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So I use a Mac which means I can't play games for Windows, i.e 2/3 of the games so far. Mind if you also export to Mac/browser?

Hmmm well my suggestion is work with what you have and just run with it.  Twine is good for very specific games with a very specific aesthetic so take a pen and a piece of paper and write the most compelling story about parallel worlds.

Just remember that one of the category is graphic so maybe explain away some in-world backstory why your character is an ' i '

Oh ,well this is my first game jam. Quite fluent in programming in a couple languages (mainly python), I use Godot and suck at art.

It would really be great if there was a mac version download. I have seen this game on YouTube and it seems really awesome and fun.

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Enjoyed this game quite a bit.

Graphics - 4/5 (Animation is nice but art can be improve)

Sound design - 5/5 (Liked the music and sound effects)

Controls - 3/5 (Too many buttons are on the left hand side)

Feel - 3/5 (Feedback can be improved especially when taking damage)

Overall - 7/10 (Would play again)