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I haven't found any instances of switching pronouns, can you point me where this happens? I've re-read it and I think I only refer to her as "The Ghost" and "She", and ghost is a unisex word.

Ouch! I will try to get that fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!

A great adventure idea! The players have to stop a band of possums from stealing while keeping all the humans unaware of anything going on. It seems to me like a hilarious scene where every time they manage a situation another one even more blatant comes up. 

Easy to read and understand and easy to manage the pacing of the story by using the more attentive or unattentive humans. Another great contribution to the Kiwi Acres.

A good sage NPC with its related location. While simple this can be very useful for GMs that want to introduce some information to their players. Reminds me a bit of Maus Astrologus, another excellent little location + NPC.

A classic-style adventure with two maps. The crazied mushrooms on the grove and the bat scientists on the cave are good sets of enemies. The kea companion sounds like a lot of fun to have during the adventure.

As a suggestion, you could connect the maps having the cave entrance inside the grove so it's easier for the players to navigate.

All in all a nice nature-oriented part of the Kiwi Acres 👍🏻

As a Firefox user, thank you very much! 😊

I've always found the tri-fold pamphlet adventure to be a great format: portable, easy to read, and concise. This template is a very accessible way to start designing in this format without having to purchase specific publishing software.

NOTE: The text columns appeared misaligned in Firefox but worked fine when exported. They appear fine in Chrome.

A nice heist adventure! I love when adventures can avoid combat and this one has a great reason to do it: owls are notable predators to mice! But the hook is also great: duck eggs being stolen and experimented upon!

I think that the best thing about the adventure is that you can pick the random encounters by hand so that you can increase or decrease the tension as you want as they approach the tower, even if the awareness tracker doesn't change.

There's one thing I'd change. Having the passcode hidden in corners around the map isn't explained, feels a bit videogamey. I would maybe paint it on the floor so it's readable from the tower as a "secret in plain view" password reminder. That way mice don't know if a 1 is just a line, or that other sign is a 7 or an L, a 6 or a 9, etc. 

All in all a great adventure packed excellently in a trifold pamphlet.

Very interesting location that fits Mausritter very well! Looting food from sleeping campers is a good premise. Adding items that you can get on a part of the camp and helps on another part is great. And adding a ticking clock in the form of a noise meter as a risk/reward mechanic is amazing. Not all parties enjoy puzzles but if they do they can get a big kick out of this location.  Great idea, great execution and great layout as always, very recommended.

A good heist adventure with some original curses to place on your mice and a very powerful one-use item at the end. There's three factions at play, which can make it very interesting, but they're not too fleshed out so maybe you can give them different motivations to want the magic plum before playing it.

An amazing little adventure perfect to introduce people to the world of Mausritter! The idea of having to disable a lawnmower as a mouse is great: it's easy to understand and it serves to keep the size of mice always present. The pamphlet layout is also very easy to read. 💯 Very recommended.

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Hi, this one looks like it's not available anymore:

EDIT: I see now it's described as "in maintenance"

I love it! Great room to put in any Mausritter dungeon! Short but with a bit of both puzzle and combat.

Amazing compilation of adventures! Great art and layout, amazing flavour, cool NPCs and it includes the unlabelled maps to show your players!

Very cool game! It's clearly inspired by old sword and sorcery movies and books, but it's not based on D&D and its retro clones. Rules are comprehensive but logical and easy to understand. I can't wait to play it!

Great location! An uneasy peace is such a good way to present a difficult situation for players to navigate.  I like that there's not only the magpie - liliputians conflict, but also internal conflict on how the liliputians should deal with the magpie. I love putting the players on these powder keg situations and see what they do!

I love this little location! It has a very strong theme with the amps, robot mice and spare parts. It's really evocative and I can already see the cave in my mind :)

If you want your Mausritter game to lean more into the OSR side, this supplement is great to start some helpless mice on their deadly paths!

If you want to add some variety to your Mausritter adventures, this is a great way to make sure each player feels a unique species, they will have A LOT of different enemies to encounter, and lots of different taverns to go to! Amazing amount of content for your game!

Great location for a Mausritter game! You can plug this location into your existing campaign with no effort, give it a try :)

Lots of custom necrotic spells that fit Mausritter perfectly. If printed and given to your players this could be an amazing surprise at the table. And it gives a lot of ideas for quests and how to incorporate it into the world.

The adventure on this zine is amazing. I love the concept and the execution. The extra hexmap and knight order is just the icing on the cake. Very recommended.

Another amazing zine on the Bernpyle series! The swamplands hexmap is a great location to travel in your adventures, and the webkin can introduce a bit of horror to the game. I didn't care too much about the tale of frogs and mice, but it's nice to have!

This zine is an awesome resource for an awesome game :) The adventure includes a hexcrawl so you can expand on it, the dungeon is super-original and could be a way to start your game giving your players one of these new magical items from the start. Great resource as always from Matt.

Incredible amount of material for your Mausritter games. It includes an adventure (bigger than most locations for this game), rules for flying and terrestial mounts, and more. It's a great complement to your games.

Great resource for your Mausritter games, in a perfect format for the game :)

This RPG is amazing. The rules are simple and flexible so they allow for anything to happen and gives you tools to put numbers on it if necessary. The document is a masterpiece of design. I can't recommend it enough.

If you've played some of the official Tolkien RPGs you've seen they're mostly based on LOTR: Almost no magic, lots of travelling, very realistic tone.  This game is more based on The Hobbit, where adventuring is something that just happens and you can accidently enter a secret goblin cave or fall asleep after crossing a magical river. It blends Tolkien lore with classic OSR gameplay and simple rules. If your group plays MERP, TOR or AIME and wants to try something different while still in Middle-Earth, this is it.

Yeah, some kind of sorting, tagging or categories would go a long way. Even if I could see all the games in the bundle in an alphabetical list would be nice, instead of having to see those 52 pages of randomly ordered games.

I love the content and the format, great job!