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I first grabbed this demo because I really loved Heaven's Grave and The Rose of Segunda even though a school settings isn't something I'm usually drawn to. But I didn't expect to become so invested in the story so fast! The characters and their struggles are so well written it draws you in at once.

The twist that came early on took me by surprise, I had no idea despite the games description, and I must say it was all very well done, I rarley get tearyeyed due to games but this game broke me. I feel so bad for the characters but especially poor Melody.

Both Saffron and Melody are amazing characters to play as/ influence and I love them both. Saffron is a really nice protaganist compared to the many blank slates that exists. But I can relate a lot to Melody and her struggles so I guess that's a reason why she is a favourite of mine.

I have only played through the demo once but I am going to go through it again to see more of the options, and the characters. I'm looking forward to the release so I can see the entire story and see a resolve for the girls:D

Hello, Elflady, and thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo (well, aside from the tears).

Quite a few people have been surprised at the twist - part of me worries I am not using it to full effect when marketing the game (since so many people seem to be off put by the school setting), but then I worry about spoiling the surprise.  ^_^

Well, it should not be long now before you'll be able to see the conclusion to Saffron and Melody's story - I'm aiming to have it out by the end of the year. 

Many thanks for playing.