk to AntonLeave


Anton grins as he sees you walk up, it's the kind of knowing smile. "Ah, Getting ready test out the new suit I take it. Can't wait to see how it looks in full suit style. I mean the onesie is cute, but the full suits are the best. So time to get fully suited up or was there something else?"

Ready for the full suit

Ask to have the suit removedJust browsing the diapersAsk to buy other diapersuits

"Perfect! Just head right through the employee door and look for Maya. She is bound to be around somewhere." He says letting you go in by yourself. Its a weird feeling heading into the hallways alone.. Big diaper crikleing with each step, your tail waving around behind you.


You catch Maya on her way to the distribution area. She gives you that wide concerning smile. "Why, hello little one!... are you lost? You shouldn't be wandering around in the hallways all by yourself! How about we get you into one of the playrooms so you can show off that cute suit of yours?!"

Just want to start the testingAct all cute and nodAsk her to stop treating you like a baby!

You tuck your head down and stare at the floor, your arms behind your suit in that cute innocent pose. Silently you look up at her and just give aslight nod. "Ohhhh you poor little thing! I know just the room you can play in till your parents come to pick you up! Follow me and I will even bring you an ice cream if you are good!" she says taking your padded hand and walks you down the hallway.


You arrive at a door and she motions you inside.

The room is your typical playroom, some toys here and there. Blocks and some plushies. Everything has a blue and pink color scheme to it, it's distractingly cute looking. Normally you would feel out of place in such a room but you currently look equally cute! Maya comes in as well and closes the door behind her. "Alright you know how this works... Just hop up on the changing table and we can complete your suit!"

Hop onto the table

Just like the last time you feel things slide over your arms and legs as she finishes attaching the extra parts of your suit. Once again losing your hands to the suits mitted glove. Even if the suit did have zippers they would be impossible to use with so much padding around your hands. She doesn't give you much time to admire yourself in the mirror this time...

"Adorable, now for the modeling part! Need to make sure it is all in place correctly!" She says with that concerning smile

"Let's get started!"



Tell xey error code: TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined ddr!

[Click to Expand]


Are there any plans to include WASD support?  I'd really like all the keyboard controls to be in reach of the WASD buttons, and to be able to play it with one hand.

Trauma detected.  Clementine will remember this.

If I understand this correctly, this is a porn game.

It seems to do a great job at making the "good, proper story progression" path also the one with the sex scenes.

So why, in chapter 3, is the strategic choice to add an opponent to your team, but the sexiest choice (the one with the most scenes) is the one where they're locked in the dungeon and refuse to join the team?

If you're going to make the entire game able to be controlled with three buttons, can you at least make them close together?

I am trying to install this with the Itch launcher on Linux.

I click install, and it brings up the installation menu as normal, where I choose the package and destination.

However, there are no entries in the package selection field, so there is nothing to install.

Intriguing, but I can't even install it through the Itch client.  As that is how I play games on Itch, this will have to be a no-go for me until this gets resolved (probably if/when this gets ported to a not-ancient OS)

I'm eagerly anticipating the next institution chapter.

I have concerns and hopes:

The final chapter so far has Haven and the prostitution dungeon escape sequence.  WOW that sequence was hot, but my big question now is how could it possibly get better than that?  As in are you concerned that you might have ramped things up too quickly, leaving the ending of that chapter on a radically different note than the last one?  Or is this the 'new trend of institution quests' and all previous institution sequences were just a prologue?  Or am I missing something drastic?  If you keep this chain of drastic life-altering changes up with each institution chapter, how many of these do you think you can make before she (he?) actually gets raped to death?  Because that exact thing was about to happen if not for effectively divine intervention.  Narratively, how much is left after that?  Would you ever consider rearranging the institution chapters if they felt out of hotness/extremeness order?  Obviously I'm not asking for future plot points; that would be spoilers, could be subject to change, and frankly unfair of me to receive.  Simply, are the institution chapters going to continue to be life-altering?  Are they going to somehow end up (at least) matching the lewdness and/or extremeness of the escape sequence?

On a related note, are most of the 'extreme' stuffs going to be solely tied to the institution?  That might be an effective way for someone less crazy as me to filter them out, but consequently would make the rest of the main city area less compelling to the extremists out there.

Finally, a wierd idea I had:

In a world, where consent is explicitly optional...

Public decency is explicitly optional...

Respect for women is explicitly optional...

Anyhoo, go forth and make more good things!  I'll keep careful tabs on this project!

I launched the game on Firefox, Edge, the Itch App, and now also Chromium.

The Itch app is the only one that doesn't go past the first picture.  Even chromium can progress normally.

The colors are normal on Firefox.

Edge and Chromium inherit the system palette still, which may or may not be desirable.  At least it's perfectly legible.

such strangeness was had?

It's on the itch app version; the game is downloaded through the app and launched through the app.

The colors are fixed, Thanks!

The Itch version is still broken, and Ctrl-shift-I doesn't open the dev tools on itch like it does on firefox.

Is there actually any recovery after rape?  I got barraped and have the trauma debuff... does it wear off, or can the debuff be prevented with rape, or is there some specific method to remove it, or is it just permanent?

Firefox, Windows 8.1, high contrast theme with custom colors to give the 8.1 ui I dark theme.  Sometimes firefox uses this (even when I tell it not to), which can cause issues with pages with any kind of undefined color anywhere on the page.

Here is what it looks like when I open it with edge:

How do I open the dev tools when launched through itch?

This text is frankly illegible and makes it very akward and annoying to play.  It looks like this text has no defined color, which means my browser uses the system default.  Also, when launched through Itch, I can't get past the first image.  I can click the image, but the rest of the ui doesn't unfold at all, like it should.

How do I finish the tour of the town?  I'm guessing it's a situation where I have to click all the things before I'm allowed home.  However, I have no indication of what things are clickable until I hover my mouse over them, and I'm tired of scanning my mouse through the scene hoping to be surprised when something lights up as clickable.  If the town image is temporary, maybe the final version could emphasize some contrasting colors and maybe borders to show the map 'buttons.'  Yes, I found the forest 'button,' and no, it was impossible to tell that it was clickable until my mouse stumbled over it and I was paying attention to my mouse.

Yeah, the map (and probably other locations) could use a rework for readability and distinguishment of the interactables.

Is there a way to proceed with Esme?  Is there an actual scene with her?

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Should be named, "The Couch spouse's Cooch"

So a game isn't installing correctly on the Itch client, and the client returns an error message.  I see the check next to "Send a report to help resolve the issue," but the checkmark does nothing visually; there's no confirmation of any kind indicating that the report was sent.

Anyway, I proceeded to the developer's page to submit an error report anyway, because this way I could provide a description of the problem and steps to reproduce it, and I wanted to attach the error logs.  I found that I couldn't, because the logs were not selectable and there was no button to copy the currently open log to the clipboard.

Can you make at least one of these options possible?

1)  Add a confirmation that the error report was sent (and a clear button to send it)

2)  Make the error logs selectable and copyable

3)  Add a button to copy the logs to the clipboard

I could use a walkthrough:

A resource with all the quests/events/things to do, their prerequisites, how to initiate each, how to complete each, and the reward.

Also, something which covers the prologue-stuff a player should/must do before anything else.  I don't know where that ends-maybe just give a 'main quest' line right at the start?


I am trying to reach a point of renewable resources (money and experience in particular), and I can't do much of anything until I figure out how to finish any of my quests or something.

How do I find an orc?

How do I get through a whole army of pixies reliably, because I can't save mid-mission?

Where's the abandoned village to the southeast?  Is that the place with the pixies?

I scoured the world map but all I could find of help were two dark seeds, but I need five to find out what the shady guy will give me.  Should I even care?

I DON'T KNOW because the game doesn't tell me!

I shouldn't have to come here to ask questions about where to go.  If I have a problem with that, there's a conveyance problem with your game.

I shouldn't have to come here to ask for battle tactics in an RPG on easy mode-I should just be able to grind a little if I feel overwhelmed and/or confused-oh wait, I can't yet, or maybe I just don't know how to!

I don't mean to be mean, I just would like the game to be more upfront about what it is suggesting that I should do, and you might not know about it unless someone speaks up.

Better yet-don't be afraid to completely break the forth wall in the quests menu: let me open up any active quests and see the (otherwise non-repeatable) information my jerk just gleaned.  Pretend it is a dungeon-master telling a player about the world:  The DM would tell the player what the player's character knows but the player doesn't: It should fill the information gap between the players and their characters.

If you switch the maps for the male and female bathrooms in the middle of the New Ark City underground mall, the male and female stalls will be head to head so you can put a glory hole in the enter-able stall there.  Easy implementation, but a glory hole might be more thematically consistent in the slums.  I can't say from experience.

Actually, an even easier implementation (I imagine) would be to swap the text's and loading zones' position in their shared foyer.  Move the (four, I'm guessing; two loading zones and two text) objects in that central mall room, and the setup is done.

2x+1 for cheat engine no longer works in Lust Doll PLUS, from what I tried.  Worked perfectly on Lust Doll... Classic?

I’m guessing assets; graphics, sounds, and cutscene text, at least some of it.

That and ideas are dime a dozen.  Indivi has priorities.

Which scenes do/should do the do?  I didn’t even consider trying to get preggo from a slime because it’s not my species nor does it ejaculate.  Could the tip for the pill be more clear/obviously enable an otherwise nonsensical impregnation?  The pill could be the difference between cum being needed or not... or maybe just a setting.  Ya got plenty of those already; one more couldn’t hurt.

Answer: To access the elevator, both shop items must be purchased and you must have 500 SXP in your wallet.  The "Area Closed" alley will then open.

Unfortunately, these arbitrary requirements are not made clear to the player.

The keyboard controls are a little strange how they always start at the bottom.  I would expect them to start at the top, at least when I hit UP while nothing is highlighted.

Also, the mumbling sounds a little glitchy.  It pops in and out, it's barely functional, but I'm glad it's there; it's better than nothing.

A promising little sequence this is.  It could use a little bit more polish and content, but I like what I see so far.

Cool.  It's a shame a game this small (for now) runs so poorly, but I didn't know the scope of the project.  Apparently Haxe has HTML5 support, among other platforms.  Have you considered it?

So it's just that first cutscene for now?

Also, Unity is slow.  RenPy is faster, if that can work for you.  Haxe is cool too.

Where's the "Play" button?  All I see is a "No" and a "Yes" button on the Google Analytics message.

Apparently there's an elevator?  How do I go anywhere besides my house, the street right outside, and the shop next door?  I found my invisible front door, but there's no invisible door on the west side of the street, and the east side is a dead end where I can bend her over some boxes.

WASD movement too please--great for one-handed play if you know what I mean...  It's closer to the Z button.  Switching my hand from the arrows to the z button is unnecessarily cumbersome.  If everything can be performed with four buttons, why not position them closer together?

Also, to take a hint from Lars Doucet, "If there is only one possible, unambiguous, non-regrettable action, the action button should just do that one thing." Not bring up a menu with a single option.  The Z button in this case is the action button.  I found this rather tedious.


I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A DOOR until I read the comments!

This game doesn't maintain its aspect ratio.  I can't play in fullscreen on my 16x9 monitor without the game stretching.  Black bars are better than stretching in my opinion.

Could you consider implementing WASD to move as well?

Also, for an RPGMaker game, why does it run so slow?

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Can you make this more obvious in the next build of the game?  Maybe give the counter an animated exclamation point or something to draw the eye when nobody is around?