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My bad, fixed it

You can embed the game in a html file or in a project page requiring the smallest HTML knowledge. To download it as a html file, you can check out this guide by them (Embed Your Godot Game On Your Website).

If you have the proper rights to it, go ahead

Ooh, and we just made a Discord. Check it out:

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Exacly my thought. So I went ahead and made a discord server.

Multiplayer Jam’s discord server

I didn’t make one, so no.

The Jam has begun with the theme revealed!!

Have fun with whatever interpretation you have whether it be the Sandy Dunes or Abandoning your friends.

Sure, go ahead :)

The game must be made within the 13 days, sorry.

I was dreading this question for a long time. I was asked that and gave a rather simple answer but I want to revise it. I gave it a good thought and have decided to allow bots in the game under a few rules:

  1. They must not be the main focus of the game.
  2. They must be clearly marked as a bot.
  3. They should be used sparingly.
  4. They should not take away from the experience of playing the game with real players.

It must be said that you should try to get players to play together through methods like recommended schedules. I will try to help out by posting my own recommended schedule and open invitations to play.

Yes, you can watch tutorials :)

New promotional piece on reddit here. This is in celebration for being within the top 10 most joined Game Jam upcoming this month. It's no GMTK but still a milestone I wanted to celebrate.

Hey Game Next, this is more suitable to be placed in Release announcement instead of General Discussion


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If you are a Godot user planning on making a Network game in the browser, consider using Gotm’s GDScript plugin which lets you access their API directly from GDScript. You can either download it from the AssetLib or download it directly from Github. You can check out the documentation here or check out my reddit post here. If you are using it though, the submission process is a little more complicated.

First, you must host the game on Gotm which requires an account and a studio. Then, you can follow this tutorial made by them. After which, you can write up a description, add some screenshots and submit the project to this Jam.

Some benefits you get to reap off are the Online lobbies that can be sorted by custom properties such as “name” or “difficulty” and networking without port forwarding with upcoming features such as Remote Play Together and pre-made Leaderboards. So definitely check them out at

* This section is part of a collaboration with me and the developers of Gotm. They gave me complete freedom to say whatever I want so all opinions expressed are my own.

Car Crash Armageddon

Car Crash Armageddon is a cool little game made in 3D by alessandrovinaccia. It has relatively nice graphics for something that runs super smoothly on my weak laptop. The controls are tight in game and the physics is stable. However, the community is nowhere to be seen since the marketing was rather weak. If you do want to play, get a friend to download it as well and play together.

Car Crash Armageddon, check it out.

This topic is specifically made to promote Multiplayer games made by participates that I think deserves some attention for effort. If you think you deserve to be on this list, message me on reddit or discord or in this community post.

Hi, it must be made within the 13 day period because it must follow the theme provided (revealed on 1st August). However, I wouldn't mind linking Car Crash Armageddon with your consent since a lot of effort seemed to be put into it. It would just be a small part either in the community or the page called "examples by participants".

Officially in the top 50% of most joined Game Jam upcoming this month. Wooo!

If you haven't checked it out,  here it is. I also made a promotional game for it which you can find through here.

I made a reddit post about this but I might as well mention it here as well.

I made a game called, it is an Arenal Multiplayer Game played in the browser. This game is a promotional stunt to try to get more people to join Multiplayer Jam, a Game Jam all about Multiplayer Games whether it be Couch-play or Online. If you haven't already, consider joining because this Jam is something I've looked out for and I want to give the same opportunity to does who have the same interest as me. Even if aren't planning on submitting, it would be nice to know there will be an audience for the submissions.

So is every other criteria redundant? Just popular in a community?

Hey Guys, my Jam is officially on the Upcoming this Month tab so if you haven't, please consider joining. It would be a shame if no one plays these games specifically made to be played together.

For those you have joined, make sure to sharpen your skills to come up with a great submission. And thank you, it means a lot. 

This game looks hella cool but I don't have a controller to play with. Would you consider adding in a way to have two players play on a single keyboard? Or better yet, include online functionality so we can play on separate devices.

This game was quite interesting and I always like Multiplayer game so it's nice to find does in a Game Jam. You left out sound in your game which I get for a first time but some background music goes a long way in making a game feel lively. If it's allowed in the Jam, you can just take the soundtrack of a game you like a put it in. Besides that though, it's smart of you to have each player have different properties, that gave it some replay value among me and my brothers. If I were to add one thing though, it would be a first to 5 kill wins mechanic.

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I'm assuming it is the same process as being a Featured Game. That is, it is manually curated by curators.

But what do they take into account? I'm assuming how "interesting" it is; How many participants there are. What else? Do they take into account how old it is? How close is it to starting?

But more interestingly, what can hurt its chances of being featured?

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I was asked this and this is my explanation. There is an aspect of multiplayer games called Community Management. If nobody is playing your game, you can't play in the first place (this mainly applies to Online games with lobbies). So my thought process was that if I shorten the time of voting, I will increase the density of players playing the game at any given time, increasing the likelihood of finding a player randomly.

On top of that, I will also mention when me and my friends will be playing each game, including Couch-Play.

I was asked this question and my answer towards it was this. Before submitting, submissions must specify whether it is a Couch-Play or an Online Game. So if you are limited to Online Games, you'll know in advance. From the perspective of a developer, you must take that into account.

Anyways I kind of assumed those participating will have a partner to play with, I have my brother so I can play both types.

Hey Everyone, I'm hosting a Game Jam for games that are near and dear to my heart. I think there is a shortage of Good Multiplayer Games and I wanted to host this Jam to show that you can make great Multiplayer Games without a AAA budget. This is a Jam that I would have personally joined myself so I wanted to give this opportunity for people who have the same interest. 

For those not as tech-savvy, there are a few options for you. Learn how to through the documentation I provided at the bottom. Make a Couch-Play game. Or my favourite option, team-up with those who do have the skills (Feel free to open a discussion looking for teammates).

Check it out here.

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It is okay if effects such as explosions, dust particle, sword slashes, etc. are larger than 8x8? If not, that would definitely hinder the game feel/juice.

Hell yeah, I would totally like to join

Nah, it's alright. I get it, I'll just go solo I guess.

Hey I'm rather bad at graphics (proof by my only project on but I'm a mighty fine programmer. Have room for one more?

Ah Alright, well thanks again!!

I absolutely adore this game, it is so cute. Not only that, but the character is such a blast to control. You've really hit that "game feel". Although, the character is a little too slippery which makes him a little hard to control at times. And the coyote time is a little much.

Side note: Could not beat that level with a giant block in the middle.

Hey thanks man, about the switching weapon, I kind of did it by design. I wanted to hammer down the theme of decision so I liked the permanents of it. But I see why it could be disliked because it can feel a little repetitive through out a game. Mention anything else you don't like, no need to hold back.