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I finally got around to write up my thoughts for this game. The short storyis that I loved it! It was well written with great characters and a compelling story. Arha was my favourite, so resourceful and strong despite all the crap that happens to her, and so refreshingly sassy sometimes:) Definitely one of the best main character of any game!

As for the gods they were all interesting and had a very realistic feel to them, their actons and reasoning seemed like how a god turned mortal would be like. But my favourite of the three after playing through every route is Kien. I always do my first playthrough in a similar way, picking the choices I myself would most likely do in that situation and I almost maxed Kien's points I learned after looking at the guide:). During their travels they really felt like a team, like two people working equally to succeed. Their romance was also nicely built up from the start, some of their interactions was so heartwarming:)

The plot and the writing hooked me at once, and I really liked the way it went with the quest and the gods. And despite it making sense in hindsight I did not see the twist coming by the end.  One thing I loved was that your choices in the game aren't always linked to romance points and when they are it's not always as strict as with other games. So that I could play Ahra as I wanted while still getting more than enough points was very relaxing and rewarding. All in all another great game from you and I'm looking forward to the upcoming games as well:D


Thank you for the feedback - I'm very glad you enjoyed the game and the characterisations. 

Ah, and someone else who does their first playthrough blind! I always do that as well - I call it my 'canon playthrough'. 

Unfortunately for me and my less than stellar otome skills, most of the time my 'canon ending' tends to be 'No one likes you, and you die alone to be eaten by your cats'.  >_>

Which is why I guess I like to include plenty of conversation options that are just for role-play purposes. I find I can really get into role-playing the character when I don't have to worry that one 'wrong' answer is going to condemn me to a bad ending. 

Anyway, it was lovely to hear to what you enjoyed about the game and I hope you find BFF just as engaging.

Many thanks for playing.