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I had no idea there was a sequel underway for The Rose of Segunda and just stumbled upon it here and I can't be more hyped since I wanted a sequel as soon as I finished the game! I loved the first game and still replay it every now and again, it is not famous enough in my opinion. The MC is as amazing as ever, the humour in the first game was one thing I loved the most, it made me go through all the routes and all the choices just to see it all:) 

This demo is just as good so far, I liked all the characters we saw and their growth and hints to their lives these past two years, although Leo will forever be number one. It's also nice that the game still has its humour and wit despite the darker tone and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I'm also very curious about the new romance options for the loveless route.

I'm eagerly awaiting this game and the next piece of the demo, and if the rest of the game is like the demo then it will be amazing!

Thank you for your kind comments - it's nice to hear you enjoyed the first game and like where the sequel has headed so far. 

Yes, part of me wanted to make the single route long enough to enable players to meet the two new characters, but that would have made it about three times as long as the other demo routes. Perhaps when the game is nearer completion, I'll release an extended demo. ^_^

Thanks for playing