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Nice for a 48 hour jam. :)

Two improvement points: 

  • The text. It was sometimes hard to see what text said with it being white and the background also being white sometimes. Also a bit hard to to look at the small letter at the top of the screen while the obstacles or "targets" are on the bottom side.
  • There is no punishment when pressing space and "missing" a target. One could buttonmash the space-button without any punishment.

Vroom Vroom!

Diggar hur du fick till  en kontrast mellan background och foreground, blir inte lika "platt" då. Tycker även det är roligt med pusselspel. Roligt twist med att man måste sätta ut hjälpobjekten under tiden man kör och inte bara i början. 

Biler har en tendens att vilja backflippa ibland.


Gillar att du haft tid att göra den egen art, till och med hunnit animera! Gillar även iden med att man får en ny kraft i slutet av varje bana och att varje kraft även har en down side.

Möjligtvis implementera en varible jump height, mer fair för spelaren om den kan kontrollera hur högt/lågt man ska hoppa. Hade inte någon aning om vilken knapp det var för de olika krafterna.

Quality of Life
Checkpoints maybe?

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Movement: w,a,s,d
Aim/Shoot: mouse
Jump: space
Purchase: e

Tried your game out, and it looks and sounds very good!
As Jerrtatto mentioned, the game looks very blurry. I don't know if this is the intention or not tho.

Thanks for trying it out!
I know the colliders aren't the best, did not seem to find any good way to implement colliders, since they have to be dependent on the players art.. The fastest and most simple conclusion I came to was Polygon2D Colliders as they form themselves after the sprite itself.

Hey, tried it out and I like it! The art looks and feels good.
I feel like the players move speed might be a bit low tho, other than that, good job!


I tried your game as well, like the art and story telling a lot!

I agree with henkehedstrom that the boom was a bit loud and that the part where I had to remember the name caught me off-guard.

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Thanks for trying it out, the thing that took the most time was building up the system. Now that the system is in place, it's very easy to add new kind of objects, I just didn't have any time left to add them. :)

What start button are you referring to? This problem doesn't seem to have occurred for me during testing, will have to check it out in greater depth.

Really enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed it!

The gameplay felt smooth, the art and sound matched well! The only critique I can give is that the enemy projectiles were hidden by the brush. This made it almost impossible to dodge them at times, since you might have a lot of brushes.

I also participated, but took it in a completely different direction! Good job!