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Hi! Tiny Life’s localization is currently community-sourced. If you’re interested in helping out with the localization, you can find more info on the documentation site:

Very cute!! I love the wooden wallpaper indoors. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that yet, but it works really well!

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Hi! Thanks so much for expressing concern about this.

My Instagram and Twitter accounts are not related to my professional pages. My personal website is my personal website, and my personal social media accounts are just that.

My website contains some blog posts with potentially mature content, which contain a warning to that effect right at the top. You’re correct that the social media section doesn’t explicitly mention that some sites may contain mature content, though - that’s definitely something that would be worth adding! (Edit: Following your feedback, I’ve added a disclaimer to this section of the website as well.)

I don’t post anything inappropriate (or “not safe for work”) on Instagram. If you consider a photo of someone in underwear inappropriate, you probably shouldn’t visit a public swimming pool. I also don’t oversee who follows me on that account, because it’s set to public which means that anyone who wants to can follow.

I have a big disclaimer on my Twitter bio, because I sometimes post things involving mature content there, and the account is linked on Tiny Life’s Twitter.

The Discord server’s nsfw channel is also deliberately designed in a way that makes it hidden for people who haven’t given themselves the nsfw role. This step comes in addition to Discord’s built-in nsfw channel warning.

Feel free to let me know if you have any more concerns!

no u 🥰

I’m glad you’re excited!! 🥰

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that!! There’s not currently a way to revive dead Tinies, but they’re still a part of your save file, as ghosts are planned to make an appearance in Tiny Life in the future.

I like the idea of having a cheat to revive dead Tinies, though, so I put it on our to-do list!

Hi, unfortunately 32-bit Windows is not supported anymore by most of the frameworks & libraries we use. Only very few people still use 32-bit devices and operating systems, and so supporting it is much more work for us than it’s ever going to be worth.

Also, the device’s screen size has no effect on whether you can play Tiny Life or not, as it dynamically adapts to pretty much any screen size if you use fullscreen mode or you enlargen the game windows by pressing the square button in the top right of the window bar.

I’m sorry we can’t support your device, but I hope you give the game another chance if you decide to upgrade at any point!

The only version currently downloadable from itch is the Tiny Life Demo, which is the same as the Tiny Life Demo you can download on Steam.

Before, both Steam and itch had the Tiny Life Public Beta available, which supported mods and other types of custom content. If you want to install custom content on that version, you can find all the info here:

Good luck!

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Hi, I assume you’re playing the Tiny Life Demo (which is the only version of Tiny Life that can currently be downloaded), which doesn’t have support for mods. To be sure that this is the version you’re playing, you can go to the rightmost tab of the Options menu and either see a button to open the mods folder (in which case you’re playing the now unavailable public beta, and the folder to put mods in will open automatically when pressing the button), or the information that mods are not available in the demo.

For more info about the Tiny Life Demo, you can check out this devlog post.

Please report your issue using the official feedback form. Thanks!

Thanks so much! 🥰

The file explorer you’re showing looks like chromeOS, which, depending on the machine you have, might be ARM-based, which means Tiny Life will not run on it.

Even if your machine is x86 (and 64-bit-capable), you very likely can’t run Tiny Life on chromeOS either way, because it has an extremely restrictive security model.


Maybe lose the attitude?

As I stated before, the binary is the file called Tiny Life. You have it highlighted in your screenshot.

If you can’t execute it, there has to be a reason for that, which is usually displayed in your terminal if you try to execute it from there. If the reason is that you don’t have permission to execute it, you’ll need to give yourself permission. If the reason is that the game is crashing, please share your crash report. Good luck!

Hi! We recently updated the docs to include this information more clearly. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi! This feature changed a long time ago. However, you can now find all the information you need for making a custom map on the docs site. Good luck!

Hi! You just download the linux version of the game from here on itch, unzip the archive using your favorite archive tool (most linux distributions have the unzip tool built in), and then execute the binary named Tiny Life. Enjoy!

Hi! As with most applications for Linux, the binary without a file extension is the one you have to execute to launch Tiny Life.

Keep in mind that, based on your distribution and permissions, you might have to make sure that you have the necessary permissions for executing the file.

We’re so happy to hear that the headscarves are making you feel more included! 🥰

Hi! You can edit your Tiny by purchasing a chest of drawers or a wardrobe.

If you want to edit their personality, name or skin color after you created them, you can use the EditPerson cheat.

Hi. .NET 6, which is what Tiny Life runs on, is not compatible with MacOS High Sierra anymore. There is nothing we can do about this. Sorry!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing :)

This is such a cute idea!! Very nice build.

Thanks so much! We’re glad you enjoy the game and this update :)

Hi! You can check out the tutorial if you want to install Tiny Life mods!

Hi! All you have to do is go into the Character Creator in the household you want to export, and then press the Export button in the bottom-left corner. You’ll then be able to inspect the exported json file in your explorer and upload it or its contents onto a file sharing site like Google Drive or Dropbox, or just paste its content into your post directly!

Hi! If you’re on a laptop, usually you have to press or toggle the Fn key to switch between a mode where you can use the F keys for special actions (like changing the volume or brightness) and a mode where they just act as te normal F keys :)

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A cafe is a separate lot type that you can select. Lot staff aren’t playable, and you can’t live in a cafe :)

Puddles on natural ground will evaporate on their own after a while :)

This is so cute!! I love it :)

Thanks so much for checking out the game and sharing your video! 💖

Hi, thanks so much for your suggestion! This feature is already on our to-do list :)

Thanks for your suggestions!

Pregnancy is already planned, and we’ll keep your other ideas in mind :)

As I said previously, adoption isn’t implemented yet, but it’s already planned and will be implemented in the future!

You can get to the map by just zooming out, there’s no separate map view.

You can open the cheats menu using the F1 button, as explained in the cheats documentation.

When downloading custom lots and households, be sure to put them into the right directory (you can get to it through the “Open in Explorer” button in the Import menus for lots and households), and give them the file ending “.json” rather than “.txt” or something else. Good luck!

Hi, thanks for the suggestions!

There’s already cars in the game, and adoption and animals are already on our roadmap :)

What don’t you like about the game’s graphics, specifically? It’d be great if you could let us know!

This sounds like a good idea! I’ll get to it right away :)

Looks cute! I love that everyone is using the flags in their builds <3