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I'm sorry to hear about your financial troubles after Heaven's Grave and I hope it will be solved. It was a very good game, and quite unique in my opinion at least so I hope more people will find it eventually. I've enjoyed all your games greatly so far so I'd definitely back all your coming games on there.  I'd also suggest Patreon, although I understand if the concept isn't for you. 

I finally got around to write up my thoughts for this game. The short storyis that I loved it! It was well written with great characters and a compelling story. Arha was my favourite, so resourceful and strong despite all the crap that happens to her, and so refreshingly sassy sometimes:) Definitely one of the best main character of any game!

As for the gods they were all interesting and had a very realistic feel to them, their actons and reasoning seemed like how a god turned mortal would be like. But my favourite of the three after playing through every route is Kien. I always do my first playthrough in a similar way, picking the choices I myself would most likely do in that situation and I almost maxed Kien's points I learned after looking at the guide:). During their travels they really felt like a team, like two people working equally to succeed. Their romance was also nicely built up from the start, some of their interactions was so heartwarming:)

The plot and the writing hooked me at once, and I really liked the way it went with the quest and the gods. And despite it making sense in hindsight I did not see the twist coming by the end.  One thing I loved was that your choices in the game aren't always linked to romance points and when they are it's not always as strict as with other games. So that I could play Ahra as I wanted while still getting more than enough points was very relaxing and rewarding. All in all another great game from you and I'm looking forward to the upcoming games as well:D

I first grabbed this demo because I really loved Heaven's Grave and The Rose of Segunda even though a school settings isn't something I'm usually drawn to. But I didn't expect to become so invested in the story so fast! The characters and their struggles are so well written it draws you in at once.

The twist that came early on took me by surprise, I had no idea despite the games description, and I must say it was all very well done, I rarley get tearyeyed due to games but this game broke me. I feel so bad for the characters but especially poor Melody.

Both Saffron and Melody are amazing characters to play as/ influence and I love them both. Saffron is a really nice protaganist compared to the many blank slates that exists. But I can relate a lot to Melody and her struggles so I guess that's a reason why she is a favourite of mine.

I have only played through the demo once but I am going to go through it again to see more of the options, and the characters. I'm looking forward to the release so I can see the entire story and see a resolve for the girls:D

Happy Birthday!! :D

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Since I played through Ran's Story and have halfway finished Bahadur's Story I expected to like this game but it really blew me away, it was much better than I had expected. It's quite a simple premise but it grew more complicated as you find out more about the world and how the mc ended up there. And a plus for me was that despite the post apocalypse setting, and the dark themes there was humor as well and good chemestry between the characters both with and without romance.

Trash's character was great, I liked him from the start and he only got better, you can really see how his past has shaped him and influenced his choices throughout, and even if you don't play as him you really get a feel for how his life has been and how hard it is for him to adjust to life with another person again. And at times when he was being evasive or a bit of a jerk I was glad to see that the mc didn't just take it lying down, she could put her foot down and tell him off, both with choices or as part of the story.

As for the mc, you can of course play her very differently each time, but I loved how many options you have for shaping her personality, and some of her dialogue is pure gold. I'm definetly going to play through the game again picking some different options, and to experience the story again :D

I'm generally a bit suspicious when it comes to games, especially visual novels, but this game proved me wrong. I really enjoyed it and the plot was more engaging than I expected, when I thought that it was all beginning to wrap up nicely with just a few more questions the plot twist took me entirely by surprise. In hindsight there were lots of clues that hinted towards it which is a sign of good storytelling.

The realtively short timeframe is a bit of a downside but the relationships still don't feel too rushed and it's nice to see that Riilai was still a professional despite the temptations and that she didn't let herself be pushed around when others didn't share her opinion. I liked both guys, they had their unique personalities and while Shanrae was my favourite I want Seth's cat so bad, his design was amazing :D

The game is simply beautiful, the cgs were gorgeus, and while I at first was a bit sceptical of the live 2D it quickly grew on me and now I love it. Especially Riilai's expressions, like the happy and sparkly one was adorable :D

The writing was great overall and the inspections and puzzles you get to do was an interesting idea, searching for clues and puzzling things together was fun. I had no problems with the game either, I could't play the demo without it crashing but as soon as I installed the full game it played smoothly.

So in conclusion, a great game that I can see myself replaying in the future. Have a great day!

Well, I finished this demo in one sitting in the middle of the night, I was thinking all the time that I needed to go to sleep but I couldn't stop playing until I was done:) First I have to say that everything from the characters to the environments were so well done, although that was perhaps no surprise since I loved the Winged Ones. I loved Maya from the start, like Tamara she is a breath of fresh air from the naive and bland female mcs that are so common. And lets just say that when the description said she was skilled at dancing that was not what I was expecting xD

I also loved the fairytale/Disney references that were all over the place and the nods to the Winged Ones. When it comes to the characters I actually changed my mind on them throughout the demo, Kha'lil went from like to love, he was just adorable and easy going, a character you can't dislike really. Guntur was interesting, especially seeing how scared Maya was of him despite him seeming to be a really sweet and dependable guy under that gruff exterior :D Arya I changed my mind the most on, at first I didn't quite like him, he was a bit to abrasive and sweary imo, but when they met again to go to the Forgotten Islands he grew on me, he is just hilarious once you get used to his swearing, plus a character with an actual disability that isn't rendered useless/gets healed instantly was great. So once again all enjoyable characters, as for a favourite though I don't know, I change my mind as soon as I pick one xD

When it comes to the gameplay itself I have no complaints, I like the way you can move on the map, the descriptions and the icons/chibi animations when you do things were just adorable. I love learning more of cultures and languages so the inclusion of Indonesian phrases and the ability to check what they mean was also appreciated. The grammar were improved, I don't recall noticing that many mistakes, and the writing itself was great, it drew you in and the humor again was spot on.

Well this became rather long again but in conclusion, a great demo and a game I'm really looking forward to. Keep up the good work and have a great day!

1. That must be it, Reksa was very good at being distracting xD  But it was a nice variation as well, in a way she dealt with it on her own/with a distraction.

2. That brings back memories, Inu Yasha was the series that got me in to manga/anime and is still a favourite of mine as well :D Fantasy is something you can't get in real life which is why I prefer it to strictly real life settings, why limit yourself to logic when magic is way more interesting:)

3. I can understand that, whenever I write something I go over it so many times until I'm happy with it and then a few more times:) I was a bit curious when it came to the names of the characters though, were they chosen on random or do they have any meanings? It's always something I'm interested in along with cultural stuff.

Don't worry, take the time it needs with Bermuda Triangle, no matter if the game is from an indie developer or a large company I'd rather it takes a bit longer to finish so the game can be as good as it can be instead of being rushed out. I just finished the demo and it was very good, I'll probably get together a review on that as well later when I've explored more of the options, but I really liked Maya and all the guys so far as well as all the references:) 

I just finished the game and what a ride! I don't often write reviews on games but I felt I had to after this one. First I loved Tamara from the start, she was a nice change from the typical otome mc, some of her lines had me laughing so hard (well not only hers, a lot of the game made me lol so hard:) She became one of my favourite character to play as very fast, she did a lot of things I wish other main characters would. I also really liked the handling of her past in Mitra's route, I won't give away anything but that made me smile:)

1. Oh man, this is a tough choice as I greatly enjoyed all three routes and it's not all that often I play a game and enjoy all guys as well as their stories. But for me Reksa won out followed closely by Mitra. Reksa was first of all an interesting change since we got to see the differences beteen the komodos and the avians more but his character growth and interactions with Tamara won me over. Tamara's past isn't really mentioned in his route though which is one  downside since I really liked the handling of it in Mitra's. And we also got to see more of Purba in his route which is great because I enjoyed his character a lot:)

2. I do play quite a lot of visual novels, no matter the genre, maybe because I love reading so much:) I do mostly enjoy vn's with a plot that would keep me interested even without the romance and rarely play just fluff otome games, although I have a few exceptions. I saw the thumbnail for Nusantara and became interested as it seemed fantasy oriented and when I read about it the cultural and mythological inclusion sold it for me. Any games with historical/mythological themes will catch my attention since those are big interests for me. So I loved the inclusions of that as well as the encyclopedia with real life info, and the animals the guys were based on were also a very nice addition:)

3. If I had to choose then it would be the story, the humor and the characters, the writing was on point and the grammar errors were not very noticable. The dialogue and characters were all very well done, Tamara was strong and fun to play as, I loved that the side characters were so fleshed out and I especially fell for Asih and Yuda, they were just adorable together:) The fact that the plot took place over almost half a year was also a plus, it made the romance feel more real and natural and is a thing that isn't too common in otome games. The darker themes was also a plus and you handled all of them well in my opinion, it's something I'd like in more games.

4.  Keep up the good work, this was an awesome game and I will play Bermuda Triangle for sure after this gem!

I had no idea there was a sequel underway for The Rose of Segunda and just stumbled upon it here and I can't be more hyped since I wanted a sequel as soon as I finished the game! I loved the first game and still replay it every now and again, it is not famous enough in my opinion. The MC is as amazing as ever, the humour in the first game was one thing I loved the most, it made me go through all the routes and all the choices just to see it all:) 

This demo is just as good so far, I liked all the characters we saw and their growth and hints to their lives these past two years, although Leo will forever be number one. It's also nice that the game still has its humour and wit despite the darker tone and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I'm also very curious about the new romance options for the loveless route.

I'm eagerly awaiting this game and the next piece of the demo, and if the rest of the game is like the demo then it will be amazing!