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What a lovely chill game.  Feels so polished for a game jam game! The art is adorable and the music really fits the vibes. I would love to grow my tree taller and meet more creatures and see what aesthetics are on offer for their particular room.

Palette is Ayy4 by Polyducks I love it too.

Had intended to do a more traditionally gameboy colour palette this year but this one was just so chicken-ey.

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Thanks :) Not a lot to do I'm afraid. We ran out of time, so all you can do is wander round and meet a couple other chickens

The reason some spots don't allow planting is the idea that they have too much or too little resources for your plant (e.g. too much water and it'll drown, too little and it will die of dehydration)

The plant should bud, then when you hit next stage it will flower and give you dna, when you hit next stage again it will give you seeds to plant (but they have a limited lifespan so you might want to pick out where you want to plant in advance). If you click the upgrade you will see a tree you can spend your dna points on.

Unless of course you mean you can't see any UI, in which case ignore what I said, maybe try a different build? because that'd definitely be a bug.

I updated the game page with some more info to try and make it clearer if you want to have another go :)

Nothing wrong, there's no audio ^-^

We had intended to have some, but we didn't get round to it.

The art for this game is really nice. I particularly like the large plague doctor image. All my criticism has already been covered by others so I'll leave it at that.

I really enjoyed this game! The Hunger and Level bars were confusing to me to begin with, but I managed to work them out after a while. I really like that you have to keep all your units fed (although it's a bit tedious to have to manually feed them with game boy controls). I adore that all my pets have their own names. The unicorn, needs to have a quieter/less repetitive sound, this put me off wanting to use it.  All in all great game and I would love to play again if you continue to work on it.

Such a cute game. I was amazed at how long this game was given it was made in a Jam, every time I thought it would be the end there was another level. Really interesting mechanic I haven't seen before, I thoroughly enjoyed it.