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Great to hear that. Good luck with the game.

Running a clockwise circle while attacking enemies that are towards your upper-right seems to open up some space from enemy fire.

My current hi-score record is ~300.000 points.

I liked the gameplay.

The level map is large (until you get used to the minimap), so some SOUND FX to alert the player of zombies attacking can be useful.

I don't know why, but the software tried to connect to the internet. I suggest letting people know why it connects.

i.e. Is it just a one-time connection, or is it telemetry, why is it there?

Impressive game mechanics and quite good visuals! Well done.

Hi there, the game seems promising. Did you use a particular game engine?

The download seems to be quite big (500+ MB). Any chance to make it <100MB so that people wouldn't mind downloading? Just my 2 cents.

The forum topics are not in the best order, so I've found this question after posting my game release announcement. My game is playable, I cannot call it finished, but I've roughly estimated that it's 50% complete.

I think DONE means: deployable and playable game (or game prototype), even if it's not a merchandise or marketable product.

Of course this also depends on your goal. For marketing reasons, an early prototype may not be announced at all, maybe besides a closed group of members.

Altay Tank Game is just for fun, so I've taken the liberty of announcing it.

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I have developed Altay Tank game, mainly to entertain myself by coding a graphical game with action game mechanics.

The main inspiration was from @javidx9 (on Youtube).

The game mechanics is almost complete as of now. However, leveling and balancing is an ongoing effort. Also, I'll probably be adding more enemies, more weapons, and several other animations in time, while killing off the to-do-lists.

I've increased the initial difficulty of the game with feedback from players. And the game becomes very difficult to play within a minute or so.

I've kept dev-logs on the devlog site of the page, but probably I'll continue on this forum style, hoping to receive more feedback.

The game source code and all assets are also available on GitHub, to share with the community.

Please download the game and leave your remarks, and hope you enjoy your time!

Note: These days, I'm trying to increase the adrenaline by making the game a lot faster, it's not ready for release but it is promising.

You are commanding the Altay Tank on Mars!

Aliens are attacking you from all directions. Stay alive commander!

#action #shooter #arcade

Game story:

Year 2144...

Life on Earth is coming to an end.

Humanity's last hope is to colonize Mars.


It won't be easy.

Humans will not be alone on the Red Planet.

There are unidentified hostile signals coming from the Mars planetary surface.

Humanity needs to secure a place to start sending colony ships.

Humanity United Nations (HUN) organization recently selected Turkey for this suicide mission.

Altay, the most sophisticated war-machine ever, has to investigate hostile incomings, seek them and destroy them to secure this planet of "hope".

It is time to be a hero not only for...

a country,

a planet,

but all of us, the human species.

And pilot!

You are selected for this most honorable mission.

Good luck and make us proud!


Gameplay: WASD to control the tank movements, shoot cannons via the Mouse.

for details and game development logs, visit:

You can choose any of the following options to discuss or review the game.

1) here on

2) on discord @

3) on your own blog, website, youtube channel, twitch channel

4) on twitter: #AltayTankGame or @gurkanctn

v1.0 now includes FULL SCREEN mode. Enjoy!

This game runs on Windows 10 @ 64bit machines.

If you would like a 32-bit version, let me know!

If you come across bugs, let me know!

If you have ideas, let me know! (or just implement those ideas and let me merge your modifications to the release!)

Thanks, I know that this is a very standard game.

I will try to add some innovation such as  flocking / swarming enemies, variable ground friction, large map, power ups, etc.

Frankly, almost all of the code is based on the tutorial of javidx9. 

I've only done the Enemy motion dynamics (it's always headed towards the player), and the Player (tank) motion.

Keys A-S-D-W control  acceleration, instead of velocity.

upload successful :)

I'll try to upload the source codes in a separate file. (Trying to learn as a newbie!)