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It hasn't ! I'll try reuploading it, sorry about that >>

I will never stop loving  the beast of gevaudan because it's my region only cryptid !! it's either a werewolf/cursed beast~ but now i know many other cryptids thanks to this thread :D

Very intriguing, I liked it a lot ! The ascii graphics work very well and damn Eun was rough. The loop really conveyed that anxiety feeling of going to parties where you don't know anyone.

I loved it ! Amazing worldbuilding, I was just dying to know more about the universe you've created ! The escape sequence worked great, I was on the edge the whole time.

I might have gotten earth destroyed. Oops. 

This was fun ! I love how quirky the characters are, and it's very rewarding to play a second time and try a different approach.

I liked it ! I played twice, got a bad ending the first time and the good ending the second time around.  I felt really involved in the story, and the old-school RPG presentation fits nicely (especially with the twist!) 

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Thank you for playing !

You can chose the killer by stabbing one of the paintings ! The dialog is probably not explicit enough about this😅 And thanks for flagging the bug, I’ll take a look at it ! 

I when I tried to create a platform for the second time in a level without deleting the first one, there was an error message in the console in the lines of “instance already exists in the scene”. It worked after a couple seconds tho !

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This was really nice! The gameplay was fun despite some small bugs with the plateform creation system ^^ I also loved the menu, super creative !

This was really fun ! The balance between looking out for ennemies and reading the map worked really well and kept me on my toes :D

The portraits are in the side rooms, maybe I hid them too well 😅 Anyhow I’m glad you liked it, despite the bugs !!

Thank you so much ! It was a fun challenge 😄

Thank you so much for playing, I’m glad you liked it ! 😊

I loved it ! The art is gorgeous and I was drawn into the game right away. The flow of the puzzle is great as well. I was so ready to keep playing the game at the end, I can't wait for part 2  !

I really love the weird and unsettling intro, great stuff ! I never got any further then the running section, is there more ?

Thank you so much for playing!!