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Thanks so much for playing and also your feedback, the play through video was great! Currently headshots can only be carried out when aiming and the hit area is dependent on what the enemy is doing. Will review as I know it's not really visualised at moment 👍

Hi Martyn,

Thank you kindly for putting that together, very cool. For the time development has been slowed down so music is on the back burner for the time being.

Again thank you for taking the time and effort to put that together :)

Hi there,

I've taken down the build for the time being as there's a lot of refactoring going on behind the scenes and the current demo wont be able to support the new saves. As a result I've decided to take down the current demo to update it - it will then be put back up ready for players to play.

Hi Rohanmoola,

Sorry to hear you're having issues getting it to run. The Mac version of Reprisal Universe is a 32bit application and with recent changes latest versions of the Mac OS require 64bit applications. 

Sadly due to the legacy software used to make Reprisal Universe I've currently been unable to successfully make a 64bit version. 

Either you or I can contact itch to see if they can issue you a refund as there doesn't seem to be the tools to do so in the developer's control panel.

Thank you kindly for feedback and glad you enjoyed it. 

Just quickly, you mentioned the cart pushed you away from the area, did it not push and walk in a straight line?

That's great to hear and glad you've been enjoying the update. Thank you so much for giving it a play and feedback.

Thanks vdapps,

Just putting the finishing touches to an update that will include some narrative journals (four in total) for this chapter - will hopefully drop this week sometime. I agree that combat doesn't really exist, its more an avoid style adventure game. While thinking more about backstory there will be a new addition of 'security' added to the Catacombs  in the form of turrets - again in a very avoid game style if that makes sense. 

Thank you again for the feedback, much appreciated. I'm committed to this new update as at the very least it fixes a couple of bugs that I later found. Oh and also include the complete UI refresh (I forgot about that!)


Hi there,

With the release of this Chapter 1 as a concept demo, I'm releasing it with the hope of gathering feedback and comments. Please feel free to leave any feedback here. I look forward to hearing back and if nothing else I hope your enjoy your time with Nascent Prophecy.

Thanks! Yep slowly getting closer ...

Hi, Keys should now be available with the game.

Hi, its proving more challenging that I thought, the PC the build was made on needs resurrecting. I'm going to keep looking into it but I'll have to fit it in around other things. Sorry it's taking a while!

Hi, currently it doesn't have steam keys attached ... but looking into it, it's simple to do. 
I've requested keys from Steam and when they send them I'll add the feature to the Reprisal Universe settings. 

Thanks, yes having a hard limit / low limit will add to inventory management. Something I'm keen to explore. I'm playing with 5 items at the moment.

Hi, sorry to hear its not working on that OS version. Its doubtful I'll be able to make it work as it's a 32bit application and I know Apple have deprecated support. 

I'll have a hunt around to see if there is anything that can be done and if its easy I'll roll it out. :D

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Abandoned for decades, crew MIA, the ICARUS.1's job was to store mined minerals from the systems outlying planets and perform research duties. Orbiting the local sun to maintain it's solar energy and live up to its namesake, it provided a lucrative business for JME corp.

After contact was lost no rescue attempt was ever made with the stricken station, instead the project was mothballed along with its precious cargo - a cover up some may say.

Many stories about what happened have become lore but Sam isn't focusing on these 'stories', the goal is the cargo and the wealth it will bring.

60% launch discount! :D
Standalone version arriving soon that will be available outside Steam