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Thats so nice of you! <3 I am working on a rather big quality of life-update for Dagdrøm (late january I think), so maybe it is a good thing that it will take a while to get to it.

Wow! How cool is this!!! I can't seem to open the project sadly, but this gives me incentive to give it another try! If you want to play my commercial game Dagdrøm as well, I can gift it to you on Steam? :-)

This is such a bummer to hear! I am having troubles opening my old Unity projects on my new computer, but I will give it another go.

That is odd! You should be able to fill it with wather in the sink? I'll look into it!

Yeah, Im afraid you have to - but the saves should work!

New version up!

I managed to replicate the bug! It has something to do with the order of how you disable the power cabinet, so you are the first one to get that one. I'll put up a fix tonight, with some other small stuff fixed as well! You might have to load a little back (like the end of act two in the desert) for it to work properly :-(

When every band member has gotten what they individually need (the cat mask, the broken mirror, the travel guide) they are supposed to play a short (but chaotic) tune. After that you should be able to pick up the metronome by talking with the Drummer. But something might be wrong! i will look into it🙂

No, just using the batteries inventory item on the metronome inventory item and then use the metronome on the pianist. You can try it the other way around (the metronome on the batteries) for now, or just talk to the pianist instead, If you have put the batteries into the metronome. I will take a look tonight, but us has worked so far at least!🤔

1 and 2: Thanks a lot!! Will look into these.

3: So the band has everything they need and you put the seeds into the power cabinet and it bloomed? Then it is supposed to be enough for you to get the metronome from the drummer, pick up the megaphone and use the knife on it to get the batteries, put the batteries in the metronome and give it to the pianist. The guard should return and you should be able to progress to the right!

But you can return to your own zone, no need to restart the game! :-)

Oh, okay! I am always up for bugs tho haha :D Tried to make the online walkthrough logical and easy to follow, but it might need some improvements!

Sound like a bug that you can see the other "me", I'll look into it. Seems like a visual bug, but can you not go to bed? That is weird! Have you left for the other zone perhaps (the exit from The Common Area where there is a guard in regular day time)? Is your bed blue or is it red/green? That would explain it, if not weird!

No, thank you for your patience! If you are still keen on a Steam-version for your troubles, just message me on Steam :-)

Fixed! :-)

Dagdrøm community · Created a new topic Full walkthrough

Stuck in Dagdrøm? Remember that the game has some in-game help:

  • The game has an in-game hint system. Press speakers throughout the world to get cryptic tips (Act I and III).
  • The Travel Guide in your inventory offers some hints as well (Act II and III).
  • Read the visual walkthrough that can be accessed from the pause menu. This should help in most cases.

But what to do if none of these help? Check out this full walkthrough of the game:

I am struggling with fixing this tonight, but working on it! If you want I can send you a Steam key, the game is stable there! Just send me a message at if you are interested. A fix should hopefully come out tomorrow or sunday though :-)

Thank you for the heads up! Working on a patch already and will fix this too. Fairly confident in what is wrong. Gonna upload it later today🙏

Thank you! <3

Can't believe I didn't see this comment earlier. Thank you so much! <3

Thank you so much!!! <3

Oops, seems this message just passed me by! Actually, I am not sure how to solve that puzzle, have had my mind so long off the game haha! :P

Thank you! <3<3<3

Looks like a fun game! :-)

This is true! I wanted to make a separate book menu that opened up, but just had no time. So right click simply makes the player read it loud!

What level are you on? If it is the first one you need to get past the twisting plants... :-)

I tried to search for it, but couldn't find it! Either way: thanks for playing :-)

That is kind of you :-)

Thanks a bunch! :-)

Check out the reply above :-)

Now there is! Made a quick post on my blog with all the details about the soundtrack (all downloadable). Look here! :-)

Thank you for your comment and playthrough! As for the game, you've pretty much described the intention behind it... I'm so happy that it worked that way for you! Adding your video to my YouTube channel :-)

Thanks so much for playing though! Adding your playthrough to my YouTube channel :-)

Thanks! Happy you featured it as well along with some great looking games! :-)

Hello Break2fast! Cool that you enjoyed it and played it the whole way through! Added your vid to my YT-channel. The endings are very open ended. I'm not gonna tell you my interpretation, but I hope you created your own :-)

Glad you liked it! Thought about doing something to tell the player to continue, but in the end I decided that the doubt was a part of the experience. I didn't find a good way to do it either!