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Thank you for your feedback. I'll take it into consideration for the next update.

Yeah, just in case something goes awry, I usually make an unfinished safety build min. 2h before deadline. 

That's a very easy answer for me since I only had time on Saturday and therefore only worked on one game: ParaDiver! :) It really was a lot if fun, though and I'm quite proud with my work on it 😁

I think the game would need heavy exploration focus with a context driven story and/or disembodied voices similar to Ori and the blind forest. Some gameplay additions wouldn't hurt, since that's what's lacking the most atm imo. Not necessarily combat, but more efficient ways to mive around, mobility locked areas, collectibles and hidden lore. I don't have time to be part of this, but those were my two cents on the topic 🙂

If you upload the project files I'll have look when I'm off work. Until then, the first thing that comes to mind is the checkbox "IsRaycastTarget" of the UI Images. That needs to have a tick mark. See if that is checked.

I thought the same thing 😁

That wasn't me. Dean the gaming machine was the one who fixed that.

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Will edit when I've played more submissions.

I feel it should be fine. In my opinion, what you describe in your disclaimer does not go against the spirit of this jam. But we will see.

You are very welcome. The shadow on the font is such a small touch, but does so much - looks great! The homing missiles are way meaner now :)

Also your download at the moment isn't a build, it's a Visual Studio Solution. You need to untick the "Make solution" checkbox in the building pop-up

Regarding the WebGL Build: I think you might have set Brotli compression instead of None or GZip, that's why it won't load. Have a look here: it has Screenshots and everything :)

Also I'm very hyped you picked this up :D

To get to see how different devs develop the same game differently. Your mindset seems to be somewhat too competitive for this kind of jam (which is perfectly fine, just doesn't seem to be the right kind of jam for you then). To me, the whole point is a cooperative building of games and to see how games can turn out differently if different people work on it. Most of the games I saw were perfectly playable day 3 and a valid jam game by then. Why do they necessarily need to reach day 6? So that a few of them are in a blackthornprod video? So that they get high ratings? To me that's a nice plus. The way is the goal here, not the destination.

That's great 👍 Have fun!

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I can't agree. In my opinion exactly this "evolutionary process" is what makes this jam so incredibly interesting. I do think however, that there is definitely also a place for something closer to blackthornprods videos, where only the multiple dev thing is the focus of it. Who knows, maybe different "genres" of new game jams will rise from this. Pretty exciting.

Does anyone know how voting will work? I only joined day 5, so if voting is done in itch on day 6, I won't be allowed to vote. That would be sad.

I agree with everything you said :)

Very cool!

Check if the scripts have been imported to the assets twice. This looks like some scripts have been doubled somehow 

I have to say, with those trees of games, and only some spawning progenitors... this is kind of looking like a game development evolutionary process almost. Very interesting.

That is such a cool resource to have. I'm sure I'll come back to it to see the paths my favorite games of day 6 took to get there.

Crazy, that is so cool. I love the concept of this jam. I find it so very interesting to see the parallel paths of games for some reason.

Much love. Looking forward to seeing your work!

Glad you like it! Working on it was rly fun 🙂

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Oooh sry. Yeah, the "Esc" key is a thing, too. My bad.

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There are no controls other than movement. Only WASD and arrow keys so far.

I would be very happy to know that the game is being continued tomorrow :)

Ah, yeah - I didn't really look what was done which day - good point :)

This is friggin' insane :D

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It is so interesting to see how the different devs evolve the game differently. I really like the way your particle effects spread out widely - it has a cool, floaty feel to it. Kind of wish I'd done that, too. It's kind of like parallel universes :P

Good luck on getting picked up for day 6! I'm sure you're as anxious as I am, that your version of the game gets picked up again.

I had a lot of fun working on this :)

Will you upload a game build, too? I would be very interested to see in what directions other devs took this game :)

This jam is so friggin interesting. Can't wait to see what you made of it!

Great work so far! I also chose your game and Seiokii ist right, the downloads are swapped :)

Actually, wasn't the GMTK a week-long jam? I'll take that as a huge compliment then. (Also just spamming mobs until no money is left is a shockingly effective strategy)

Yeah the GMTK theme would've fit us better for sure 😅 That's on me, I wanted to try a TD for this jam and incorporating exploration into a tower defense idea wasn't really easy. I can assure you though, that this was only worked on during this jam, including idea conception. (Except that I wanted to do a TD in general)

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Thank you for this elaborate comment 😊 Didn't even think about assigning the 1-10 shorthand. Would make a lot of sense, I agree