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Epic game 10/10.

Really cool game, didn't expect a rhythm game in this jam. It was kind of annoying that the arrows didn't line up into the shapes, might be due to resolution or something. Otherwise great job!

Cool idea, got stuck on not finding the last guy. A pointer or minimap would be neat so you don't get stuck.

The health system was a bit weird, otherwise great game.

I love borgor.

Cool concept, would love to see it finished.

Really cool game, I love the concept of mixing different turret styles depending on the situations. Keep up the good work!

Some music and an ui for health would be really nice, thanks for submitting your game!

The sound was a bit overwhelming, maybe add a sound slider? Otherwise, great game.

Would need some art revamp and balancing fixes, otherwise nice game!

Really great game! Found an exploit where you can just spam research though :D

Really interesting take on the expire concept and amazing execution. Didn't really enjoy that alien ending though :P

Yeeting aliens with fire and air is fun. Maybe add combinations that require 3 elements?

Really nice game, would love some more things to do and some kind of explanation of what each car part does.

Would love some more minimalistic art instead of the one you're using now, otherwise great game!

Really amazing concept, game crashed for me in the tutorial though.

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Would love a recipe book of things you've created, great game!

I could see myself paying for a game like this. If this doesn't get into top 3 I am going to be sad.

Really great game, I am usually not a big fan of visual novels but this one seperates from the norm.

Cool concept, would love to see it finished!

Cool game, tutorial would be nice :D

Was far too hard, make the first levels easier. Otherwise great game! :D

I couldn't start the game, do you think you could make a webGL version too?

Great game! Some polishing and some kind of goal would make it even better. :D

The game seems to lack a bit in goals other than to survive, maybe add some goal and have the body crafting survival as the challenge? Some polishing and bug fixes could make this idea really neat.

Really nice game! Would love to see how many batteries and metal I have in some kind of ui and possibly some more content. Amazing job!

If you add a crosshair, some simple background music, enemy ai and a goal. I think it could turn into something really nice :D

Thank you so much for your feedback!

A really good game, shows how roguelikes should be made.

Really fun game, got a bit frustrating with the controls at times but otherwise well done!

Really great game, some polishing and it would likely be sellable!

That enemy scared the crap out of me, could easily be turned into an horror game xD

Was a bit confusing at first, maybe add crafting recipes?. Other than that really great job!

Really cool game, I love the creating alien and watching them fight aspect. Keep up the good work!

Really great game :D



Aiming: Mouse

Shooting: LMB

Reloading: R

Moving: W, A, S, D

Switching guns: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 (if unlocked)

Crafting guns: C (while in contact with the ship)

Repairing the ship: F (while in contact with the ship)